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Banned from #SPP or #SPP-Wifi unfairly? Post here!

Discussion in 'Chatroom Discussion' started by Kirby, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Fenix

    Fenix Tremulant

    That's me.

    Let's look at some logs:


    [11:29:32] <WiFiGuest0549> lf shymn
    [11:29:35] <WiFiGuest8885> wanted tm brick break and physhic
    03[11:29:44] * {UA}Parkway_Drive (UA-Guest30@8D8BC5A3.83F557A.F9B7EA1D.IP) has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [11:30:02] <WiFiGuest8627> looking for an evd level 100: timid gengar, rash salamence, adamant kingdra, adamant stantler. pm me if you have one of these
    02[11:30:13] * Ver3Sp|away (durrdude@PurpleSurge-BA548708.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Client exited)
    [11:30:17] <WiFiGuest0549> lf shymn
    [11:30:23] <{UA}Parkway_Drive> lol
    [11:30:29] <{UA}Parkway_Drive> i see a kick
    [11:30:32] <_Chatot_> Ohhhhhh, come on please, 0549 is just asking to be kicked!
    02[11:30:48] * WiFiGuest2683 (WiFiGuest2@PurpleSurge-33BE34D2.dyn.iinet.net.au) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
    11[11:30:58] <_Chatot_> Fenix, you here?
    [11:30:59] <WiFiGuest0549> squak i live squak
    02[11:31:01] * WiFiGuest8885 (WiFiGuest8@6F1C2441.3BAA5A82.7BFE94B9.IP) Quit (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
    09[11:31:09] * WiFiGuest0549 is now known as lil-naps
    03[11:31:18] * Wormow|LOLway (FlowerJaw@PurpleSurge-42252F1.dandn1.vic.optusnet.com.au) has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [11:31:23] <_Chatot_> Dratini927?
    03[11:31:25] * WiFiGuest6882 (WiFiGuest6@PurpleSurge-33BE34D2.dyn.iinet.net.au) has joined #SPP-WiFi
    01[11:31:26] <%Fenix> he left
    07[11:31:40] * Fenix sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-FABB239F.vic.bigpond.net.au
    06[11:31:41] * lil-naps was kicked by Fenix (how about no? || 11Noise Erased: 903 )

    Shortly after that, you clone in #SPP:

    03[11:47:48] * SPPGuest3617 (SPPGuest36@PurpleSurge-FABB239F.vic.bigpond.net.au) has joined #spp
    03[11:47:50] * Guest15894 (death12378@PurpleSurge-FABB239F.vic.bigpond.net.au) has joined #spp
    [11:47:55] <Rauru> who the hell is Shinyman?
    [11:48:01] <Rauru> and why are we under clon attack?
    09[11:48:14] * Guest15894 is now known as LiL-NaPs
    [11:48:22] <Katya> no it's just some random <censored> who connects his mirc and java at the same time.
    [11:48:30] <Rauru> this LiL-NaPs is the same as SPPGuest3617
    [11:48:40] <Rauru> hes an idiot?
    [11:48:53] <{UA}Arbok_Starship> i agree
    [11:48:54] <Katya> man i wish i was halfop at these hours lol
    [11:49:02] <SPPGuest3617> me
    [11:49:08] <SPPGuest0041> what is the best nature for altaria in emerald?
    07[11:49:09] * Guybrush_Threepwood sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-FABB239F.vic.bigpond.net.au
    06[11:49:09] * LiL-NaPs was kicked by Guybrush_Threepwood (I thought I KBed you || 11Noise Erased: 906 )

    Er, my kick message doesn't really make sense but that's irrelevant.

