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Bank Ball Trading Thread

Dark Trinity

New Member
I'm looking to complete my dream ball collection and so far, I've managed to acquire about 186 of them, i need about 40 more to complete my collection, below is a list of what I have so far:

Elekid, Exeggcute, Growlithe, Hoppip, Kangaskhan, Lickitung, Lotad, Mareep, Marill, Nidoran-F, Ponyta, Psyduck, Scyther, Surskit, Buneary, Sentret, Vulpix, Oddish, Sandile, Igglypuff, Cherubi, Roselia, Petilil, Alomomola, Bellsprout, Cacnea, Corphish, Cranidos, Croagunk, Ducklett, Duskull, Emolga, Elgyem, Drilbur.

Butterfree, Chatot, Delibird, Gligar, Hoppip, Ledyba, Murkrow, Spearow, Swablu, Tropius, Yanma, Glameow, Absol, Gible, Riolu, Axew, Audino, Wailmer, Venonat, Snorunt, Starly, Taillow, Hoothoot, Natu, Geodude, Gastly, Girafarig, Grimer, Heracross, Karrablast, Kecleon, Koffing, Larvesta, Magikarp, Maractus, Wingull.

Anorith, Barboach, Basculin, Buizel, Carvanha, Clamperl, Corsola, Goldeen, Horsea, Kabuto, Krabby, Lapras, Lileep, Luvdisc, Qwilfish, Relicanth, Remoraid, Seel, Shellder, Slowpoke, Tentacool, Finneon, Feebas, Poliwag, Chinchou, Mantine, Shellos.

Abra, Drowzee, Houndour, Illumise, Mawile, Meditite, Meowth, Misdreavus, Mr. Mime, Sableye, Shuppet, Smeargle, Smoochum, Snubbull, Spinarak, Spiritomb, Spoink, Stunky, Wobbuffet, Ralts, Drifloon.

Burmy, Heatmor, Hippopotas, Larvitar, Machop, Magby, Makuhita, Phanpy, Rhyhorn, Skorupi, Slugma, Teddiursa, Torkoal, Nosepass, Shuckle, Snover, Munna, Miltank, Nincada, Onix, Pidgey, Poochyena, Rattata, Roggenrola, Sandshrew, Scraggy, Shelmet.

Aipom, Chansey, Ekans, Kricketot, Pinsir, Shroomish, Togepi, Venonat, Eevee, Aerodactyl, Ponyta, Sigilyph, Vanillish, Bagon, Numel, Electrike, Skitty, Pachirisu, Shinx, Druddigon, Dratini, Mankey, Skarmory, Slakoth, Snorlax, Solosis, Tangela, Timburr, Trapinch, Tympole, Venipede, Zangoose, Zubat.

A big Thank you to everyone who helped me collect them all. God bless you! ;.;
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New Member
Looking for any dreamball females with their ha not listed below.

Also really looking for fast ball or level ball female growleth. If you can help me out by providing any of these hit me up!

My trading fodder is the dreamball his female pkmn below!

Thanks and happy hunting!


IV Breeder
Trade complete
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Well-Known Member
Up for giveaway I have a few Dream Ball Pokemon, fresh from Pokemon Dream Radar. All are females, meaning both their balls and abilities can be easily passed down through breeding.

I am asking for nothing in return- only that these go to a good home.

The Pokemon I currently have on-hand are as follows:

Munna x1

Drifloon x2

Riolu x1

Sigilyph x1
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New Member
I have a Female Togepi with 5 perfect I.V.'s in a Luxury Ball and the HA. I'm looking for a Snorlax female in a Heavy Ball. No other factors needed.

Lightning Dragon

Does anyone have a female Heavy Ball Female Larvitar? I could trade a female Eggmoves Moon Ball 1~5 IV Poochy :3


For trade:
Sport ball female combee
Friend ball female heracross
Dream ball female munna
Dream ball female feebas

Looking for:
Love ball female mareep
Level ball female meowth
Moon ball female shellder

I need these asap, please help
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Looking for:
-female cubone in friend ball. With egg moves If possible.
-lileep in heal ball with egg moves If possible.
-bankball pokemon with 4 egg moves.

For trade:
- check my trade shop by clicking the image in my signature. I have many 4 egg moves, flawless bankball pokemon.


