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Banned from Discord

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Mega Ampharos the Dragon

Electric type Enthusiast
Hello, I've been banned from Discord. I'm just wondering when the ban will be undone.

My Info is:

Discord name: MegaAmpharostheDragon#5436
Reasoning for ban: Asking for personal info (kinda accidentally)
Person who banned me: I think it was Devonis

One more thing: I have High-Functioning Autism (to the point where it kinda seems like I have Aspergers), so sometimes I don't understand some things in social environments, things like this

Also, I'd really like to apologize to the victim, Jamie Nasmith, for making him feel uncomfortable with what I was saying


POTW Writer and Discord mod

After discussing it with the rest of the moderation team we decided that your ban will last for two weeks and will be removed until October 12, 2020. Apart from being constantly annoying with the armour-shipping discussion and spamming unnecessarily on the chat plenty of times, you decided to make very inappropriate comments with racial connotations while attempting to pry for personal information to someone on DM only because they did not agreed with your own point of view. We are aware that you and this user had previous arguments in public chat but you definitely crossed a line with those comments which is unacceptable behavior.

While there are other minor issues in-hand, this is the main reason why you were banned with immediate effect. Use the time away from the chat to reflect on this and once the ban is removed, make sure that this won't happen again and don't try to push agendas into other people as this may lead to plenty of users to feel uncomfortable around you. Take into account that once your ban is lifted, repeated offenses may lead to a permanent ban.
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