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Bank Ball Trading Thread


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I can breed perfect 5 IV timid luxuryball Jungle Vivillion with egg moves. Do the pokes listed above for trade have any egg moves?

Celestial Moth

Guardian of the Tree of Time
Trade completed.
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Crimson Dragon
i have several baxes full of english Klutz jolly Bunneary in dream balls. the IVs range from 3-5 perfect IVs but i didnt bother checking 90% of them during my MM run. EM: encore, fake out, ice punch and switcheroo. i probably have some with cute charm if you want that ability. i dont have a HA dream ball bunneary.


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Hello, Trainers,

I've got the following shiny legendary Pokemon available for trade! I'm not far enough in Alpha Sapphire to get their IV's checked in-game; however, as far as I know, these were each legitimately caught by the Trainers who traded them to me (or by their friends), each in an apricorn ball. Here they are:

Shiny Suicune, English, Level 43 (Lure Ball)
OT: Zeo, ID#: 41543, Transferred from HeartGold/SoulSilver
Modest Nature, Ability: Pressure
Moves: Ice Beam, Scald, Calm Mind, Mirror Coat

Shiny Raikou, English, Level 40 (Fast Ball)
OT: Zeo, ID#: 41543, Transferred from HeartGold/SoulSilver
Timid Nature, Ability: Pressure
Moves: Spark, Roar, Rain Dance, Thunder Wave

Shiny Suicune, English, Level 100 (Fast Ball) [from SPA game] OT: Sergio, ID#: 62688, Transferred from HeartGold/SoulSilver
Adamant Nature, Ability: Pressure
Moves: Rain Dance, Gust, Aurora Beam, Mist

Shiny Ho-Oh, English, Level 100 (Fast Ball) [from SPA game] OT: PxPerto, ID#: 62971, Transferred from HeartGold/SoulSilver
Timid Nature, Ability: Pressure
Moves: Extrasensory, Sunny Day, Fire Blast, Sacred Fire

What I'm looking for in return is a shiny Ho-Oh, caught in HeartGold/SoulSilver in either a Heavy Ball or a Level Ball. A Nature appropriate for Ho-Oh's stats (such as Adamant) would be preferred, but I'm open to offers. For an English, non-nicknamed shiny Ho-Oh in one of those balls, I'd be willing to trade two or three of these shinies that I have listed. (I'd also trade one of these shinies for a non-shiny Ho-Oh in a Level Ball, w/ an appropriate Nature & stats.)

I would also accept non-shiny, competitive Pokemon that have been bred in Apricorn Balls or other special Poke Balls, as well - in a 1-for-1 trade. Here are examples of something that I might like:
- Male/Female Shinx/Luxio/Luxray, w/ a competitive Nature/stats/IV's/move set - in a Moon Ball or Fast Ball
- Male/Female Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard, w/ a competitive Nature/stats/IV's & the egg moves Dragon Dance & Dragon Pulse & the Tutor move Fire Punch - in a Dive Ball

What I mentioned above are the kinds of Pokemon that I would have the most preference for. But, I'm still open to hearing offers.
Thanks for your time, in advance, & I look forward to hopefully trading with you!!
IGN: Nick Ketchum, FC: 3050-8204-5112
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LF: Dream HA females not listed below. Good natures, egg moves, and IVs preferred. Other non-Dream Ball combinations not on my list will be considered as well.

(NB: If a Pokemon has Timid listed where it would be an inappropriate nature, that means that the parent has a bad nature. My breeding Ditto is Timid, so if you want a non-timid/ a different nature than the one listed, feel free to ask. I just can't guarantee as good IVs. )

Heavy Ball: Phanpy (Adamant) Play Rough, Ice Shard, Head Smash, Counter
Koffing (Bold) Toxic Spikes, Stockpile, Pain Split, Swallow
Machop (Timid) Bullet Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch
Larvitar (Timid) Iron Head, Pursuit, Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance
Skarmory (Impish) Brave Bird, Whirlwind, Stealth Rock, Drill Peck
Relicanth (Adamant) Tackle, Harden, Zen Headbutt, Amnesia
Shellder (Jolly) Tackle, Rapid Spin, Rock Blast, Icicle Spear
Slakoth (Jolly) Scratch, Yawn, Hammer Arm, Night Slash
Mantine (Bold) Tackle, Bubble, Supersonic, Bubble Beam

