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Banned from discord - not sure why

Discussion in 'Serebii.net Discussion' started by LudaChris78, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. LudaChris78

    LudaChris78 Well-Known Member


    I’ve been a member of serebii.net for more than 10 years. I’ve never had a problem. I’ve even had several trading threads without any issues.

    This morning, I was setting up private max raids with some members on discord. Everything was fine. In the trade thread I posted to trade shiny raid dens. I did not make any rude comments to offend anyone. All of a sudden I was banned from the server. I would like to know what I did wrong (?) so I don’t do it again and would like another chance to join the server.

    My discord name is LudaChris87 #8304. Thank you.
  2. Kommo-o

    Kommo-o POTW Writer and Discord mod

    You were banned for offering a shiny raid on the wrong channel and asking for other shiny pokemon in return. Take into account that:

    • We do not allow shiny raids to be hosted on the server if you are asking for shiny Pokemon in return. Any raid that is planned to be hosted in our server, regardless of whether the Pokemon is a shiny or not, has to be unrestricted. Which means that you cannot ask for Pokemon/items/services/clones in return for raid entry.
    • You were offering a shiny raid in the trades channel which is not the appropriate channel for this.
    Taking into account that you also had usernotes for not being specific with your offers in the past and considering that you violated two rules with one post, a ban was handed in. You need to be more aware of the rules if you want to use our server taking into account that multiple violations will lead into this. Your ban will remain for two more days and it will be removed on Tuesday.
  3. LudaChris78

    LudaChris78 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your response. I apologize for not being aware of some of the rules. I know that I’ve seen people do what I did in the past few weeks or so (both things - posting raids in trade and asking for things in return). I figured that it was acceptable.

    I also did not publicly ask for things in return for my raids. I simply stated: “if you are interested in participating then please PM me.” Then in PMs I asked IF people would be willing to trade me one per entry. I was under the impression that this was more acceptable, however I understand that now it isn’t, and will not do this.

    Finally, I feel that the rules should be a bit more clear regarding raids and participants. I’ve seen plenty participants offer the host to catch a Pokémon for them and they’ve never been banned. What are the guidelines here? If someone offers this to me on their own, should I refuse? Am I not allowed to offer this to a host? I ask so that I can clearly follow guidelines in the future.

    Thank you and I look forward to rejoining on Tuesday.

    It is Tuesday and I am still banned. Can you please fix this?
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020 at 12:53 AM
  4. Sicksadpanda

    Sicksadpanda Discord Helper

    The account is now unbanned.

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