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Banner Shop >w<

They are amazing! Thank you so much! I love you I love you I love you!!!!!!!!!


I would like one with a shiny Porygon, Poygon2 and PorygonZ in the middle and in the background, lightning strikes, and the caption says "Electric Soldiers"
Can you please make me a banner for my League, Galactic HQ. You can do whatever you like because your banners always turn out great.

Form Banner
Pictures: Here are the four I would like put in the banner.
Text: None because I want scrolling text, check the form below.
Colours: Whatever you think looks good.

Form Scrolling Text
Pic1: The banner just made
Words: Galactic HQ Pokemon Wi-Fi League
Word Colour: Whatever looks good
BoxPlace at: Where ever looks good

Please PM me when you are done, Thankyou!
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