Love Ball: Buneary (Jolly) Switcheroo, Ice Punch, Fake Out, Fire Punch
Cherubi (Timid) Healing Wish, Weather Ball, Aromatherapy, Heal Pulse
Ralts (Modest) Destiny Bond, Ally Switch, Disable, Confuse Ray
Mareep (Timid) Tackle, Growl, Agility
Snubbull (Adamant) Tail Whip, Charm, Crunch, Heal Bell
Pichu (Timid) Encore, Wish, Endure, Reversal
Wurmple (Timid) Tackle
Mawile (Adamant) Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Poison Fang
Igglybuff (Modest) Charm, Present, Perish Song, Wish
Meowth (Jolly) Growl, Assist, Last Resort, Hypnosis
Chansey (Calm) Growl, Aromatherapy, Seismic Toss, Tail Whip
Chatot (Timid) Peck, Boomburst, Defog, Nasty Plot
Koffing (Bold) Toxic Spikes, Stockpile, Pain Split, Swallow

Moon Ball: Chinchou (Modest) Water Gun, Brine, Supersonic, Soak
Cleffa (Timid)Fake Tears, Aromatherapy, Wish, and Belly Drum
Teddiursa (Jolly) Yawn, Belly Drum, Play Rough, Close Combat
Shinx (Adamant) Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Eerie Impulse
Hoothoot (Calm) Whirlwind, Mirror Move, Defog, Night Shade
Ralts (Timid) Skill Swap, Disable, Destiny Bond, Memento
Horsea (Modest) Muddy Water, Outrage, Clear Smog, Disable
Houndour (Timid) Sucker Punch, Pursuit, Counter, Destiny Bound
Misdreavus (Timid) Astonish, Wonder Room, Nasty Plot, Skill Swap
Gastly (Timid) Smog, Clear Smog, Disable, Perish Song
Larvitar (Impish) Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance, Pursuit, Focus Energy
Marill (Adamant) Superpower, Belly Drum, Aqua Jet, Water Sport
Murkrow (Jolly) Whirlwind, Brave Bird, Psycho Shift, Roost
Absol (Jolly) Zen Headbutt, Megahorn, Play Rough, Sucker Punch
Mantine (Bold) Bubble, Supersonic, Bubble Beam, Wide Guard
Mr. Mime (Bold) Icy Wind, Fake Out, Nasty Plot, Teeter Dance

Fast Ball: Pichu (Timid) Charm, Wish, Thunder Punch, Fake Out
Magby (Timid) Belch, Focus Energy, Mach Punch, Barrier
Growlithe (Adamant) Flare Blitz, Morning Sun, Close Combat, Crunch

Safari Ball: Larvitar (Jolly) Pursuit, Iron Head, Dragon Dance, Stealth Rock
Cacnea (Modest) Switcheroo, Nasty Plot, Grass Whistle, Teeter Dance
Yanma (Modest)Foresight, Silver Wind, Whirlwind, Pursuit
Shroomish (Jolly) Absorb, Seed Bomb, Drain Punch
Kangaskhan (Jolly) Comet Punch, Leer, Focus Punch, Disable
Pinsir (Jolly) Me First, Quick Attack, Feint, Close Combat

Lure Ball: Magikarp (Jolly) Splash
Taillow (Jolly) Supersonic, Brave Bird, Whirlwind, Defog
Heracross (Adamant) Horn Attack, Endure, Rock Blast, Pursuit

Level Ball: Rattata (Jolly) Tackle, Tail Whip, Reversal, Fury Swipes
Slakoth (Timid) Scratch, Yawn, Hammer Arm, Night Slash
Starly (Adamant) Tackle, Growl
Kangaskhan (Jolly) Comet Punch, Leer, Focus Punch