    Oh, and I always see you saying **** like

    <lil-naps> im a kid <censored> u


    <LiL-NaPs> how do you get half opped and opped


    <LiL-NaPs> «««« LiL-NaPs is a 99 year old male from australia »»»»

    so you can't blame me for considering you a troll on first sight, either.
  2. Conan Edogawa415

    Conan Edogawa415 Detective Conan

    hey i got kicked for telling someone to shut up but they were mocking me and such. I dont have the conversation as i was booted and forgot to get it but i would like to be able to get back into the wifi chat please.
  3. Dark_Infernape

    Dark_Infernape New Member

    I got banned for no reason, I only asked 3 times if someone would want an UBER battle wil me via Wifi and some <censored> named Delcatty kicked me I thought it was a simple kick but it turned out to be a ban. I can't join the #SPP-WiFi, and I really want to join the room again.
  4. Dark_Infernape

    Dark_Infernape New Member

    Not really I have been banned for almost a whole day!!
  5. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    Dark_Infernape, please don't be rude and call the ops "<censored>'s". You likely got banned for repeating (saying the same thing over and over again), but we can't help you if you don't post logs of what happened. Just wait out the ban.
  6. PKMNBreederRauru

    PKMNBreederRauru Pokémon Breeder

    Lamest ever.

    Ok, brace yourself for masive logs. This was on #SPP-WiFi.
    03:05 »» nick change [ WiFiGuest4494 » Guardian ]
    03:05 »» quits Thunder-Pika (Quit: http://irc2go.com/ )
    03:05 [Nikeo] lol
    03:05 [%Delcatty] You don't
    03:05 [Achmed] hehe
    03:05 [Achmed] :D
    03:05 [%Delcatty] Then you'll get banned for WAY longer
    03:05 »» quits Ozma (Quit: http://irc2go.com/ )
    03:05 [Nikeo] so you kick em for no reason then?
    03:05 [jjjjjj] how do you kick
    03:05 [%Delcatty] I only kick for a reason. =\
    03:05 [Achmed] you need to be a op
    03:05 [%Delcatty] You need halfop or higher to kick
    03:06 »» nick change [ WiFiGuest5495 » HOLLOWMT09 ]
    03:06 [Greed] Single Battle no ubers PM Me
    03:06 (Rauru) LF: hEntei
    03:06 [jjjjjj] how you do that
    03:06 [Achmed] ip reset interesting
    03:06 [%Sedna] Interesting, but get on topic or a cat will kick you. :D
    03:06 »» [mode [Delcatty[ +b *!*@Fanelia.breeding.some.Pokemanz ]
    03:06 »» Banned: Rauru
    03:06 »» Rauru kicked by Delcatty (bye |||||||| 1204 Colourful Kicks |||||||| )
    Yes, I see a good reason for Kick/Ban there however, does it has to last (almost now) 24 hours? the timestamp is -0600 from GMT, and its 00:00 hrs right now, so its ~21 hours since that. Trolls get unbanned 2 hours after being kick banned, and for once I made a stupid comment, and got owned for it, fair enough, just that I DEMAND getting the same (if not slightly over) standard treatment for "trolls" as I am obviously not one.
    This one, was this afternoon, after noticing the ban on WiFi hadnt expired:
    16:07 (Rauru) 13fkn hours
    16:07 [Flonne] I figured you would.
    16:08 [Flonne] :p
    16:08 [GLaDOS] Muk: Pound, Rest, Harden, Poison Gas
    16:08 [GLaDOS] there
    16:08 »» joins michael1
    16:08 [SPPGuest1524] y can i log into this 1 then
    16:08 (Rauru) i will have to evade so it seems
    16:08 »» joins Erik_Destler
    16:08 [&SerebiiBot] [Erik_Destler] He's here, the Phantom of the Opera!
    16:08 »» [mode [SerebiiBot[ +o Erik_Destler ]
    16:08 [GLaDOS] you can't get worse
    16:08 [Flonne] hiya erik
    16:08 [%Tiffany] Erik :DD
    16:08 [GLaDOS] Hi Erik
    16:08 [GLaDOS] .-.
    16:08 [SilverShadow] Poison Gas...
    16:08 [%Tiffany] squigglesquiggle
    16:08 »» [mode [Delcatty[ +b *!*@Fanelia.breeding.some.Pokemanz ]
    16:08 »» Banned: Rauru
    16:08 »» Rauru kicked by Delcatty (Evasion is bad. gtfo |||||||| 1223 Colourful Kicks |||||||| )
    I fail to see anything on the rules against mentioning that, as I didn't do it at all, (if I would have done that, I wouldnt be arguing about it). Also received a particular sort of PM:
    Session Start: Tue Dec 09 16:15:24 2008
    Session Ident: Random_Perappu
    16:15 Session Ident: Random_Perappu (Draggy@PurpleSurge-F77DAAA.bb.sky.com)
    16:15 [Random_Perappu] hi
    16:15 (Rauru) mmm?
    16:15 [Random_Perappu] do you have a dynamic ip
    16:15 (Rauru) no
    16:15 [Random_Perappu] :eek: really how do you evade
    16:16 (Rauru) if i tell you, it losses its touch
    16:16 [Random_Perappu] Do you turn your vhost on/off? ;)
    16:16 (Rauru) thats stupid
    16:16 (Rauru) kids do that
    16:16 [Random_Perappu] do you proxy?
    16:16 (Rauru) as if i would be telling you at any rate
    16:16 [Random_Perappu] I know you think you're some irc big-shot but to be honest the we'll stop you in an instant.
    16:17 (Rauru) as you stopped pokepal
    16:17 (Rauru) ?
    16:17 (Rauru) he is still there and no one is doing anything
    16:17 [Random_Perappu] Who is pokepal*
    16:17 (Rauru) no one cares an idiot like him is still there
    16:17 (Rauru) one guy that was glined 10+ times in one night
    16:18 [Random_Perappu] That bra guy
    16:18 (Rauru) whoever he is, he is still there
    16:18 (Rauru) and no one gives a damn
    16:18 (Rauru) i dont know why would you give a damn about me also
    16:18 (Rauru) im not even as obnoxious as that guy is
    16:19 [Random_Perappu] You're a pain and about 7 other spp staff members agree with me*
    16:19 (Rauru) but im getting a worse treatment
    16:19 (Rauru) well, i couldnt care less about your staff
    16:37 (Rauru) its kind of lame when you pretend being a banned guy to come and try to convince me to say how i suposedly evade bans
    16:37 »» Random_Perappu is not on IRC.
    16:43 »» Random_Perappu is not on IRC.
    Session Close: Tue Dec 09 16:49:18 2008
    The last 2 lines didnt reached him/her (dunno honestly), and about "everyone" in the staff not liking me, I couldnt care less, as I stated previously, and one thing you cant do, (as far as I know) is biasing towards liking/disliking someone when its on Moderation (or in this case being an Operator). So the case is there, and arguments like "You are a pain, and other staff members think so" its just void, because everyday I see worse scum in the channel that those so called Operators won't do anything about. Hell, this pokepal guy (the one on the PM) made a massive spam in the channel, and stole the nickname of one of the regulars, and say what? That guy is still there, as if nothing happened. He wasnt even kicked or banned...

