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Bank Ball Trading Thread


Purduuuu Says Amphy

-Moon Ball And Love Ball Cleffa/Clefairy
-Friend Ball And Love Ball Ponyta
-Level Ball And Friend Ball Magmar
-Moon Ball Dratini
-Lure Ball Chinchou
-Level Ball And Friend Ball Poochyena
-Love Ball Snubbull
-Moon Ball Teddiursa
-Lure Ball Marill


-Friend Ball Oddish
-Friend Ball Yanma
-Friend Ball Stantler
-Friend Ball Pichu
-Friend Ball Caterpie
-Friend Ball Dunsparce
-Friend Ball Dratini
-Friend Ball Ralts
-Love Ball Ledyba
-Love Ball Plusle
-Love Ball Sunkern
-Love Ball Mareep
-Love Ball Lapras
-Love Ball Buneary
-Moon Ball Absol
-Moon Ball Murkrow
-Moon Ball Mantine
-Moon Ball Delibird
-Moon Ball Zubat
-Moon Ball Growlithe
-Moon Ball Shinx
-Moon Ball Clamperl
-Moon Ball Sneasel
-Fast Ball Pichu
-Fast Ball Pidgey
-Safari Ball Girafarig
-Dream Ball HA Geodude
-Dream Ball HA Lickitung
-Dream Ball HA Hoothoot
-Dream Ball HA Audino
-Dream Ball HA Mantine
-Dream Ball HA Ralts
-Dream Ball HA Electrike
-Dream Ball HA Feebas
-Dream Ball HA Ponyta
-Dream Ball HA Oddish
-Dream Ball HA Mareep
-Dream Ball HA Munna
-Dream Ball HA Minccino
-Dream Ball HA Luvdisc
-Dream Ball HA Skitty
-Dream Ball HA Swablu
-Dream Ball HA Starly
-Dream Ball HA Glameow
-Dream Ball Misdreavus

Leave me a PM/or VM if I have something here you're interested in :) I may have other Apricorn Females I'm looking for, so if it's not listed under my LF, I might still consider it, so please don't hesitate to work out something with me, thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!
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Miss Alexis

Event Collector :)
Hello all it has been a long time since I traded bank ball pokemon so I thought Id post once again after a long time and see what kind of offers I get :3 Here is what I have FT:



Moon Balls

;048; Venonat
Compound Eyes, Tinted Lens
Egg: Giga Drain, Baton Pass, Agility, Toxic Spikes

;052; Meowth
Pickup, Technician
Egg: Foul Play, Iron Tail, Last Resort, Amnesia

;092; Gastly
Egg: Hypnosis, Lick, Disable, Perish Song

;096; Drowsee
Insomnia, Forwarn
Egg: Hypnosis, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch

;198; Murkrow
Insomnia, Super Luck

;200; Misdreavus
Egg: Spite, Curse, Destiny Bond, Sucker Punch
Egg2: Ominous Wind, Memento, Nasty Plot, Imprison

;215; Sneasel
Inner Focus, Keen Eye
Egg: Ice Shard, Ice Punch, Fake Out, Pursuit

;216; Teddiursa
Pickup, Quick Feet

;222; Corsola
Hustle, Natural Cure

;228; Houndour
Early Bird, Flash Fire

;280; Ralts
Synchronize, Trace
Egg: Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Encore, Destiny Bond

;359; Absol
Pressure, Super Luck

;403; Shinx
Rivalry, Intimidate
Egg: Tackle, Take Down, Fire Fang, Ice Fang


Love Balls

;010; Caterpie
Shield Dust

;041; Zubat
Inner Focus
Egg: Whirlwind, Hypnosis, Zen Headbutt, Brave Bird

;113; Chansey
Natural Cure, Serene Grace
Egg: Present, Metronome, Aromatherapy, Seismic Toss

;183; Marill
Thick Fat, Huge Power
Egg: Aqua Jet, Belly Drum, Perish Song, Superpower

;280; Ralts
Synchronize, Trace
Egg: Growl, Confuse Ray, Memento

;303; Mawile
Hyper Cutter, Intimidate
Egg: Poison Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Sucker Punch

;427; Buneary
Run Away, Klutz
Egg: Encore, Sweet Kiss, Fake Out, Switcheroo


Lure Balls

;098; Krabby
Hyper Cutter, Shell Armor
Egg: Tickle, Haze, Agility, Knock Off

;129; Magikarp
Swift Swim

;131; Lapras
Water Absorb, Shell Armor
Egg: Future Sight, Dragon Pulse, Freezy-Dry, Ancient Power

