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Banner Shop >w<

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Amazingkiss, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. MistyLover

    MistyLover Banned

    Amzingkiss, you are the best ever! THanks so much, my fic friends are gonna be happy!
  2. Clash

    Clash He's Back!

    Thank you Amazingkiss! I love it! :D
  3. mudkip-max

    mudkip-max <<The Best

    hi amazing kiss i was wondering if u could do me another banner

    pic: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pictures/anime/anime334.jpg

    pic2: http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/kanto/448/AG42.jpg

    pic3: http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/houen/361/AG46.jpg

    pic4: http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/houen/361/AG31.jpg

    pic5: http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/houen/361/AG92.jpg

    text: The Sky Gaurdian
    text2: Altaria

    font: whatever goes best

    background: something white,blue and cloudy

    size: normal banner size

    other: could u please make pics2,3,4 and 5 fade into the background like in a movie roll

    thanks sooo much:)
  4. Alkaide

    Alkaide Scary Faerie♥

    You forgot my banner, too. The one I made for my website is NOTHING compared to your talent, so I'd rather have one of yours. I can wait though, the one I made will do until you finish.
  5. Spiker

    Spiker Let's Goht!

    er... not to spam but when is this going to finish
  6. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Sorry to trouble you, but...a banner? ^_^;
    Form: Banner
    Name: Cecilia
    Size: Anything that suits? =D
    Background Colour: Anything; not any rainbowish colour tho
    Word(1): Show Luo [big oustanding font? xD]
    Word(2)optional: 'Shuai' at a corner? =D
    Pic1: http://photo.eastgame.net/music/200510/1014/ctaw/Luo_Alan.jpg [The first picture of him wearing the black jacket; ignore the second picture. I just want the first picture]
    Font: You choose
    Word Colour: Anything; just not rainbow-ish colours plz
    Other: That is all =D

  7. FreedomX10A

    FreedomX10A Infinite Atmosphere

    gah...people...don't rush her, school has started long ago...more homework, exams (i'm about to have exams too :( ) ...and she doesn't use to computer all day...
    your stuff will be finished...just don't rush her....
  8. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Heh, we all know...Or, I know.

    She doesn't need to rush through my banner~ Just take your time, Andrea. =] I know you have lots of other work to do irl.
  9. Amazingkiss

    Amazingkiss llX~Star Jewel~Xll

  10. MistyLover

    MistyLover Banned

    Hey, its me again, well, my friend wanted a little makeover on the banner of Hero, here are the changes:

    The lyrics I put was too long she wants this one: "And you'll finally see the truth that a Hero lies in you"? Make it blend, thats what she wants. Thanks a lot, sorry for the trouble!
  11. mudkip-max

    mudkip-max <<The Best

    thats amazing ill put it in my sig thanks alot:)
  12. Alkaide

    Alkaide Scary Faerie♥

    Thank you so much, it's awsome! And you can take your time with the big one, I can wait until the other requests are done first, but the small one was more important.
  13. revenge

    revenge reshiram ftw

    i think you forgot, sorry to nag...
  14. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    Are you making banners? The front page says that you are closed, but it was last updated on the 22nd, and you seem to be taking requests.

    For Amazingkiss

    Size: 344x109
    Background Colour: Dark Blue and black
    Word(1): ENPERUTO
    Word(2)optional:Master of the Seas
    Pic1: this
    Pic2(optional): none
    Font: Dark Crystal Script
    Word Colour:black
  15. Amazingkiss

    Amazingkiss llX~Star Jewel~Xll

    actually I'm still close
  16. Aden344

    Aden344 Go May, Go May.

    Banner Please!
    Size: 400 x 100
    Images: Can you get some good pics of Riku?
    Colours: Anything that matches the pics. I would prefer blue...
    Text: The Darkness Stole my Heart...
    Font: Graffiti or Tag-like.

  17. Pokemon Valley

    Pokemon Valley New Member

  18. Rukaria

    Rukaria onechance.

    Thankyou it's so beautiful!
  19. TYVM, I love it XP
  20. Clash

    Clash He's Back!

    Hey Amazingkiss, I hope you don't mind me requesting, but I figured you havn't made a banner in a while. I would like a banner please for the Pokemon Australia Club, thankyou in advance. :)

    Name: Clash
    Size: W:468 H:100
    Background Colour: Dark Blue
    Word(1): PAC (large font, top left)
    Word(2)optional: I still call Australia home (small font, bottom right)
    Pic1: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumb_22/1127723908vsIewk.jpg (on the right side)
    Pic2(optional): http://www.serebiiforums.com/images/avatars/dp/115.png (on the left side, facing right)
    Font: 27 (for PAC)
    Word Colour: White
    Other: If possible, could you put a few white stars through the banner, like the ones in the banner you made for me.

    Thanks a million!

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