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(.Bashaamo's Shop of TC, Chao, and more!.)

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Bashaamo, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    (.Requests are open.)


    notice: -


    You may look inside my Photobucket Album, because the item you're about to request might just have already been made. (.Note that I know it's currently deserted, because that's my new photobucket album, and I'm still in the process of refilling and remaking old chao.)


    1. ASK NORMALLY - If you ask with chatspeak or annoyingly, you will not have your request done.
    2. PATIENCE - There are problems ranging from hard times in my life and the difficulty of making your request.
    3. THE LIMIT - It is 8 requests in a lifetime, each person. Things I already made before don’t count. So only the ones that you request and I have to make it again count.
    4. CREDIT - Other people can use my stuff on anything as long as they don't claim it as their own creation.
    5. CONSCIENCE - If you are requesting chao, and it's on the very post before yours, that's pointless. Check my Photobucket album first, too, it's on the first post. Which is THIS post. Check the first post everytime you check here. The Shop may be closed when you want to request, or your request may be just waiting around the corner and not needing you to ask the Shop Owner. You should start looking at posts before you, for Bonsly's sake!
    6. NO RUSHING OR ASKING OCCASIONALLY- Don't complain. If you do want to, leave this shop and request from another. I don't mind.
    7. FORUM RULES - THEY DO apply. That also means no SPAM, no double-posting, triple-posting, quadruple-posting, quintuple-posting, etc. So even I said today was rule-free day (Like that'll ever happen) you'd still have to follow forum rules, because you're IN it. For a clearer explanation, check Serebii’s rules.
    8. FORMS - Use those ****ing things. If you have no specification, I'll gladly give you a blank chao, eyeless. Scared?
    9. IGNORANCE - If I ignore you, it will not be my fault since most likely, I purposely ignored you because you broke one of the rules. Complain about it? A warning is your prize.
    10. I DO NOT - want any CRAP like "Background: The one in example 1". Don't ask me for a background in one of my examples. That's a rip-off. (This applies only for Trainer/Coordinator Cards)

    If, you choose not to follow these rules, however, be warned for I have the power to ban you from this Shop temporarily if you annoy, irritate or yell at me too much. Although I won't be as evil to do that.
    If you get 3 warnings, that's an automatic 3-week ban from this Shop. I’m evil enough to do that.


    - none


    Use them, don't just glare at them.

    Pokemon: (Pokemon to be turned into chao)
    Position: (Enter by number. These are the positions: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a27/blaziken77/Other/chaobasechart2.png Your chao won't be that big, I just zoomed it in)

    (.Trainer Cards.)
    Trainer Sprite:
    Pokemon next to Trainer:
    Badges: (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Frontier)
    Pokemon: (Up to 6)
    Base Color:

    Background Color:

    Color: (The color you wish it will be recolored into)
    Second Color: (If your Pokemon has 2 colors)
    Third Color: (If your Pokemon has 3 colors)

    Version to Version: (What version revamped to what version) (Only R/B/Y/Green/G/S/C sprites to be revamped)


    (.Lineless Pokémon.)
    Version: (Sprite from which version?)


    (.Request List.)

    Red - Problem Notified
    Yellow - In Process
    Orange - Not Yet Started

    - 1 -

    - 2 -

    - 3 -

    - 4 -

    - 5 -

    - 6 -

    - 7 -

    - 8 -

    - 9 -

    - 10 -


    (.On Hold.)



    (.Trainer/Coordinator Cards.)[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    (.Lineless Pokémon.)[​IMG]•​
  2. Aquadragon

    Aquadragon Darkness princess #1

    Those Trainer Cards are cool, could I get one
    Style: Like one in the left
    Trainer: LG/FR female trainer
    Pkmns: Rayquaza, Latias, Feraligatr, Umbreon, Mightyena and Scyther
    Pkmn next to trainer: Mightyena
    Name: Taru
    Background: Ice
    Favourite type: Dark
    Badges: Johto
  3. SilverStar

    SilverStar ~sparkle and shine~

    Could I please request some chao? Your work is great! :)

    Pichu pose 30
    Poochyena pose 2
    Smoochum pose 47

    Thanks, I'd appreciate it!
  4. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

  5. pinkidiot22

    pinkidiot22 <Him & Mudkip PWN U!

    uh... can i have a recolor of the mix in my sig?if so can it b blue?thnx!
  6. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    Last edited: Sep 11, 2006
  7. SilverStar

    SilverStar ~sparkle and shine~

    Ohhh he's precious! Hahaha, that's such a great face... thanks bunches! :)
    Will you be making the others as well or are you too busy? If so I understand, but I'd at least like the Smoochum for an idea I'm working on, if it's not too much trouble.
  8. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    I'll do it, I'm not busy. Well, at least not yet 0_o ...
  9. SilverStar

    SilverStar ~sparkle and shine~

    Thanks! I appreciate it :)
  10. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

  11. SilverStar

    SilverStar ~sparkle and shine~

    Awww, that's completely adorable! Thanks bunches! :)
  12. The Mighty Wurmple

    The Mighty Wurmple Well-Known Member


    Can I please have a lineless version of a...um...Metagross? Thanks!
  13. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

  14. The Mighty Wurmple

    The Mighty Wurmple Well-Known Member

    Woah, that looks freaky!
  15. açúcar

    açúcar Member

    hey may i request some chao?

  16. ~Flareon~

    ~Flareon~ Coal Trainer

    Can I request a trainer card, Bashaamo
    Name: Ash
    Trainer Sprite: [​IMG]
    Pokemon next to Trainer: Mightyena
    Badges: Hoenn
    Pokemon: Mightyena, Salamence, Rayquaza, Altaria, Flygon and Milotic
    Base Color: Red
    Thanks in advance!
  17. The Mighty Wurmple

    The Mighty Wurmple Well-Known Member

    Just asking a question. Is it possible for a No-Line thing to be White-Be-Gone'd?
    Would it affect the no line thing?

  18. SilverStar

    SilverStar ~sparkle and shine~

    Do you think you could make this lineless for me? And also the one from Ruby/Sapphire (I think that's what gen it's from, it's the one that's my avatar.) I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  19. Bashaamo

    Bashaamo <-I like udon

    o_o Whoa, I was gone for two days and this is what I get.
    Naw, it won't affect the lineless... ness. But I'm still learning to do WBGs, so maybe you can ask someone else. ^^; For the others, your requests are being worked on.
    - Ludicolo -
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2006

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