;183; Marill
Thick Fat, Huge Power
Egg: Water Gun, Aqua Jet, Belly Drum, Body Slam


Friend Balls

;043; Oddish

;214; Heracross
Swarm, Guts

;285; Shroomish
Effect Spore, Poison Heal

;311; Plusle
Egg: Sweet Kiss, Discharge, Wish, Sing


Fast Balls

;058; Growlithe
Intimidate, Flash Fire
Egg: Flare Blitz, Morning Sun, Double Edge, Close Combat

;147; Dratini
Shed Skin

;172; Pichu
Egg: Thunder Punch, Charge, Reversal, Volt Tackle

;179; Mareep
Egg: Agility, Charge, Iron Tail, Eerie Impulse


Heavy Balls

;227; Skarmory
Keen Eye, Sturdy
Egg: Peck, Brave Bird, Assurance, Drill Peck

;246; Larvitar
Egg: Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance, Iron Head, Curse


Level Balls

;056 Mankey
Vital Spirit, Anger Point
Egg: Focus Energy, Night Slash, Encore, Close Combat

;396; Starly
Keen Eye
Egg: Detect, Pursuit, Feather Dance, Double-Edge


Sports Balls

;123; Scyther
Swarm, Technician

;127; Pinsir
Hyper Cutter, Mold Breaker
Egg: Quick Attack, Flail, Feint, Close Combat

I am looking for pratically anything that is not in the above list that is a legal bank ball Pokemon :3
LF: 6IV Ditto (not German please)

- almost every HA pokemon!
- I currently have lots of HA Bouffalant in stock (not available in XY / very hard to get in ORAS!), female in Luxury Ball with 4 Eggmoves.
- Snivy with HA Contrary and 4 Eggmoves.
Dream Ballz:
Grimer, Burmy, Swablu, Miltank, Igglybuff, Hoothoot, Glameow, Mareep, Shuckle, Torkoal, Poochyena, Nincada, Tangela, Lapras, Drilbur, Mankey, Magby, Karrablast (all with HA), Spheal (without HA)
Moon Ballz:
Ralts, Horsea, Gastly, Chingling, Drowzee, Teddiursa
Heavy Ballz:
Onyx, Geodude, Larvitar, Phanpy
Friend Ballz:
Sudowoodo, Sunkern, Shroomish, Yanma
Level Ballz:
Growlithe, Numel
Safari Ballz:
Koffing, Cubone
Fast Ballz:
Doduo, Paras
Lure Ballz:
Marill, Shellder
Love Ballz:


ES member Eclair
I'm looking for 5IV female Apricorn ball mons and the Johto starters in any ball besides Poke. All must have 5IV, be female, with 4 egg moves and be in the ball I listed the as. PM me if you have any of these mons and we might can work out a trade. If you're looking for anything else that you don't see in my shop, mainly Dream ball and 5IV mons, let me know the names of the mons and I'll post their details in the pm if I have them.


Here are some bank ball pokemon I have or can breed:

Brave Sturdy or Rock Head Onix in Heavy Ball

Modest Water Absorb Lapras in Dive Ball

Impish Sturdy Skarmory in Heavy Ball with Whirlwind, Brave Bird, Drill Peck, and Stealth Rock

Adamant Weak Armor or Swift Swim Kabuto in Dive Ball or Timer Ball with Rapid Spin

Sassy/Careful Storm Drain Lileep in Nest Ball with Recover and Stealth Rock

Adamant Unnerve or Rock Head Aerodactyl in Dusk Ball

Modest/Timid Weak Armor or Swift Swim Omanyte in Dive Ball with Spikes, Toxic Spikes

Naive Justified Absol in Dream Ball with Mega Horn and Superpower

Bold Anticipation Eevee in Dream Ball with Wish and Heal Bell

I am currently most interested in:

Clefairy, Magic Guard, Careful/Bold in Heal or Moon or Dream Ball with Wish
Yveltal, Modest 5IV -A, caught in Master, Dusk, or Luxury ball (nick-namable)
Diancie, Naive/Hasty 5IV -D or 6IV (may be cloned)
Summer Pinsir Event
Summer Heracross Event
Pokeball Vivillon Event
Fancy Vivillon Event

Other pokemon and ones in other balls that are not on my list are welcome!