Looking for female Overcoat Shelmet on Ultra ball

For trade:
All Dream ball with HA (if available in dream world)
All Sport ball
All Safari ball
An assortment of Apricorn balls (ask for specifics)
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Mew Guardian
Ello! I will update this post with new stuff until we reach a new page once that happens I will post again if I'm available for trades. updated: 06-28-2015

I’m hunting down some of my favorite pokemon. This is what I’ve got to offer, most I’ve traded for on here and have gotten over the GTS or wonder trade believe it or not. So as far as I know NOTHING is hacked. If you see something on the list that shouldn’t be normal let me know and I’ll remove it. I will NOT accept any hacked pokemon. If a pokemon has it’s HA and is in a ball type besides the normal I’ll have it listed because you never know someone might want it and not even know it.

LF: Basically anything not listed if its bank ball. Do not expect me to say yes to anything though I have limited room so I have to be choosy for the moment. Your best bet is to give a list of what you have so I can choose what I want from it. As for Dream ball types it’s the same deal, if not on the list I’ll take it. However, I only take ones with their HA! I only offer ones with HA so it only seems fair. IVs do not really matter however it would be nice to have 5 IVs already done with egg moves to boot but I’m not going to expect this. I’m an easy going person if you’re just starting out or you see something you really want. I’m always looking for pokemon with their HA in a matchy ball type or something of the such. I’m a fan of blue, pink, purple colors in DIVE ball as you can see I put Noibat in one just because I’m odd like that. So make an offer more than likely you will have something I like. Oh I am trying to hunt down these pokemon. Do not let the looking list below scare you I will take other offers these are just what I can think of at the moment besides the basic of any dream/bank ball want.
Always looking for none listed starters in unique balls and bonus egg moves and their HA if possible.

A female Pancham HA in a primer ball with egg moves Foul Play and Storm Throw. As for nature the goal would be Adamant but like IVs they wouldn’t really matter I guess. I can always do it myself later when I have time.

A female Spritzee HA in a primer ball/heal ball with egg moves Captivate, Disable, Refresh, Wish. As for nature the goal would be Bold but like IVs they wouldn’t really matter I guess. I can always do it myself later when I have time.

Flabébés or Floette and Florges with HA and egg moves Camouflage, Captivate, Copycat. As for nature the goal would be Bold/Calm but like IVs they wouldn’t really matter I guess. I can always do it myself later when I have time. Ok this is a bit tricky Below is a list of ball types I want them in is does NOT matter which evo state it is in as long as it has the above stats and in one of the ball types. Because I’m asking for Florges I will give you a 3 for 1 deal so you get 2 free pokemon!
All colors in Nest Ball.
Red Flower: Premier Ball and Heal Ball
Yellow Flower: Luxury Ball and Quick Ball
Orange Flower: Repeat Ball and Timer Ball
Blue Flower: Net Ball and Dive Ball
White Flower: Premier Ball and Dive Ball

Female Deerling or Sawsbuck with HA and egg moves Natural Gift, Grass Whistle, Synthesis, Worry Seed. As for nature the goal would be Jolly/Adamant but like IVs they wouldn’t really matter I guess. I can always do it myself later when I have time. Ok this is a bit tricky Below is a list of ball types I want them in is does NOT matter which evo state it is in as long as it has the above stats and in one of the ball types. Because I’m asking a lot for these guys I will give you a 2 for 1 deal so you get a free pokemon!
Spring Form: Heal Ball and Dive Ball
Summer Form: Nest Ball and Dusk Ball
Autumn Form: Repeat Ball and Luxury Ball
Winter Form: Primer Ball and Timer Ball