    Theres the case, you want more proof, ask and you should get a full log with the events.

    *Edited some lines as they were sensitive to be posted here.
  7. While this may be true (I'll attest to seeing this myself as a vop on #spp), James is in the right on this one. You're being quite a pain in the rear with him. The first ban was legit, and you don't get unbanned until the banlist clears. You should know that already. ops aren't just gonna remove bans on their own in wifi with people getting banned left and right. Evasion is not taken lightly (trust me on this one. bans last upwards of a day if you're not careful). Obviously you did, otherwise James wouldn't have reacted the way he did. Don't even joke about it like that. And honestly, don't complain about how long your bans are. I've had bans longer than your "13fkn hours". Some people are banned permanently. Get over it. The ban expires when it does, no need to complain or evade or get pissy at ops.

    I'm done.
  8. ReallyOcean

    ReallyOcean Thunder Trainer

    You're blaming the 'system' even though you ARE the system. While the first ban is legit, it's entirely possible that the second was just done on a whim because he mentioned what he said publically. What the heck does 'until the banlist clears' mean? Literally, I know what it means but it's just like saying 'You won't get unbanned until you uhdsmmdslkadjfl;sjdf, so how is everybody?' If ops aren't going to unban their bans or clear the banlist on some sort of schedule, then he has a good reason to complain and get 'pissy at ops' if they're going to be as lazy as he and you are making them seem.