I am only accepting pokemon that originated or were bred in Kalos (have the pentagon symbol).

Here are some other specific IV bred pokemon I am looking for:
F Chlorophyll Bulbasaur in Nest Ball

F Adamant Hawlucha -SA in Premier Ball

F Moxie Adamant/Jolly Heracross -SA in Quick/Great/Dive Ball

M Adamant/Jolly Heracross -SA with Rock Blast

F Adamant/Jolly Mold Breaker Pinsir -SA in Dusk/Nest Ball

M Adamant/Jolly Pinsir -SA with Close Combat, Quick Attack

F Timid Infiltrator Noibat -A in Net Ball

M Infiltrator Noibat -A (Preferably non-English)

M Adamant Furfrou -SA (preferably non-English)

M Modest Houndour -A

F Skarmory -SA in Timer/Premier Ball

F Adamant Sheer Force Mawile -SA in Ultra/Luxury/Heal Ball

F Infiltrator -A Litwick in Repeat Ball/Premier Ball

F Infiltrator -A Litwick in Dusk Ball

M Litwick -A with Heat Wave (preferably non-English)

M Squirtle -A with DP and Aura Sphere NON-ENGLISH

M Totodile -SA with Ice Punch, Aqua Jet, and Crunch

M Cyndaquil -A with Heat Wave

F Jolly Scrappy Khangaskhan -SA in Ultra/Luxury Ball

F Harvest Phantump/Trevenant in Premier Ball


New Member
Lf: other bankball female pokemon I dont have(including black and white transfer only pokes)

Horsea,Bellsprout,Tangela,Omanyte,Togepi,Poochyena,Jigglypuff,Slowpoke,Jynx,Kabuto,Mareep,Ralts,Vulpix,Seel,Magikarp,Aerodactyl,Gligar,Slakoth,Meowth,Gastly,Lapras,Dratini,Houndour,Nincada,Mankey,Rhyhorn,Eevee,Pichu,Elekid,Skitty,Mawile,Swablu,Bagon,Shellos P/B,Drilbur,Axew,Meditite,Shuppet,Shinx,Buneary,Timburr,Wailmer,Illumise,Absol,Cranidos,Gible,Minccino,Phanpy,Spoink,Snorunt,Shieldon,Riolu,Solosis,Chinchou,Cacnea,Spheal,Munna,Karrablast
Stunky,Bidoof,Anorith,Shelmet,Chansey,Sneasel,Mantine,Joltik,Feebas,Corphish,Tirtouga,Torkoal,Lickitung, ralts,feebas,cottonee,vullaby,tentacool

skarmory, koffing, machop, larvitar, phanphy, onix,tentacool, grimer,snorlax, horsea, aron,swinub, absol, makuhita,absol,diglett,mawile,ponyta,sudowoodo, stantler,kangaskhan

heracross,shroomish, oddish,seedot, sudowoodo, chansy, larvitar,delibird,zubat,bidoof,ralts, yanma

drowzee, poochyena, numel, houndour, misdreavus, ralts, gastly, growlithe, shinx, tediursa, venonat,horsea,marill,murkrow, swablu,aipom, kangahskan,heracross,grimer, ponyta, meowth,vulpix,cleffa,sneasel,oddish,hoppip,abra,tangela,delibird,swinub,nidoran,pidgey,seel,bellsprout, slowpoke, onix,taillow, hoothoot, roselia, lapras, mareep, larvitar,zubat

growlithe, pichu , stantler, startly,paras, shinx,abra,diglett,zigzagoon ,bidoof,pineco

ralts, mawile, miltank, bellsprout, chansey,oddish, dratini, koffing, cleffa,mareep, gastly,lapras, buneary,meditite, snubbull,vulpix,swablu, cherubi, rosalia,clampearl. Zubat, caterpie, igglybuff, meowth, nidoran, ledyba, stantler, swinub, corsola

krabby, rhyhorn, spinarak, nidoran, cubone, tropius,croagunk, skorupi,doduo,geodude,kangaskhan,bidoof,larvitar,zubat,oddish, geodude,gastly,koffing, goldeen,scyther,sentret, houndour, drowzee, grimer, spearow, shroomish, rattata, bellsprout, wooper, sandshrew, barbroach, venonat, trapinch, onix, chansey, ekans

lapras, horsea,marill, shellder,magikarp,tentacool, buizel,absol,taillow,chatot,tentacool, heracross, chichou, poliwag, ralts, corsola

pinsir, weedle, scyther,venonat,paras,nincada ,paras, venonat,wurmple, kricketot, illumise, combee, caterpie

pidgey ,growlithe,seel, psyduck, spoink,meditite,dratini ,slakoth,cubone,bidoof,ralts,swablu,rhyhorn,weedle, rattata, spearow


