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Banned from #SPP or #SPP-Wifi unfairly, post here. READ. THE. FIRST. POST!!!!

Discussion in 'Chatroom Discussion' started by Kirby, May 25, 2009.

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  1. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    READ THE FIRST POST, this topic is now open and any posts that do not comply fully or partially with the format will be ignored!!!

    This is a topic for posting if you've been banned from either #SPP or #SPP-Wifi chat unfairly. It was originally made to cut down on the amount of cluttering topics in the chatroom discussion, now it's being remade because you guys cannot read the first post.


    #SPP rules - http://www.serebiiforums.com/showth...he-General-Chatroom-Rules-(updated-8-25-2014)

    #SPP-Wifi rules - http://www.serebiiforums.com/showth...-The-Wifi-Chatroom-Rules-(updated-Nov-2-2014)

    This topic is not for whining about the way the chatroom is run, if you don't like it you may leave, no one will force you to stay. Do not argue this fact in this topic.

    Here is the format you will follow (or something similar, but it must include one or ALL of these items). An explanation as to what these mean will be included after the format itself. You may skip the explanation of terms down to the giant bolded font if you already know what they mean.

    Your name:
    Your host:
    Operator in question:
    Kick message:
    Time and date:

    Now for an explanation.

    First is what name you were using just in case you are unable to provide us logs.

    Your host is an identifier that is unique to you, and makes it a LOT easier to see who banned you/why you were banned, and will help us resolve the issue a lot faster. If you are unsure about how to find your host, this is how you do it:


    Just type the command /getcloakhost your nickname in any window. It will show up in that window so you won't miss it.

    Next is what chatroom you were banned in. Was it #SPP or #SPP-Wifi?

    After that is who banned you? There are several operators for both chats, some ops only op one chat and are not ops in another chatroom. We need to know who banned you so if it really is unfair they can be talked to, or at least provide their part of the story. You'd be amazed how many people posted about an unfair ban in the last topic only to be provided with logs and SURPRISE, the ban wasn't actually unfair at all, not even close.

    After you provide who banned you, provide the ban message. This can be found in the status window. There is no excuse to not have this, as even java users can retrieve this. If you get banned while on java DO NOT close the window, it will have the ban message right in front of you.

    Next is the time and date. Don't come here posting about an unfair ban from a week ago, we're not going to dig through our logs that far back, sorry.

    Last is logs. Logs are basically a copy of the conversation that took place prior to the ban. Don't just show us the actual ban part, show us what happened prior to the ban taking place so we can see if it's unfair.

    Note: We are busy people, a lot of us work full time and go to school, we do not have time to dig through huge folders of logs dating months or even years back to provide what YOU should be providing for us.

    If you do not provide us with one of the above listed in the format your post will be ignored/deleted or possibly infractioned for spam. Your nickname you used while being banned is required, as is the chat you were banned from!

    Coming in and saying "Hey I was banned" and providing nothing to follow is no help to us at all. We will not help you if you do not help us by providing one of the following (preferably more).

    IF YOU GET SERVER BANNED, WE CANNOT UNBAN YOU. You MUST go to the synirc website.


    Last but not least, YOU are responsible for what happens with YOUR computer. Brother/cousin/dog signed on and got you banned? Tough luck.

    So please, follow the format and heed to all the warnings in the first post and we will do our best to help you out.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2015
  2. julifroot

    julifroot New Member

    Chatroom name: HOLLYY
    Chatroom: #SPP-Wifi rules
    Operator in question: Kiori
    Kick message: As she remembers, something like "stop arguing" and then "Apparently, you can't take a warning"
    Time and date: June 1st, around 8

    I don't have any logs, and it wasn't me. I understand all the "my brother did it" gets annoying, and I understand that if it's your computer, it's your responsibility. But here at my dad's house, everyone uses the same computer. My cousin barely uses serebii, and says she isn't going to use it again because the Ops are annoying, but whatever. Anyways, she got banned for argruing, and then for evading the ban. I think. But now I can't get into it at all. So, I guess it was a permenant ban. Could you please check it out for me? I just want to know if I'm banned for good because of what she did x____x