    If the ban is unfair, the 'Oh shut up, you'll be unbanned soon/you should be unbanned now.' response shouldn't be sufficient.

    Edit: I really hate to get back into this channel arguing again, but this post deserved some sort of response.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2008
  9. I'm not the system. I can't ban, being only a voice operator. That second ban wasn't a whim, because seriously, evasion is a big offense. People have gotten vhosts stripped because of evading. Julia banned him for his own good. "Banlist clears" means exactly that. There's a list of bans that gets cleared when it's filled up. Bans are usually only taken away if they were caused by triggered scripts, which have timers on them to unban after about 5 minutes. Manual bans aren't usually taken off until the banlist clears, or in very rare cases ops remove them if it WAS just one of those random bans to a regular user like myself. And getting annoyed at the ops, especially one that didn't even ban you, is the exact wrong response, seeing as they can reban you if they feel the need to.

    You need to familiarise yourself with how Joe and the ops run the channels so you don't get into other people's business like this. Your post really didn't "deserve" a response, but it needed one.
  10. We dont like evasion in the slightest.

    Do you think ops keep track of every manual ban they make? Or better yet, ones that other ops do? No one sits there 24/7, so how do you expect some of the manual ones to be lifted if only the op the bans it is generally the only one that knows about it? Not ot mention that if someone manually bans someone and then goes to sleep, you think they have an alarm clock set so they can wake up and unban some kid? Or would your response be that WELL THEN THEY SHOULDNT BAN PEOPLE BEFORE THEY LEAVE THE ROOM/GO TO CLASS/EAT DINNER/GO TO SLEEP!!!!! To have a "schedule" regarding manual bans is ridiculous.

    I can only manual ban as I use COlloquy since mIRC doesnt work on Macs, and generally, when I do ban, its because someones getting around/evading the scripts. Those people can cry all they want.

    Honestly, there wouldnt BE a problem if people just followed the damn rules. Its really not that difficult.

    hEntei... get it?!?!?!?!? LOLOLOLOLOLO FUNNAYYYYYYYYYY
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2008
  11. Case and point.

    hEntei... lmao
  12. PKMNBreederRauru

    PKMNBreederRauru Pokémon Breeder

    Well Miss, I hope you read everything there, as I see you are not around most of time, "I am not someone the others operators would like" so what? blame myself for being around more than those trolls? (those who, btw are still around, evading bans, evading even glines) and yeah, I am the offender because I said something that I shouldn't had said and in the end I didnt even did, because its quite troublesome to do it and Im a lazy person, and if I did it, wouldn't my vhost be revoked by now? Take all those statements in consideration.

    Im not complaining about ops setting their manual bans WITHOUT A TIMER, I had the experience on knowing that most of bans are using a /timer , however, this one wasn't one of those. And yes, my bad for using that LF: hEntei on WiFi, however that hEntei pun is used sometimes on #SPP itself, where is not punished at all, for I have used it several times and a lot more of people had done so as well. If you want proof of this, I can provide a wide collection of logs for so.

    Its obvious there is bias there, and that you didn't even mentioned, bias is not on rules, and maybe my eyes failed to see the "ops are always right" one, or would it be missing?
  13. Only scripted kickbans run a timer. As far as I know, Asuka is an exception to this, but I'm not sure. Anyway, Get over it. Honestly, evasion is bad. I tried evading, ended up with a daylong ban. BurningBush successfully evaded his g:line by "getting a new IP from his ISP". BurningBush is one of the most infamous men to ever set foot in #spp. A troll for all trolls, if you will.