Pm me offers please
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Pokémon Breeder
Hello everyone. I am looking for most, if not all pokemon in an aesthetically fitting ball. I used to breed in normal pokeballs only, but have decided that I want to increase my collection with pokemon in aesthetically fitting balls.

This is my trading/wants list (First tab is what I have in stock, second is what I can breed and third is what I'd like in return. Everything that says "UNAVAILABLE" is breedable, but takes more time since I have no perfect parents for them yet.)
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New Member
I am looking for any legal female bank ball pokemon I do not already own.

I own/can offer:

Dream Ball + HA:

Abra, Aerodactyl, Aipom, Anorith, Aron, Bagon, Bellsprout, Burmy, Carvanha, Caterpie, Chansey, Clamperl, Corphish, Cottonee, Chinchou, Clefa, Dratini, Drifloon, Drillbur, Ducklett, Eevee, Exeggute, Finneon, Gible, Gligar, Goldeen, Grimer, Growlithe, Heracross, Hoothoot, Houndour, Igglybuff, Illumise, Joltik, Larvitar, Magby, Magikarp, Marill, Meowth, Milktank, Mr. Mime, Munna, Murkrow, Natu, Nidoran, Nincada, Oddish, Onix, Phanpy, Pidgey, Poliwag, Ponyta, Poochyena, Riolu, Sableye, Seedot, Seel, Shellos (both Pink & Blue), Shieldon, Shinx, Shroomish, Shuckle, Shuppet, Sigilyph, Skitty, Slowpoke, Sneasel, Snorunt, Spiritomb, Starly, Stunky, Swablu, Swinub, Tangela, Tentacool, Venipede, Venonat, Vulpix, Whismur, Wooper, + Zigzagoon

Apricorn Ball:

Feebas - love ball
Gastly - moon ball
Horsea - moon ball
Houndour - moon ball
Igglybuff - moon ball
Larvitar - heavy ball
Mareep - love ball
Misdreavus - moon ball
Ponyta - love ball
Ralts - love ball
Ralts – moon ball
Scyther - sports ball
Shinx - moon ball
Skarmory - heavy ball
Spinarak - moon ball

Thanks for your time!
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Well-Known Member
Looking to deplete my bank ball pokemon I've save from variious breeding projects!

Here's what I have in stock right now:
2x Dream Ball F HA Sableye
3x Dream Ball F HA Glameow
1x Dream Ball F HA Bagon
1x Dream Ball HA F Shelmet
1x Dream Ball F HA Corphish
1x Dream Ball F HA Stantler
1x Dream Ball F HA Hoothoot
1x Dream Ball F HA Zubat
1x Dream Ball F HA Joltik
2x Dream Ball F HA Zigzagoon
1x Dream Ball F HA Buneary
1x Dream Ball F HA Alomomola
4x Dream Ball F HA Audino
3x Dream Ball F HA Poliwag
1x Dream Ball F Pachirisu - pending
1x Dream Ball HA F Skitty

1x Heavy Ball F Geodude
3x Sport ball F Scyther
1x Safari Ball Scyther
2x Love Ball F Zubat
1x Love Ball F Hoppip
2x Love Ball Cleffa F - pending
2x Moon Ball F Absol
2x Moon Ball Sneasel F
2x Moon Ball F Meowth
1x Lure Ball F Horsea
2x Lure Ball F Taillow

1x Nest Ball HA F Exeggcute (Harvest)
2x Luxury Ball HA F Woobat (Simple 4 egg moves)

Fossil pokemon in rare balls (will do 1:2 since bad female ratio)
Timer Ball Kabuto/Nest or Dive ball Tirtouga being some examples.
Chikorita in a Nest Ball (female) - pending
Other bank ball mons I don't have
Dream Ball HA Females

(I have a long list already, you can check my trade shop in signature to see what I have so you don't offer something I already own but I'm not looking into breeding at the moment only the IN STOCK ones here will be UFT at the moment, since I want to clear up space instead of creating more mons)
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FT All Female: Dream Ball Feebas 4EM
Moon Ball Starly
Lure Ball Lapras 4EM
Friend Ball Larvitar 4EM

LF: Other Bank Ball Female Pokes
If interested pls PM me Thanx :)


I'm looking for HA Sentret in a Luxury, Timer, Heal or Premier Ball! (I mostly prefer the last two Balls)
for Love Ball Slowpoke.