    Thank you
  3. Dragonite

    Dragonite #SPP + #SPP-Wifi SOp

    No ban is permanent (Unless it's an akick, which it isn't in your case). It's just not timed, the list will probably be cleared soon and you'll be allowed back on. Sorry to hear about that, but yeah, if someone causes trouble under your IP then anyone who uses it will have to suffer the ban. Sorry. Hopefully you'll be back with us soon, and thanks for explaining the situation fully. :)
  4. Kiori

    Kiori ♥Tea for Two♥

    No, it wasn't about evading a ban really. More like I gave countless warnings and you/someone refuses to listen to them.


    For the record, it wasn't just HOLLYY who was kicked. However, someone apparently seems to disagree assume a different disposition upon rejoining back to the chan.

    As Dragonite said in the above, it's not permaban. It's just a difference between timed and untimed ban if you can't get back on the chan.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2009
  5. julifroot

    julifroot New Member

    Thanks guys. I was ready to bash her head in. I didn't know what went down. But yeah, I'm sorry she caused so much trouble, and it won't happen again. :)
  6. BOMB

    BOMB New Member

    Chatroom name: BOMB
    Chatroom: #SPP-Wifi, #SPP
    Operator in question: i don't know.
    Kick message: none
    Time and date: i noticed this morning, june 8th.
    Logs: none

    lol. basically, i woke up this morning and i was banned from both chats. i don't know why or by whom, but i don't believe i did anything wrong. i've been coming here for some time, i'm familiar with the rules... any help or explanation would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  7. Dragonite

    Dragonite #SPP + #SPP-Wifi SOp

    Seems legit enough, we've PM'd now anyway. Just for the reference of anyone else who sees. I've checked through logs and can't see who banned you or anything. You've been out for a while though it seems, so even if you did do something bad, you've served your time :p

    Enjoy chatting.
  8. J0E

    J0E PurpleSurge Admin

    "Last but not least, YOU are responsible for what happens with YOUR computer. Brother/cousin/dog signed on and got you banned? Tough luck."

  9. chowser889

    chowser889 New Member


    I was banned in spp wifi chatroom for mentioning azure flute yesterday at 1.30am nickname ho-yee.

    physcial address: 00-1D-92-97-70-1D

    Subnet Mask:

    DHCP Server:
  10. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    That isn't unfair. Even if the Azure Flute was able to be legally obtained, it can't be traded because it's a key item. So it's off topic and it relates to Arceus :\
  11. Hukne

    Hukne New Member

    I was banned, heh

    Well, I was twice banned yesterday and I checked Wi-Fi chat now again and I'm still banned. I was just looking at posts in the chat and then by mistake I PMed wrong person. I don't know why I was banned the first time. I was using Java, my name was wifi host and some number behind it, sorry, but I really won't remember it. I can give you my IP address which is and I hope you will unban me. Thanks
    BTW: Are the bans forever? If not, how long does it take to be unbanned ?
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2009
  12. Slowking[George]

    Slowking[George] #SPP-WiFi HOP

    Untimed bans are removed when the banlist is cleared, and that usually takes 6-10 hours. As for your IP, the network cloaks it with a host, so others cannot see it, and it is that host we ban. So in order to unban you, please tell us the name you were using and also try to give us the name of the op who banned you.
  13. julifroot

    julifroot New Member

    That's the thing though, it isn't my computer. It's a computer at my dad's house that everyone gets on. Including me and both my cousins. And we're all here every other weekend.
  14. Cynthia

    Cynthia Hiatus

    The computer in your household is a shared responsibility, each of you will be held responsible for the actions of anyone on the computer.
    Unless such behavior has happened more than once you should be unbanned after several days at most.
  15. Here's one for you. My internet provider has a host server that it provides a service for an entire region. If some idoit twenty miles away gets banned, beings it is on the same host server provided through my internet company, will everyone from that host server be banned untill that one idiots ban is lifted?
  16. Mumage