    Jess has better things to do than sit around at a computer screen 24/7 watching the usual trolls in #spp and wifi come and go, kickbanning when needed, and have to put up with complaints from people like you that get all whiny over one little kickban. Get a grip.
  14. Thats funny, because I open up Colloquy every single day. Just because I choose to never speak in SPP or SPP-Wifi does not mean I dont watch the channels. In fact, I was watching when you got kicked out again for the evasion crap. :) And of course we're going ot catch you with your evasion ploys if you specifically type it out in the chatroom. Duh?

    Wifi is more strict than SPP if you have failed to notice. We try to keep Wifi as on topic as possible, and people posting stupid **** in there = kbanned. Bias? I think not. Sorry that timeless claim isnt going to work here. Same with the OPS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT LULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Perhaps it may seem that way since the Ops can read. So lets take a look at some rules together!

    See what 24 did there? 17 also clearly tells you that bad jokes belong in SPP and not in Wifi. Hey, you even supported that yourself with the logs you say you have of you saying it multiple times in SPP. So there we go.

  15. ReallyOcean

    ReallyOcean Thunder Trainer

    You are a permanent op in the channel. Besides befriending some of the ops, why do you think you received it? Being a vop means you are staff and you enforce rules when needed. I've heard this definition from many vops/hops over time. You're definitely part of it.

    with regard to the second ban, nobody has proven that he actually DID break any evasion rules. Talking about it is surely not forbidden in any of the rules for the channel that I've seen. If someone can actually provide proof that he broke the rule, I'll lay off the argument because I do agree that evaders should be banned to the best of the channels' and/or networks' abilities. Until then, because I've seen people banned for simply talking about actions that are against the rules (as this person did), it's still up in the air.

    I know what script bans and manual bans are. The fact is that manual bans last for any random amount of time until someone decides to remove them. A troll could get banned for 24 hours while another who did something just as bad could get banned for twenty minutes. It's not a clean or 'fair' (I know I'm going to get ripped for this. I'm not saying it's unfair to ban rule breakers. I'm saying it's a messy system) system when it comes to manual bans. At least have your script or a channel bot have a timer for 24 hours or make it an accurate method of unbanning. Or, simply have it set up so that every so often the ops should look at the bans and delete any that are 24 hours+ old, not just when the banlist fills. (Just mentioning 24 hours because usually it's the time I get see mentioned for manual bans which are usually evaders of scripts or other rule breakers who aren't caught by scripts.) If someone needs to be banned for more than 24 hours (or however long the agreed normal 'manual ban' should last), maybe an temp or permanent akick/blacklisting should be considered.

    And we're getting 'annoyed' here on the forums in a thread which is in its own way, meant for complaining. I would hope that the person complaining wouldn't get banned in the channel for any normal complaint they bring up in here.

    To restate what I implied earlier about the ops being lazy regarding unbanning of manual bans, I should say that I meant that the method/system is a little messy and unclear. The ops aren't lazy, it's that the channel operating section of 'unbanning manual bans,' if you will, could be improved.

    Edit: reading mew's post, I think what I said in this one address mostly what she/he said.
  16. Being voiced does NOT make you part of the staff in any way shape or form. Nor does it give a green light to minimod. Also looking at the rules again.....
    So I dont know where the hell you pulled that one from because its not true in the slightest. In fact, its exactly opposite.

    Vops are simply one of the following:
    1. a pat on the back for spending mass amounts of hours on SPP and for some reason, some staff "like" you
    2. old chat ops or people from golden eras long gone that come back to say hello/idle
    3. forum staff (who arent IRC regulars) that pop in

    aka, a green plus sign to indicate, generally, you are not an idiot. A sign of "respect" if you will. Thats all.

    Regarding the "well he only said ////(Rauru) 13fkn hours (Rauru) i will have to evade so it seems//// there was no proof that he actually DID ITTTTT" thing..... there is no reason for OPs to play games along the lines of going into the staff chat and saying


    We're not going to do that ****. Thats like saying if someone just says "Sh4Y|\/|00n" in the wifi chat and they get kicked out, that we cant ban him because he didnt specifically say he was trading it/for it. Hey, maybe he nicknamed his Poliwag Sh4Y|\/|00n! Even if something is "up in the air" the OPs are there to make a decision instead of just being like "oh, well i guess we;ll just let it go until something goes bad :3!" Called a precaution.