I can offer many different things (HA Pokemon, BankBall Pokemon, Shiny Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon, and many others...), please send me a PM with what you are looking for.

EDIT: completed Sentret trade
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- ALL legal Apricorn females
- ALL legal HA (where released) dream ball females
- ALL Safari ball females
- female Colosseum starters:
Chicorita in Great, Premier, Nest, Net, Timer, Repeat, Dive and Luxury Ball;
Cyndaquil in Great, Premier, Nest, Net, Timer, Repeat, Dive and Luxury Ball;
Totodile in Great, Premier, Nest, Net, Timer, Dive and Luxury Ball
- female HA DW fossils:
Omanyte: Dive Ball;
Kabuto: Premier, Dive Ball;
Aeoradactyl: Premier, Timer, Luxury Ball;
Anorith: Dive, Luxury Ball;
Lileep: Nest, Dive Ball;
Shieldon: Ultra, Timer Ball;
Cranidos: Dive, Luxury Ball;
Tirtouga: Dive Ball
- other HA DW Pokémon: Luxury Ball Kangashkan, Luxury Ball Snorlax, Premier Ball Sentret, Luxury & Dive Ball Patrat, Timer Ball Karrablast

- female Colosseum starters in balls I don't have: Chicorita: Ultra Ball; Cyndaquil: Ultra Ball; Totodile: Ultra and Repeat (trade pending) Ball
- female HA DW fossils in other balls I don't have
- other female HA DW Pokémon in other balls except the ones I have: Kangashkan, Snorlax, Sentret, Qwifish, Burmy, Hippopotas, Patrat, Basculin (red & blue), Karrablast, Shelmet
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New Member
Looking for some female transfer-only pokemon with hidden ability:
Sentret Premier Ball
Aerodactyl Premier Ball
Kabuto Dive Ball
Omanyte Dive Ball
Lileep Premier Ball
Cranidos Premier Ball
Shieldon Premier Ball
Basculin(Red/Blue) Dive Ball

IVs bred Pokemon
All available Dream ball pokemon in signature
HA Patrat in Premier Ball/Quick Ball/Repeat Ball/Timer Ball/Ultra Ball/Net Ball/Nest Ball/Luxury Ball/Heal Ball/Great Ball/Dusk Ball/Dive Ball
HA Anorith/Tirtouga in Dive ball
Event Tyrunt
HA Friend Safari Pokémon in any available balls
Deerling (Summer/Autumn/Winter Form)in any available balls
Pokemon in any apricorn balls in Soul Silver
any berries except Starf Berry
any mega stones
any evolution stones/items
Japanese Event Contrary Serperior
Japanese Event Shell Armor Samurott
Japanese Event Reckless Emboar
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I'm looking for the following Female BankBalls with Egg Moves:
Impish HeavyBall Skarmory: StealthRock, Spikes, WhirlWind
Modest LuxuryBall Cyndaquil: Extrasensory, FlameBurst
Adamant DiveBall Totodile: DragonDance, IcePunch,
Calm NestBall Chikorita: LeechSeed, HealPulse
Adamant LevelBall Kangaskhan: HammerArm

I have a few Female BankBalls with correct nature and 3-4 EggMoves for Trade if u have what I want then PM me for a full list of my Offers
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New Member
Looking for Bank ball Archen or any of the other fossils



Well-Known Member
Looking for:

- Quick Ball Anorith
- Level Ball Tailow


- Dive Ball Totodile
- Luxury Ball Cyndaquil
- NestBall Chikorita

- Timer Ball Aerodactyl
- Dream Ball Kabuto
- Heal/Quick Ball Omanyte
- Nest Ball Lileep
- Dream/Luxury Ball Anorith
- Dream/Luxury Ball Cranidos
- Great/Ultra Ball Sheildon
- Dream/Net Ball Tirtouga