Dream Ball (With HA): Gligar (Impish) Poison Sting, Poison Tail, Agility, Baton Pass
Skitty (Jolly) Baton Pass, Cosmic Power, Zen Headbutt, Wish
Sentret (Jolly) Covet, Pursuit, Charm, Trick
Oddish (Modest) Absorb, Nature Power, Synthesis, Teeter Dance
Luvdisc (Timid) Water Gun, Agility, Take Down, Lucky Chant
Munna (Timid) Helping Hand, Healing Wish, Magic Coat, Baton Pass
Qwilfish (Impish) Aqua Jet, Haze, Harden, Minimize
Nidoran (Timid) Scratch, Venom Drench, Counter, Disable
Wailmer (Timid) Zen Headbutt, Clear Smog, Curse, Aqua Ring
Petilil (Timid) Healing Wish, Ingrain, Grass Whistle, Worry Seed
Buneary (Jolly) Switcheroo, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch
Snorlax (Adamant) Tackle, Curse, Whirlwind, Pursuit
Elgyem (Quiet) Disable, Ally Switch, Cosmic Power, Nasty Plot
Carvanha (Adamant) Leer, Bite, Destiny Bound, Hydro Pump
Sandshrew (Adamant) Defense Curl, Rapid Spin, Night Slash, Metal Claw
Clamperl (Jolly) Water Gun, Whirlpool, Iron Defense, Water Pulse
Tropius (Modest) Leer, Gust, Dragon Dance, Leech Seed
Eevee (Timid) Covet, Charm, Wish, Curse
Glameow (Jolly) Fake Out
Shuppet (Adamant) Knock Off, Disable, Gunk Shot, Destiny Bond
Alomomola (Bold) Aqua Ring, Aqua Jet, Double Slap, Heal Pulse
Dratini (Jolly) Haze, Aqua Jet, Extreme Speed, Dragon Dance
Drifloon (Modest) Destiny Bond, Tailwind, Haze, Weather Ball
Hoppip (Timid) Helping Hand, Amnesia, Encore, Cotton Guard
Spheal (Calm) Aqua Ring, Stockpile, Yawn, Swallow
Hippopotas (Relaxed) Curse, Revenge, Stockpile, Slack Off
Torkoal (Bold) Protect, Flail, Shell Smash, Ember
Sableye (Timid) Recover, Metal Burst, Sucker Punch, Trick
Rattata (Timid) Tackle, Tail Whip, Bite, Me First
Taillow (Timid) Peck, Growl
Smeargle (Timid) Sketch
Burmy (Modest) Protect
Kricketot (Jolly) Growl, Bide
Karrablast (Timid) Knock Off, Megahorn, Pursuit, Drill Run
Ralts (Modest) Growl
Whismur (Timid) Pound
Gible (Jolly) Iron Head, Outrage, Body Slam, Scary Face
Goldeen (Timid) Peck, Tail Whip, Water Sport, Water Pulse
Swablu (Modest) Peck, Growl
Lickitung (Adamant) Lick

Dream Ball (No HA): Chansey (Bold) Seismic Toss, Counter, Gravity, Aromatherapy
Riolu (Jolly) Crunch, Iron Defense, Circle Throw, Bullet Punch
Koffing (Timid) Tackle, Destiny Bond, Pain Split, Toxic Spikes
Misdreavus (Timid) Nasty Plot, Curse, Memento, Destiny Bond
Sigilyph (Timid) Gust, Miracle Eye
Feebas (Bold) Dragon Pulse, Mirror Coat, Hypnosis, Captivate

Friend Ball: Larvitar (Jolly) Pursuit, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance
Roselia (Timid) Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder, Spikes, Natural Gift
Yanma (Timid) Tackle, Foresight, Silver Wind, Signal Beam
Heal Ball: Audino (Modest) Pound, Growl, Helping Hand, Wish
Chansey (Bold) Growl, Aromatherapy, Counter, Seismic Toss
Buneary (Gentle) Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Sky Uppercut

Repeat Ball: Cyndaquil (Timid) Reversal, Flame Burst, Nature Power, Extrasensory

Dive Ball: Frillish (Bold) Acid Armor, Recover, Confuse Ray, Pain Split
Wooper (Relaxed) Mud Sport, Recover, Curse, Counter (HA Available)
Cottonee (Bold) Switcheroo, Worry Seed, Memento, Encore
Totodile (Jolly) Crunch, Ice Punch, Aqua Jet, Dragon Dance
Shellos East (Relaxed) Counter, Mirror Coat, Fissure, Yawn
Tentacool (Bold) Acupressure, Rapid Spin, Knock Off, Haze (HA Available)
Kabuto (Jolly) Harden, Flail, Knock Off, Rapid Spin (HA Available)
Feebas (Bold) Mirror Coat, Brine, Dragon Pulse, Haze

Great Ball: Totodile (Adamant)Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, Crunch, Dragon Dance

Sport Ball: Scyther (Adamant) Baton Pass, Defog, Focus Energy, Pursuit
Pineco (Relaxed) Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, Revenge, Sand Tomb

Nest Ball: Ekans (Adamant)Leer, Sucker Punch, Poison Fang, Iron Tail (HA Available)
Chikorita (Calm) Leaf Storm, Refresh, Leech Seed, Counter
Cottonee (Timid) Switcheroo, Memento, Encore, Worry Seed
Chespin (Impish) Quick Guard, Spikes, Curse, Synthesis (HA Available)

