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Balance of Power! (346)

Mrs. Oreo

Torkoal losing against Scratch was the worst Gym battle moment though.

Yea that part was kind of silly hee hee, tho it was likely done so that Pikachu and Grovyle would have more time for their own matches. I liked how Pikachu and Grovyle both revealed their abilities here. :3


Fiery Destroyer! <3
It wasn't the best gym battle I have seen but still it was enjoyable.I thought Max was a bit annoying in the episode but I felt bad for him.But it's good that he understood and gave back the badge that Ash deserved. :)


Lol at Max running off with Ash's well deserved Balance Badge. His little tantrum totally ruined the mood in this episode.
This ended up being such a good episode for Max because he learned a lesson from his father. Ash versus Norman was pretty nice too with all the Abilities used. :)
The Gym battle between Norman and Ash was excellent: I can see why Max really looks up to his father btw. Nice to see Max mature a little in this episode even if he didn't want to except that his father lost, but that's why Norman never let his kids watch him battle in the past.


I loved how the Rocket-dan began constructing their base here since it kept them from meddling in the Touka Gym match. Senri versus Satoshi was worth the wait since each battle was handled well, especially Namakero versus Cotoise because of Namakero's moveset, although I wish Cotoise had beaten Yarukimono.


I call you honey
Ash's Torkoal fainted to quickly and so did Norman's Slakoth. I guess they wanted to show Vigoroth as exceptionally powerful. And I noticed that Team Rocket's plot leads into the next episode.


I wish that Masato's tantrum at the end hadn't occurred, because it made him seem selfish and kind of hypocritical as well since by now he respected Satoshi, so he had no reason to act so upset when Senri lost.
Meh gym battle. Seeing the Pokémon activate their abilities was the best part, and Grovyle was awesome. I would have substituted Torkoal out against Vigoroth and have it lose to Slaking instead.
Pikachu vs Slakoth: Pikachu is switched out
Torkoal vs Slakoth: Torkoal
Pikachu vs Vigoroth: Draw
Torkoal vs Slaking: Slaking
Grovyle vs Slaking: Grovyle