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Banned from #SPP or #SPP-Wifi unfairly? Post here!

Discussion in 'Chatroom Discussion' started by Kirby, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Erik Destler

    Erik Destler cool cool cool

    Because it hurts the eyes. On different skins.
    and there isn't a need for it.

    Post on the trade forums and link to your post in the wifi chat is what I say.

    Wait out your ban.
    You didn't say your nick.
  2. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    I feel this is a problem that needs to be fixed, and it deals with the ops, hops, Sops, etc. not being active enough. I was banned from the normal chat by Yami-Ron's script for using the word ROM, in the context of asking isn't that against the rules, since I bunch of people were talking about playing the games on their PC or using emus, obviously referring to emulators. So how is it that the people talking about playing Platinum and such on their PCs or emulators get away without a ban of any kind, yet the person asking a simple question such as asking "isn't rom discussion against the rules?" gets banned? I know it was a script, but it something that needs fixed. Oh, I can't fetch logs, since I'm on java, but I was under the nick woot21. Yes I know by now I'm probably unbanned by now, but I still fell that it is unfair that a person following the rules in banned when multiple people are using loopholes in the scripts to get around not being allowed to discuss roms.
  3. Dragonite

    Dragonite #SPP + #SPP-Wifi SOp

    Sorry to hear about that woot21, but I'm afraid it's tough. It's hard to get h/a/sops that can be active all the time, even with covering different time zones. It can get extremely boring and hard to keep up. Especially when most of us are in school/college and have a lot of other work to do. Fortunately, there are times when we are active, and such things like this wont always happen. I will bring this up with the other staff members to see if we can come to a compromise to improve the scripts.

    Ty for letting us know. :)
  4. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    I completely understand that, and that being the reason they have the scripts. I guess that was more of my complaint, the scripts in general. Mainly not being tight enough at times, yet being too tight at others. I know for the most part it is just one keyword that the scripts look for, and I feel that is the problem. I guess I just wish there was a better way to do the scripts.
  5. matsy

    matsy Blue Team

    I agree with this sentiment: the tolerance for BOTH of these offences has increased dramatically recently. Sure the people who fill half the screen with their have/want list are a little annoying, but most of them are polite enough not to post too often, and thus avoid spamming or flooding. Some of the auto-kicks these days are way too sensitive (I have noticed Slowking's most prominently) and indeed make trading difficult.

    Another concern I have is the discussion of the WiFi connection itself. It seems that as of recently, it is forbidden to discuss the WiFi Connection, connecting to, and any errors thereof in spp-wifi. I find this ridiculous. When faced with connection errors while obviously trying to battle/trade, asking on spp-wifi if anyone else is experiencing the same difficulties results in either a ban or a warning. Why is this so? It is spp-WIFI chat, and Wifi errors prevent people from battling/trading, so trying to recitfy these errors is obviously an effort to battle/trade. Why persecute people trying to battle/trade over Wifi?

  6. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    I can't accurately answer much regarding the wifi chat since I've been absent for a bit due to work/illness, however the script that kicks/bans for not condensing your wants and whatnot has been turned off by Slowking and yesterday when I asked Yami if his was on he confirmed is was turned off as well.

    As far as I know only those two had that script, so it should be taken care of now. As for any other concerns, that will have to be answered by another staffer, sorry...
  7. matsy

    matsy Blue Team

    Thanks Kirby, I'm pleased that the contradiction has been rectified.
    I wait in anticipation to hear what others have to say about the kicking for Wifi connection discussion.

  8. Erik Destler

    Erik Destler cool cool cool

    You can link to a post from the Trade Forums.