    Mumage Well-Known Member

    Wow, whoever this Dratini927 person is, is incredibly unfair. They ban you for every small reason they can pick out of you. I got banned for just saying something twice like 30 seconds after I said it the first time because apparently it's repeating? WELL HOW ABOUT THIS, when I'm looking for something, if I am not persistant then it will never happen. So instead of kicking people they should be more leniant and understanding. I wanted to point this out. It barely occurs to me with other mods, just this Dratini927 person who is very unfair.
  17. Slowking[George]

    Slowking[George] #SPP-WiFi HOP

    1) It was a script, hence he didn't actually ban you himself OMG HES SO UNNFAIR etc.
    2) It was a 5 minute script ban for repeating, meaning you could actually rejoin in 5 minutes. Plus, the time is stated in the kick message, so you can't complain of not knowing that.
    3) If you had read the rules, you would have known that repeating too often triggers script. Not our fault.
  18. Cynthia

    Cynthia Hiatus

    host servers still differentiates between individual computers as they have to assign a routing address to them, and thus the hostmask varies from computer to computer. If your service really does give a single hostmask for the ENTIRE region (for some strange reason) then unfortunately yes..you will be subject to that one person's ban. Unfortunately this is the reality of operation on the internet, mistakes can be made and precision is not absolute.
  19. sppchatuser

    sppchatuser New Member

    Chatroom name: "Kirbu," "DawnFan," and "Justkidding"
    Chatroom: #spp
    Operator in question: Kirby
    Kick message: (you're done now)
    Time and date: [15:54] on (6/17)
    Logs: <none>

    First, some preface:
    Over the past few weeks, I'd posted on the chatroom as the user "DawnFan" in an effort to garner discussion over the role of the character "Dawn" in the Pokemon anime. My participation as "DawnFan" has been, numerous times, considering 'trolling' by the Ops, and I'd been asked yesterday (6/16) to cease 'trolling' as DawnFan by the Op "Kirby."

    More past issues: Yesterday (6/16), I was also asked to change my username from "Kirbu" by the same Op "Kirby," because it was too similar to her name. I complied, and posted again as "DawnFan." Here I was told a final time to stop 'trolling' as DawnFan.

    TODAY (6/17): I enter the chat as "Kirbu" and begin discussing competitive movesets for Infernape. The Op "Kirby" is not in the chat. Kirbu is my username on multiple chats, and is my AIM screenname as well. I am simultaneously on the site "smogon.com/forums/" referencing other discussions concerning the Infernape metagame. As I am browsing smogon.com, Kirby posts a message on the main chat asking me to change my username. I do not see this message, as I am viewing other tabs. I post another message to the chat concerning the Infernape moveset and am subsequently kicked (as a warning) and asked to change my username in the kick message (I do not still have this message but it occurred approximately 2 minutes before the ban).

    When I rejoined, because of my past relationship with the Op "Kirby," I joined under the username "DawnFan," as a joke. I did not make any inflammatory posts and did not 'troll' as had been requested of me. Within 10 seconds of changing my username to "DawnFan" I reverted and changed it to "Justkidding" in order to indicate to the Op that I was "just kidding" and had no intent of trolling- I merely wanted to continue the discussion about Infernape in competitive play. I was banned several seconds AFTER changing my username to "Justkidding," with the message (you're done now). When I /queried Kirby as to the reason for my ban, she said that she was "sick of my attitude problem."

    There are a few issues here:

    1. Username similarity- I was never intentionally trying to make my username similar to the Op "Kirby." Yesterday, it was pure coincidence that she was logged in when I switched my name to "Kirbu," and today she was not logged in at all to the chat when I made my username "Kirbu." When an Op is not in the chat, I believe that it is acceptable to have a username (unintentionally) similar to them if it does not cause trouble. I changed my username as soon as I received a warning kick, as I did not initially notice Kirby's request for me to change my username.

