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Balance of Power! (346)



I like this episode a lot. Norman is one of my favorite characters, he is both kind and hot!


Slaking was in control of the match but then Grovyle kept on attacking and then he learned the move Over Grown which was soo cool! Norman's the best!


This was one of the best episodes with Grovyle in it, Grovyle did really well, but it should have used more attacks to faint slaking. It was also really cool when it used overgrow. Grovyle is the best!


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Max is such a b*tch in this episode. lol It's sorta weird and sorta funny cuz he's like a spoiled brat. ftw @ Slakoth avoiding everything. Sorta odd.


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Yeah, Max is woosie and should never have journeyed with Ash, May, and Brock. The little dufus has no point in the show, acts stupid, and has no Pokemon. Anyway, pretty good eppy. It looked like Slaking had heartburn when it fell down and lost. LOL
No, this episode clearly shows the sad Ash supremacy...my sister and I were very aggrivated when we see Grovyle+SLaking clearly direct hit each other with Leaf Blade+Focus Punch. Even though Overgrowth made Leaf Blade potentially strong enough to beat Slaking, there is no way that Grovyle, after already have been severely injured, could have survived that. They could at least have made it a tie...and the Slakoth+Vigoroth battle scenes seemed rushed...this would have been better as a two-parter...


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Well, this episode was one today. The battle was really good. Also the TR scene where Jessie and James put the box over Meowth and they said "the (can't remember) have voted you off." The name was something bad, lower working, kind-of-name. Max had a purpose before. In the first episodes he used the Pokenav too help them navigate for a bit. Then Brock came back and he helped them with his written maps.

There is my two cents.


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The truth was that Max seems so smart and mature all the time but in reality his is just a kid like they all are. Some people need to give him a break. In the last two episodes behind this one, Ash seemed pretty distant in his ownself while everyone dramatized about a bunch of nonsense. And when he gave Max the badge, he seemd to have grown or was still in his own world.


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Very good episode the Battle between Norman and Ash was excellent, I can see why max really looks up to his father. Nice to see Max mature a little in this episode even if he didn't want to except that his father lost, but that's why Norman never let his kids watch him battle cause he knew something like this might happen. Also nice to see that TR didn't interfere this time I guess they learned their lesson last episode to stay away from Norman and his family.


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God. In this episode Max acted like some whiney school boy b*tch. If I were Ash, I would have kicked open the door, punched him, and said, "Give me my badge, you little punk." However This is one of my fave episodes of all time. I don't really pay attention to the music, so if it was crappy, I didn't notice it.


Ash has no skills. It would've been cool to see Norman win. But, anyway, the whole Overgrown thing was pretty neat. I'd like to see more abilities being used.
I can understand Max, though. Seeing his father battle for the first time and then seeing him lose...I wouldn't react the same way, of course, but I would have been upset, too. I do hope we see more of Norman in future episodes, though.


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Ugh, I can't stand that damned ugly Slaking. When it was shown on the screen, I think I threw up a little bit. The battle was pretty cool, but my favorite part was when Max got upset. I mean, he idolizes his dad, so it's hard to see him lose. Yes it's childish, but it's also touching to see how much he loves his dad.


Great gym battle.
I really loved Slaking's power, it was very strong.
And max taking Ash's badge wasn't nice, max was very sad.