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Band Geeks!!!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Polls' started by MuzikMaestro, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. MuzikMaestro

    MuzikMaestro >Never Say I Die<

    Anyone else here a band geek? Orchestra dork? Choir nerd? Let the world know! :D
  2. Lucario188

    Lucario188 Aura Guardian

    I'm an orchestra dork! I'm in two orchestras. I've been playing the violin for 9 years and I love it!
    I also play the flute, and I like to sing, but I don't do either in school.
    I love to listen to music as well, and I'm always doing so.
    So, yeah, music is a big part of life.

    You play the oboe right Muzi?
  3. Akwakwak

    Akwakwak Chu Chu Yeah!

    I used to be, I graduated already. Funny thing though, we were actually the popular ones(at least my group of friends).
  4. MegaSerperior

    MegaSerperior <--- My life

    Hell ya! I currently play clarinet with the school band and sing in the chorus. Lots of fun stuff. I've also played the violin for 6 years now and I'm hoping to join orchestra when I get to highschool. Oh, I also do jazz band with my clarinet.
  5. Sigilyph2

    Sigilyph2 Trainer of Champions

    I play Trombone and drums and its awesome. I play drums outside of band 99% of the time but I still play sometimes. I'm in concert band, jazz band, and a trombone ensemble. :)
  6. YaDunGoofed

    YaDunGoofed #TYBG

    In order of most experience, I play:
    Baritone (6 years)
    Tuba (4 years)
    Bass Guitar (2 years)
    Trombone (1 month)

    I'm definitely more of a low-brass girl.

    However, I love the tenor sax a lot. I might pick that up once I nail down the treble clef.
  7. MuzikMaestro

    MuzikMaestro >Never Say I Die<

    haha I wish I played oboe. I'm learning soon from my bf (he and my bestie are attempting to teach me piano, guitar, and oboe)
    I've played mellophone for 5 years now and french horn for 7.... I've competed on horn for a year and played jazz tenor for 5 years. this is my second year doing orchestra.
  8. Rave

    Rave Banned

    i played the sexyphone
  9. Sceptrigon

    Sceptrigon Armored Protector

    I love music, which is why I've continued to participate in my school band for all these years. I've considered joining a chorus, but I think I'd rather focus on my instrumental for school. I very much enjoy singing on my free time, actually on a daily basis. :p

    I'm playing the flute, and I've been wanting to get a pan flute to try out for a while as well. Hopefully next summer, I'll have the time and consideration to get one.
  10. Lucario188

    Lucario188 Aura Guardian

    Oh, sorry, I thought you played oboe because of Pokémon Highschool. But I know you play French Horn because of your DA *derp, feels stupid now* Wow, I want to learn to play the piano, but I don't have time to learn. It's great that they are willing to teach you! How do you compete on the horn?
  11. MuzikMaestro

    MuzikMaestro >Never Say I Die<

    PMEA festivals... we compete to see who gets to go to states on their instrument...
  12. Lucario188

    Lucario188 Aura Guardian

    Oh, it's like the All-State Music Festival where I live. I've done All-State for the past two years, I think it's really fun.
  13. MuzikMaestro

    MuzikMaestro >Never Say I Die<

    really? you made all-states? sweet! I'm a junior, so last year my first year I was eligible to compete. I came in 5th place at pre-auds (out of 20 top horns in my district).... from there I went to districts and then to regionals, but in the state qualification audition I missed states by 2 chairs.... this year, I'm going to the top for band AND orchestra though!
  14. Lucario188

    Lucario188 Aura Guardian

    Yes, it's so fun! I came in 8th in the state two years ago and 19th last year. I'm a junior too! And congrats on almost getting it in to states! Good luck this year! (I feel like I need to use fewer exclamation points when I type.)
    I only have to do one audition though because there aren't districts or regionals in my state, everyone in the state only auditions for All-State. There's also Junior All-State for grades 7-9 and Senior All-State for grades 10-12, so more kids can participate from a younger age. I couldn't do it in 7th or 8th grade because one of the requirements is that you must play in your school orchestra, and I played my flute in band in middle school, not my violin in orchestra, so I couldn't audition >.>
  15. MuzikMaestro

    MuzikMaestro >Never Say I Die<

    we don't do junior states.... only 10-12 grade for PMEA.
  16. Lucario188

    Lucario188 Aura Guardian

    Oh, that's too bad. I think it's good for slightly younger kids to have the experience of auditioning and participating too.
  17. MuzikMaestro

    MuzikMaestro >Never Say I Die<

    so do I... my band director's dumb though.... he didn't give me any help preparing for districts or regions this past year.... I'm making it to states with my own help, my private teacher's help, and God's help.....
  18. Lucario188

    Lucario188 Aura Guardian

    I know how you feel, my orchestra director can be a bit trying a lot of the time... most people don't like him, I think he's okay. I get help from my private teacher too, she's wonderful.
    Again, good luck! With hard work and good motivation, anything can be accomplished.
  19. MuzikMaestro

    MuzikMaestro >Never Say I Die<

    my band director's a bit of a *insert slang term for part of the male anatomy here*..... he completely neglects me till the day of auditions, and then abandons me to my own defenses at the festivals... but gets mad when I make friends with the directors of other bands....
  20. Lucario188

    Lucario188 Aura Guardian

    That sucks. He can't blame you for his own shortcomings.
    My orchestra director isn't that bad, luckily. I guess there's always something worse...

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