Dream Ball:
- Drifloon
- Swablu
- Riolu
- Eevee
- Gligar
- Nidoran
- Zubat
- Sableye
- Cottonee

Safari Ball:
- Kangaskhan
- Trapinch
- Nidoran

Lure Ball:
- Shellder
- Poliwag
- Lapras

Level Ball:
- Weedel
- Growlithe
- Cubone
- Relicanth
- Houndour
- Drozee

Love Ball:
- Nidoran
- Mareep
- Vulpix
- Buneary

Friend Ball:
- Sudowoodo
- Larvitar
- Seedot
- Yanma

Heavy Ball:
- Snorlax
- Phanphy

Moon Ball:
- Snorlax
- Poochyena
- Absol
- Teddiursa
- Gastly
- Buneary
- Murkrow

- Mareep
- Zigzagoon
- Shroomish

Sport Ball:
- Scyther

The following are illegal ball combinations I have.
- Moon Ball Vivillon(Polar)
- Dream Ball Gourgeist
- Love Ball Espurr
- Nest Ball Snivy
- Heavy Ball Tepig

I also have other things such as Legend's, shiny's, hidden ability and regular Pokemon in matching Poke Ball's if nothing above takes your interest. Just ask.
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Active Member

I am looking for LoveBall Female Mawile and Dream Ball Female Buneary.


Female Deerling (Winter Form)
Name: Deerling (can be nicknamed)
Pokeball: Premiere Ball
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Chlorophyll
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31
Egg Move(s): Baton Pass

Female Swinub
Name: Swinub ( can be nicknamed)
Pokeball: Level Ball
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Oblivious
IVs: 31/31/31/xx/xx/xx
Egg Move(s): Icicle Crash, Stealth Rock, Freeze-Dry, Icicle Spear


Well-Known Member
I'm looking for

Female HA Dream ball Hoppip
Female HA Dive Ball Omanyte

Here is what I have to offer:

Timid Contrary Snivy in Pokeball w/ Grassy Terrain, Glare, Mirror Coat, Magical Leaf

Modest Static Mareep in Moon Ball w/ Agility, Charge, Flatter, Eerie Impulse

Timid Levitate Misdreavus in Moon Ball w/ Sucker Punch, Destiny Bond, Nasty Plot, Memento

Calm Magic Guard Cleffa in Moon Ball w/ Misty Terrain, Amnesia, Wish, Aromatherapy

Modest Adaptability Skrelp in Ultra Ball

Adamant Intimidate Growlithe in Luxury Ball w/ Crunch, Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Morning Sun

Jolly Super Luck Absol on Moon Ball w/ Me First, Megahorn, Zen Headbutt, Play Rough

Jolly Run Away Buneary in Luxury Ball w/ Switcheroo, Fake Out, Sky Uppercut, Ice Punch

Jolly Super Luck Pidove in Dream Ball w/ Night Slash, Hypnosis, Morning Sun, Wish

Timid Infiltrator Noibat in Dive Ball w/ Switcheroo

Adamant Intimidate Mawile in Ultra Ball w/ Sucker Punch, Elemental Fangs

Adamant Guts Larvitar in Pokeball w/ iron head, stealth rock, outrage, ddance

Adamant Marvel Scale Dratini in Ultra Ball w/ Ddance

Modest Gooey Goomy w/ Counter, Iron Tail, Acid Armor, Curse

Timid Keen Eye Pidgey in Lure Ball w/ Air Slash, Defog, Uproar, Pursuit

Adamant Normalize Skitty in Heal Ball w/ Wish, Last Resort, Sucker Punch

Adamant Torrent Mudkip in Pokeball w/ Yawn, Avalanche, Curse

Timid Levitate Gastly in Moon Ball w/ Disable

Timid Overgrow Treecko in Pokeball w/ Leech Seed, Dragon Breath, Synthesis, Leaf Storm

Adamant Rattled Poochyena in Luxury Ball w/ Sucker Punch, Play rough, Poison Fang, Fire Fang

Adamant Natural Cure Swablu in Dive Ball w/
Steel Wing, Pursuit, Haze, Hyper voice

IVs vary, but they're all at least 4IV, and I have females of all the rare ball Pokemon. If you see something you like but don't have the Hoppip or Omanyte, I'm also always interested in other new bank ball and HA breeding projects, so feel free to make me an offer anyway.

PM me offers. Thanks!