Premier Ball: Slakoth (Jolly) Yawn, Pursuit, Hammer Arm, Night Slash
Deerling Winter (Jolly) Tackle, Camouflage
Zangoose (Jolly) Metal Claw, Quick Attack, Night Slash, Pursuit (HA Available)
Swirlix (Adamant) Sweet Scent, Tackle, Belly Drum, Yawn (HA Available)

Luxury Ball: Geodude (Adamant) Tackle, Defense Curl, Wide Guard
Yamask (Modest) Memento, Nasty Plot, Fake Tears, Toxic Spikes
Aerodactyl (Jolly) Tailwind, Whirlwind, Roost, Pursuit (HA Available)

Timer Ball: Karrablast (Brave) Peck, Drill Run, Knock Off, Megahorn (HA Available)
Starly (Adamant) Tackle, Growl, Double-Edge (HA Available)

Dusk Ball: Yamask (Bold) Disable, Nightmare, Nasty Plot, Memento

Quick Ball: Joltik (Timid) Cross Poison, Disable, Pursuit, Rock Climb


Seeking HA female tirtouga in a special ball. TONS to offer in return, just ask via PM.

Edit: found trades, thanks!
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I have moon ball female larvitars with eggmoves iron head, dragon dance, pursuit, and stealth rock.

Looking for pretty much anything, but i want these the most:
Friend ball female pidgey
Level ball female cubone
Heavy ball female shellder

Feel free to offer. Pm me.
I have more stuff in my trade shop.
Gotta admit I only want Bankball or matching balls for my pokemon anymore :/


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Update : 21 Nov 2015
Done trading . Thank you so much :D
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DX 2401PT

Offering: any HGSS non Legendary Pokemon in any HGSS ball. Female, 5 IVs pretty much guaranteed. For example: Adamant, 31/31/31/7/31/31 Female Cubone in Friend Ball.

Looking for: the event shiny Yveltal, Timid or Modest, preferably 5 IVs or higher. Cloned, not cloned, don't care.

It's a stacked trade, so I'm willing to make this a 6-for-1 trade. I give you 6 desired Pokemon from above for the desired Yveltal.

PM if interested, or would like something else for the Yveltal.


Breeding Star
Ok, I am looking for an HA Ralts with Destiny Bond, Grudge, Shadow Sneak, and Confuse Ray. Nature, IVs and gender don't matter.

I have Love Ball Ghastly's with timid nature and Eggmoves Reflect Type, Clear Smog, Disable, and Perish Song for trade.


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Update : 24 Jan 2016
Done trading . Thank you so much
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LF: Female Dream Ball Gligar with Immunity. Ivs and nature don't matter.

FT: Fast Ball Diglett, Dream Ball Mareep (No HA), Dream Ball Starly (HA), Moon Ball Chinchou, Dream Ball Zubat (HA), and others. I also can offer Leftovers, a Life Orb, all Choice items, an Eviolite, and a Master Ball.
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Hello friends! I'm looking for a dream ball or love ball female cherrim or cherubi. I'm afraid all I have to offer is dream ball female eevees with 5IVs, (-HP) hidden ability, and the the egg moves Wish, Curse, Yawn, and Stored Power. If anyone could help me I'd be very grateful!
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I am looking for a Shellder with heavy ball.

I can offer these bank ball .
Moon Ball 077 Ponyta 092 Gastly 109 Koffing 229 Houndour 280 Ralts 359 Absol

Heavy Ball 095 Onix 143 Snorlax 227 Skarmory 231 Phanpy 246 Larvitar

Fast Ball 050 Digkett 058 Growlithe

Level Ball 115 Kangaskhan 190 Aipom

Dream Ball 041 Zubat (HA) 060 Poliwag (HA) 079 Slowpoke (HA) 108 Lickitung (HA) 113 Chansey (HA) 147 Dratini (HA) 163 Hooothoot (HA) 179 Mareep 190 Aipom (HA) 302 Sableye 303 Mawile 349 Feebas (HA) 353 Shuppet (HA) 396 Starly

Safari Ball 115 Kangaskhan 246 Larvitar 371 Bagon 449 Hippopotas

Friend Ball 285 Shroomish

Love Ball 115 Kangaskhan 420 Cherubi 427 Buneary

Lure Ball 072 Tentacool 129 Magikarp 131 Lapras 116 Horsea

Sport Ball 123 Scyther

Forbidden Snowflake

take it out on me
Ft moonball ralts, loveball chansey, luxuryball drought vulpix
Lf other interesting bankballs pokes with ha/ high levelled ha pokes