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Band Geeks!!!


Classical Saxophone
I play saxophone. I play and listen to mostly classical.
I'm an ex-band geek, in that I've graduated. But I played Clarinet and I was section leader and first chair for 2 years (though there were only 4 of us, so it's not too big of a stretch). Never made it to state, but I have gotten a couple of superiors at solo and ensemble festival.


Well-Known Member
I was a band geek when I was in high school. I played bass (primarily upright) in jazz band and French horn in wind ensemble. I'm in college now (but not for long!) and have taken some orchestra classes as well as some jazz classes. I also play music outside of school; at the moment, I'm in a jazz big band, a jazz combo, and I'm playing for a musical.


♫ Ad vivere
Ooohh me! I've been in band for a little over a decade. Well, I wasn't in it this semester, but that should be changing next semester. I play the bassoon, and I'm learning tenor saxophone so I can be in marching band again. I was in marching band back in high school, but that was now several years back...


I play the Mellophone, the French Horn, and the Drums! I'm second chair Mellophone (and French Horn for concert season).