    There is also no reason to akick/blacklist people who say Sh@ym0n in the wifi channel. Blacklists/akick arent candy. As a matter of fact, "We're phasing out blacklists due to their un-necessaryness. " is part of the topic in the staff channel. Also, 24 hours is hardly a long time to be away from Spp/sppwifi. If its too traumatizing for someone to be away for 24hrs, then there are some serious issues. Honestly. If its so absolutely DIRE to trade away your shiny ev-ed Wurmple RIGHT NOW Im pretty sure there are tons of other places to go to do wifi trades. Serebii is not the only Pokemon site out there. Shocking, I know.

    And finally, this thread is not meant for complaining. Its not called "Complain about your bans here plz." Its for unfair bans aka a measure to find abusive OPs. Also here to deter ops from abusing their power. Since you know, I still fail to see how being banned for screaming out in SPP "I GUESS ILL JUST GO AND EVADE MY BAN NOW HARHAR" is unfair/abusive when its clearly stated in the rules that evasion and whining about a ban in another channel is against the rules. Theres nothing to argue here unless you want me to further elaborate on the already obvious rules.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2008
  17. I really don't see the point in posting here again if people are gonna come in and be all "omg you're a vop you should do somthing lollololo". Of course I got the vop for a reason, it's because I'm an upstanding regular member of the #spp community. Doesn't mean I have any say in anything. But as Jess is saying, the second ban was just a minor precaution in case he really was serious about evading. If you've got a complaint against an op, take it up with the op, don't bring it in here, a thread for people who felt they were banned unfairly to try to work it out. And again, read the rules. They're there for a reason. Might wanna look at them.
  18. ReallyOcean

    ReallyOcean Thunder Trainer


    I hope that you posting that will remind the ops who have told me at least a few times that one of the jobs of a vop in #spp is to enforce rules when needed.

    With regard to the second kban, I guess we have different opinions on what is fair when it comes to hypocrisy/abusing while operating a channel. That is all.

    I didn't say anything remotely about akicking because of someone saying 'shaymin.' I mentioned it AND akicks as a reason to keep someone banned for more than 24 hours, which could be necessary because of how manual bans aren't monitored orderly. You completely ignored the whole part of my post regarding the messiness of manual bans. It's definitely possible and very doable to fix the whole problem, and it would fix such problems such as the ones that made someone want to make the post in this thread, and this whole argument to begin. But, this is all fun, right?

    No, it's not.

    And come on, actually arguing that a mainstream thing to do and thing to expect in this thread ISN'T complaining, is ridiculous. Any and every post against the ops regarding an unfair ban is essentially, and certainly under #spp's loose descriptions, complaining.
  19. Just because people fail to understand the purpose of this thread =/= its for complaining.

    How do you expect us to regulate manual bans? The reason I said Shaymin as an example was because, as stated, most manual bans exist because people evade the scripts. Again, would you like me to manually kban someone for evading the shaymin script, go to class, and then in the middle of it be like "Excuse me professor, I need to go unban someone from spp-wifi, theyve been banned for 20minutes"? Or am I supposed to call up Serebii while Im out at the dining hall with my cell and tell him he needs to unban the person I manually banned for asking for a shiny arceus?
  20. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin

    It shouldn't be her having to tell the ops, seeing as...

    1. It's in the actual rules that vops are not staff and have no right to enforce rules at all and;

    2. It's been discussed multiple times in the staff chat, why do you think it was added to the rules at a later date instead of being there from the very beginning? It's because it was never really a problem until a few months back when people started thinking "OMG VOICE I AM STAFF NOW!!!!"

    Seeing as all you do is complain in this topic about things you obviously don't have any idea about, maybe it's time you refresh up on the rules as well since it's in the rules in regards to the vop thing, and until Shining Mew told you otherwise you though wrong ;/
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