FT: IVs are random unless you ask for 5IV you will get one but it might take longer. If you ask for a female of a 12.5% it’s a 2 for 1 deal OR 12.5% Female for a 12.5% female please. If you want a specific nature, ask but it will take longer unless I already have it. I will also nickname if you want, just let me know. Also note that I have HA female Eevees in every X/Y ball type with 4 egg moves; IVs are random! Some have egg moves some don’t if you want to know the egg moves just ask. Also Starters are mixed in so if you are looking for a special ball types for a starter do check.
Dive Ball: All have HA unless stated otherwise.
Froakie – 12.5%
Goomy –
Magikarp –
Noibat –
Psyduck –
Riolu – 12.5%
Sableye –
Shellos (Blue/ East) NO HA
Shellos (Pink/ West) –
Squirtle – 12.5%
Totodile NO HA12.5%
Dream ball: All Have there HA
Aerodactyl – 12.5%
Anorith – 12.5%
Buneary –
Castform –
Clamperl –
Cottonee –
Cranidos – 12.5%
Dratini –
Drifloon –
Druddigon –
Ducklett –
Eevee – 12.5%
Feebas –
Gible –
Glameow –
Goldeen –
Hoppip –
Horsea –
Houndour –
Jigglybuff –
Kabuto – 12.5%
Kangaskan –
Ledyba –
Lickitung –
Lileep – 12.5%
Mankey –
Maractus –
Mareep –
Meowth –
Mime Jr. –
Minccino –
Munna –
Nidoran –
Nincada –
Oddish –
Omanyte – 12.5%
Paras –
Poliwag –
Ponyta –
Psyduck –
Sableye –
Shellos (Blue/East) –
Shellos (Pink/ West) –
Shieldon – 12.5%
Shinx –
Shroomish –
Shuckle –
Shuppet –
Slakoth –
Slowpoke –
Smeargle – Has Event only move Happy Hour
Smoochum –
Taillow –
Tangela –
Tympole –
Venonat –
Vulpix –
Wailmer –
Zigzagoon –
Zubat –
Fast Ball:
Growlithe –
Rattata –
Friend Ball:
Sudowoodo –
Yanma –
Heal Ball: All have HA unless stated otherwise.
Swirlix –
Heavy Ball:
Buneary –
Geodude –
Koffing –
Machop –
Onix –
Phanpy –
Seel –
Skarmory –
Tentacool –
Level Ball:
Growlithe –
Mankey –
Pidgey –
Sentret –
Love Ball:
Chansey –
Dratini –
Koffing –
Mareep –
Miltank –
Snubbull –
Swablu –
Lure Ball:
Magikarp –
Luxury Ball: All have HA unless stated otherwise.
Blitzle –
Cyndaquil NO HA12.5%
Froakie – 12.5%
Gible –
Goomy –
Noibat –
Nuzleaf –
Pineco –
Spoink –
Moon Ball:
Aipom –
Growlithe –
Houndour –
Marill –
Misdreavus –
Murkrow –
Numel –
Shinx –
Teddiursa –
Nest Ball:
Chikorita – 12.5%
Net Ball: All have HA unless stated otherwise.
Froakie – 12.5%
Squirtle – 12.5%
Premier Ball: all have HA unless stated otherwise.
Bunnelby –
Fletchling –
Froakie – 12.5%
Murkrow –
Repeat Ball: All have HA unless stated otherwise.
Dedenne –
Safari Ball:
Cubone –
Geodude –
Jigglypuff –
Sandshrew –
Seedot –
Trapinch –
Tropius –
Sport Ball:
Scyther –
Weedle –
Ultra Ball: All have HA unless stated otherwise.
Fennekin – 12.5%
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Looking for:

Tons of female Dream Ball pokemon with their HAs (message to inquire)


Female Snorelax with HA in Dream Ball

Offering (can breed male or female):

Sport Ball - Scyther or Pinsir
Heavy Ball: Rhyhorn or Heracross
Love Ball: Buneary or Ralts
Dream Ball (can't breed): Rotom, Bronzor, Porygon (all with HA)
Dream Ball (with HA): Riolu, Igglybuff, Slowpoke, Togepi, Sigilyph, Eevee (male only), Kangaskhan, Swablu, Drifloon

Also available: Dream Ball Eevees (male) with various Hidden Power spreads (although most would need nicknames, as I've already named them after their hidden powers to index them)
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hey guys im looking for:
solosis in dream ball
corphish in dream ball
ponyta in moon ball

spiritomb in dream ball
wingull in dream ball
feebas in dream ball
enigma berry
and more, for a full list of bank ball pokemon just pm me(its a lot)

Chloe Cassandra

Long time no see.
I have made a new list regarding the bank balls I received from Wonder Trades because before there was only one of them that I was going to save.

I am offering these:

Nest Balls:
Palpitoad (M)
Gabite (M)
Magikarp (M)
Tropius (M)

Moon Balls:
Swablu (M)
Ralts (M)

Safari Balls:
Rhyhorn (F)

Repeat Balls:
Jigglypuff (M)
Zubat (F)
Loudred (F)
Gabite (M)
Zorua (M)
Cottonee (F)

Dream Balls (with HAs):
*Female Unaware Wooper
*Male Sand Veil Phanpy
*Analytic Porygon

* means these were caught by myself when Dream World was out.