    2. Somewhat of a corollary to #1- Abuse of power- None of the other Ops had an issue with my username being too similar to "Kirby." Based on my private chat with "Kirby," she seems to indicate that having such a username that is similar to a notable user or an Op is unacceptable whether or not the Op is in the channel. This means that my having the username "Dratini" would be illegitimate because there is an Op named Dratini927- whether or not that Op is present in the chat.

    Here is the log of said chat:

    [16:11] <Kirby> no where in the rules does it say it's okay
    [16:11] <Kirby> to use similar names
    [16:11] <Kirby> when the other person is not on
    [16:11] <Kirby> it says don't do this, period
    [16:11] <Kirby> I did not mislead them
    [16:11] <Justkidding> I don't choose them with the intent to mislead.
    [16:11] <Justkidding> Plus BOTH TIMES, I changed it to something else.
    [16:11] <Kirby> it should not have happened a second time
    [16:11] <Justkidding> You weren't in the Chat!
    [16:11] <Kirby> IT
    [16:12] <Kirby> DOESN'T
    [16:12] <Kirby> MATTER
    [16:12] <Justkidding> Kirbu is my username of choice, and you weren't in the Chat
    [16:12] <Kirby> No, it does not matter, what part of this do you not understand
    [16:12] <Justkidding> I can't name myself Dratini either, even though that's the name of a Pokemon, just because the Op Dratini927 might join at any moment?
    [16:12] <Justkidding> That's ridiculous
    [16:12] <Justkidding> And that's not part of the rules
    [16:12] <Kirby> yes it is
    [16:12] <Justkidding> But when they are NOT IN THE CHAT, it's not fair.
    [16:13] <Kirby> it is fair, especially when it's an op or a well known member

    I do not believe that "Kirbu" is similar enough to "Kirby" to constitute a kick- but because the Op requested that I changed the username, I COMPLIED. I did not break the rules.

    Furthermore, "Kirby" references that other people had complained yesterday (6/16) about my use of the name "Kirbu" because it was 'confusing.' This was only true because Kirby and Kirbu were posting at the same time, which caused confusion because the usernames would appear side by side, obscuring readability. When Kirby is not in the chat, users should not be disallowed from having usernames tangentially related to her.

    3. What constitutes trolling- Yes I had used the username "DawnFan" to post messages of questionable legitmacy; they could have been construed as 'trolling.' However, merely using the username DawnFan does not constitute trolling- It is the ACT of posting messages that praise Dawn's worth and role in the Pokemon anime that could be construed as 'trolling.' I did neither of these, and changed my name to "Justkidding" almost immediately, to indicate it was simply a playful joke, and that I did not intend to troll.

    4. Location of the rules- I had no way of knowing that having a username similar to an Op was a breach of conduct because the entirety of the chat rules are not contained on the chat page. Because I do not regularly visit the forums, I did not know there was an expanded edition of the chat rules on the forum, and I was under the impression that all that I needed to know was contained in the space below the chat on http://www.serebii.net/chat.shtml

    This issue of username similarity would not have arisen were the chat rules more easily accessed or noticeable. There is not even a LINK pointing users to the full set of rules on the forum. This would be helpful to avoid trouble in the future.


    Last edited: Jun 18, 2009
  20. Cynthia

    Cynthia Hiatus

    The rules are linked to you every time you join the room, and you have been repeatedly disruptive under the nick "dawnfan" by posting inappropriate comments about your attraction to the character and several inappropriate remarks reguarding the character may as well. You were asked more than once not to use a certain nickname by an operator, and you refused to comply and then argued with that operator about it.

    The ban appears to be appropriate in being issued for the time being, once you are unbanned I would HIGHLY recommend avoiding either of the nicks in the future and attempt to be more appropriate in your conversations
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