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Banned from discord?

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this apparently happened sometime in the last 2 days...
idk when because i wasn't even online when it happen.
i was given no warning... or explanation..

i just woke up today and i cant find the serebii discord on my app, and when i try to rejoin it it says i am "banned"

can i ask what exactly i did?
i cant even pm a mod to ask why because it says

"you dont share a server" with said person.

i have zero idea wtf i could have done to be banned. i wasnt online when it happened. which makes this all the more curious to me...


Staff member
I find it a bit hard to believe that you didn't get any sort of warning since I have logs on my end of a mod stating that they've already warned you once and that they planned on banning you if you continued. So, maybe you didn't get a warning regarding this particular ban but you've definitely been spoken to about this in the recent past so it's weird to me that you're acting surprised.

That being said, there have been numerous complaints regarding your behavior, such as your comments about Gamefreak and your insensitivity regarding an anime episode being banned due to earthquakes in Japan. Those are just a few examples but at this point, I'd honestly just wait out your ban since it's only for 2 weeks.
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