    IDK, I know when 4543534 people are like "wifi is down"
    "wifi is down"
    "is wifi down"
    "my wifi doesnt work"
    "is it up yet"

    People get annoyed quickly. I know that I tell people to stop unless they can PM me and tell me when it's back up.
    Because, otherwise, it's a bunch of people going off topic, becasue most likely not ALL wifi is down D:

    COOL_CORGI Member

    I was just banned unfairly from #SPP. My name was Zyenet, and I was banned by Delcatty. A guy on the channel asked where I saw the news about the new DS at, and I told him it was GBAtemp. Delcatty thought I was advertising, which I was not. Just helping someone out.
  10. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    [21:04] <Zyenet> Gbatemp.net
    [21:04] * Delcatty sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-4BD32EE5.phlapa.fios.verizon.net
    [21:04] * Zyenet was kicked by Delcatty (Pwease dun advertise. :<)

    You set off a script, they usually last five minutes. This is explained in the rules. I'm not saying it's fair or unfair but the scripts are there to weed out the advertisers and also catch people who link to porn...

    But regardless, that's what happened, this is also why I don't have scripts because I don't see a problem with people linking to other sites to help people but eh, not my chat ;/

    COOL_CORGI Member

    Ah, I see. Thanks Kirby, I'll be more careful next time.
  12. Torkoal and Torterra

    Torkoal and Torterra DOES NOT COMPUTE!

    Ok, here's the situation:
    Some random person in the WiFi room started a conversation on "Making platinum moveset pokes banned from the chat". Now, i have read the rules and such, and there is no such rule yet, so that is not the reason i have been kicked. I argued with him about it, and then he started to mention "Hackers get an advantage of this". I said "Hackers get an advantage to every poke in the game." Next thing that happens, i find myself kicked from the chat. I did nothing wrong, i wasn't offering hacks, repeating posts, or doing anything that should get me banned/kicked.
    I was kicked by Azuka or something like that, my username was WiFiGuest0000.
  13. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    I'm not a mod/OP/whatever, but it was probably a script ban that lasted somewhere between 2-15 minutes. Or someone kicked you manually because you were off topic.
  14. yiazmat

    yiazmat The ultimate terror

    I was kicked for saying "wtf" in #spp-wifi on saturday, 4th of october, I think I was kicked wrongly because "wtf" isnt really as bad as some other words, I got the message be nice!
  15. Warfare

    Warfare liverliverliverliver

    Apparently, "<censored>" might have been scripted in #spp-wifi for whatever reason. And yes, "wtf" shows up as "<censored>" which might have been the cause. Just try it again, if that was the case. Script bans usually last five to fifteen minutes.
  16. ziggy_electric

    ziggy_electric New Member

    how do you become an op? or hop?
  17. Machiki

    Machiki Machiki In Teh House

    Probably be friends with Serebii or something.

    Anyways, in the main chat, someone asked for a good place to find good videos for gameplay for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Basically they wanted a video tutorial. I said to him, Pokemon.Marriland.Com, and then, I get banned with this bullcrap

    LOL advertising?!?!? NO!!

    I know its a dumbass script, but seriously, it ****** me off.

    The scripts really suck, what we need is MORE and MORE and MORE ops so at least a few will be on all the time (yeah could select from different timezones) so we don't have to use scripts
  18. Ryuusei

    Ryuusei the sakura trainer~

    er lol?

    You are advertising by giving him a LINK to ANOTHER SITE.

    you could PM or notice him certainly, that is private and concerns none of us but it's been clearly stated not to link to another site. Worse of all, you provide a link to Marriland, which is a rival Pokemon site.
  19. Machiki

    Machiki Machiki In Teh House

    How is it advertising? Everyone knows about Marriland, heck, when I logged back on, the person who asked the question said:

    "yea i kno marrilands vids they are boring i was looking for someone elses, someone told me one superskarmory"

    Besides, I am not a 20 year old Pokemon player D:
  20. ChaosEnsues

    ChaosEnsues New Member

    Nick: iGotPokes
    Chatroom: both
    Operator who kicked you: i dont remember
    Kick Messege (If known): the message for the regular chat was "knock it off" i beleive
    Logs (If Any): .. java user
    Other Notes: i dont know why i was kicked out of the wifi and it hasn't let me back in. The regular chat i was kicked out for asking to be unbanned. please help!
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