I'm looking for Pokémon caught in Love Balls. Genders and IVs don't matter.
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Well-Known Member
Looking for:
Any Bank Ball Females that aren't on any of my lists below

For Trade:

• Barboach
• Bagon
• Bidoof
• Buizel
• Buneary
• Carvanha
• Castform
• Chatot
• Chansey
• Clamperl
• Corsola
• Delibird
• Drifloon
• Eevee
• Electabuzz
• Electrike
• Feebas
• Glameow
• Gloom
• Goldeen
• Horsea
• Hoppip
• Houndour
• Jigglypuff
• Kangaskhan
• Ledyba
• Lapras
• Luvdisc
• Lickitung
• Mantine
• Munna
• Murkrow
• Nidoran
• Poochyena
• Pachirisu
• Ponyta
• Poliwag
• Ralts
• Relicanth
• Riolu
• Shuppet
• Sunkern
• Swablu
• Shinx
• Skitty
• Sentret
• Taillow
• Togepi
• Tropius
• Vulpix
• Wailmer
• Yanma
• Zigzagoon

• Absol
• Budew/Roselia
• Clefairy
• Dratini
• Gastly
• Girafarig
• Hoothoot
• Houndour
• Lapras
• Misdreavus
• Murkrow
• Nidoran
• Ponyta
• Ralts
• Shinx
• Smeargle
• Spinarak
• Yanma
• Zubat

• Aipom
• Buizel
• Buneary
• Caterpie
• Chansey
• Clefairy
• Delibird
• Dratini
• Growlithe
• Heracross
• Hoppip
• Horsea
• Houndour
• Lapras
• Luvdisc
• Mantine
• Mareep
• Marill
• Mawile
• Miltank
• Minun
• Murkrow
• Nidoran
• Oddish
• Plusle
• Ponyta
• Ralts
• Sentret
• Shinx
• Sneasel
• Snubbull
• Swablu
• Swinub
• Vulpix
• Wooper
• Zubat

• Budew/Roselia
• Dratini
• Gligar
• Gyarados
• Horsea
• Lapras
• Poliwag
• Ralts
• Relicanth
• Slowpoke
• Yanma
• Zubat

• Budew/Roselia
• Dratini
• Gligar
• Gyarados
• Horsea
• Lapras
• Poliwag
• Ralts
• Relicanth
• Slowpoke
• Yanma
• Zubat

• Chansey
• Chingling
• Cubone
• Doduo
• Geodude
• Jigglypuff
• Koffing
• Krabby
• Lapras
• Marill
• Nidoran
• Paras
• Raticate
• Sandshrew
• Volbeat/Illumise
• Wobbuffet

• Caterpie
• Paras
• Pinsir
• Scyther
• Weedle

• Buizel
• Growlithe
• Mareep
• Miltank
• Minun
• Pikachu
• Plusle
• Ponyta
• Shinx
• Vulpix
• Zigzagoon

• Spearow
• Stantler
• Teddiursa

• Gyarados
• Phanpy
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New Member

dive ball
HA quilfish*

premier ball

great ball
HA shelmet*

net ball
HA shelmet*

heavy ball

IV and nature doesnt matter

dream ball
[spoil] HA spiritomb with foul play
HA carvanah
cottonee prankster (not HA)
marill (not HA)
HA ralts
HA slowpoke
HA nidoran
HA buenary
HA slowpoke
HA cleffa with wish
feebas (non HA)
HA chansey
HA lickitung
HA zubat
HA gulpin
HA drifloon
HA grimer
HA munna
HA eglyem
HA croagunk
HA pink shellos
HA skorupi
HA kangaskhan
HA snubull
HA corsola
HA skitty
HA aerodactyl*
HA eevee*
HA anorith* [/spoil]

Moon ball
[spoil] meowth
HA gligar (illegal) [/spoil]

safari ball
[spoil] machop
cubone [/spoil]

love ball
[spoil] mawile
kangaskhan [/spoil]

heavy ball
[spoil] onix
skarmory (with SR)
aron [/spoil]

friend ball
[spoil] larvitar
yanma [/spoil]

lure ball
[spoil] tailow
tentacool [/spoil]

fast ball
[spoil] growlithe
mareep [/spoil]

lvl ball
[spoil] growlithe
makuhita [/spoil]

sports ball
[spoil] scyther
pinsir [/spoil]

HA foongus in pokeball
HA shroomish nest ball
bouffalant luxury ball
HA staryu
great ball HA nidoran
ultra ball yamask
dive ball frillish
repeat ball darumaka
premier ball slakoth
dusk ball HA murkrow
nest ball cottonne
premier ball HA zangoose
premier ball HA swablu
luxury ball HA tailow
luxury ball yamask
timer ball HA starly
nest ball chikorita*
great ball HA cranidos*
net ball HA cranidos*
luxury ball HA anorith*
dive ball tirtouga*
dive ball HA kabuto*
dive ball HA omanyte*
dive ball HA anorith*
ultra ball HA shieldon*
nest ball HA lilleep*
premier ball HA sentret
dive ball tynamo
great ball tynamo
ultra ball tynamo
quick ball tynamo [/spoil]

all of these are not IV bred so dont ask me for 4-5 IV pokes
although, i can breed you a 4-5IV one if you give me time for an equal offer
i might need to breed these first so give me time

PM if interested and i will try to reply within 24 hours
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New Member
I'm looking for a Love Ball Female Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable preferably with Magic Guard. Please PM me if you have one; I have a lot of interesting stuff I could offer.


Well-Known Member
I got an idea.

I have the Soul Silver, the Heart Gold and the Platinun, and all the way to send a pokemon to the 6th generation. What I want? Some friend safari!!!

FS needed: Any one who has at last one of this pokémon:

Normal: Audino
Bug: Beautifly, Volbeat
Dark: Inkay
Fairy: Togepi, Spritzee
Fire: Charmeleon
Flying: Woobat
Ground: Trapinch, Marowak, Camerupt, Palpitoad
Ice: Lapras
Poison: Gloom
Psychic: Drowzee, Sigilyph
Rock: Rhydon
Steel:Forretress, Brozong

The Bold ones are the most wanted ones.

I want too:

nner Focus Kengaskhan
Sand Force Hippopotas
Mold Breaker Basculin (blue stripes)

I can hunt for the Pokemon you want in SS and HG with the Ball your want, if you have one of these!
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Pokémon Breeder
Looking for the following special ball Pokemon:

Dream Ball HA Venipede
Dream Ball HA Slowpoke
Luxury Ball HA Purrloin/Liepard
Heavy Ball Machop
Heavy Ball Rhyhorn
Heavy Ball Koffing
Heavy Ball Snorlax
Heavy Ball Aron
Love Ball Mawile
Level Ball Mareep
Sport Ball Weedle
Sport Ball Combee
Dive Ball HA Tirtouga/Other Fossils

If you can offer any of these, I can offer special ball pokemon, 5IV matching balls w/EM, and some trophy shinies.
Dream Ball Eevee, Nidoran M/F
Heavy Ball Phanpy, Onix, Skarmory
Friend Ball Yanma
Fast Ball Growlithe, Ponyta
Love Ball Chansey

More specific detail is given in my trade shop post which can be found in my signature.
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Event collector
Looking for (all female, preferably with decent IVs):

Friend ball Starly
Love ball Starly
Moon ball Starly
Heavy ball Starly
Lure ball Starly
Safari ball Starly
Moon ball poochyena
Love ball poocheyena
Moon ball absol
Love ball growlithe
Level ball growlithe
Moon ball growlithe


Apricorn balls

Love ball Ralts
Moon ball Ralts
Level ball Bagon
Heavy ball Onix
Love ball Heracross
Level ball Larvitar
Friend ball Shroomish

Safari balls

Safari ball Clefairy
Safari ball Kangashkan

Dream balls

Dream ball Munna
Dream ball Swablu
Dream ball Snover
Dream ball Sigilyph
Dream ball Emolga
Dream ball Eevee
Dream ball Solosis

Matching color pokeballs

Dive ball Bagon
Dive ball Froakie
Dive ball Feebas
Heal ball Goomy
Heal ball Audino
Heal ball Drapion
Nest ball Meowth
Luxury ball Heracross
Premier ball Flabébé
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BankBall Collector
LF: SafariBalls


Thanks for the help.
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