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Battle Aboard The St. Anne (015)


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Battle Aboard The St. Anne!

When Ash & co get given tickets for the St Anne, Ash notices that there are multiple trainers there. To which he trades his Butterfree for a Raticate. But before long Team Rocket attack and damage the ship. Can Ash get off the ship and get his Butterfree back?

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I can't believe nobody's posted in this thread; this was a great episode. :p

I liked Ash's devotion to Butterfree; even though he traded it he still missed it and got it back just in time.

That guy with the Raticate was good too...but the funniest thing was that Ash asked Brock whether he should trade Butterfree and Brock said yes 'cause he was too interested in the woman accompanying the guy. XD
The St. Anne Arc is probably one of the best arcs in pokemon. It ran from ST.Anne epi to all the way to the ghost on Maiden peak. that a big arc. I like how JJ and M were able to have henchmen in this episode. And that Marikarp salesman was hidlarious.
Ryuu said:
I can't believe nobody's posted in this thread; this was a great episode. :p

I liked Ash's devotion to Butterfree; even though he traded it he still missed it and got it back just in time.

That guy with the Raticate was good too...but the funniest thing was that Ash asked Brock whether he should trade Butterfree and Brock said yes 'cause he was too interested in the woman accompanying the guy. XD

One of the funniest moments in the show right there.


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This was a great episode. Brock goes truly girl-crazy for the first time in pokémon history and it was funny. The animation in this episode was very good, as was the music, which is much appreciated by me. This is one of the only episodes where we actually see other TR agents doing their thing in the field, which was cool. I think the show could have used a bit more TR involvement. And speaking of TR, James was hilarious in this episode after he found out he had been cheated by the Magicarp salesman. He was all depressed and gloomy when they were doing the motto.XD Ash's devotion to Butterfree was noteworthy, too bad he never even used it again unsill "Bye Bye Butterfree". =/ And I also like the Captain of the St. Anne, he was such an idiot.XD "No need to worry, I just thought I'd test out the life rafts" "If anyone didn't make it safely off the ship, please say 'aye'" those parts crack me up.XD

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
This episode was truly great, and hilarious.

Ah, the Magikarp salesman. One of my favorite characters.

"Hey boy"
"Hm? Are you addressing me?"
"Yeah you boy, come over here!"
"See this"
"What is it?"
"It's a Magikarp"
"A Magikarp?"
"Yes, and between you and me, it's a Pokemon goldmine"
"A goldmine?"
"Yes. One Magikarp lays a thousand eggs at a time. Each of those Magkarp lays another thousand eggs. That's one million Magikarp. Then, each of those lays another one thousand eggs. That's a billion Magikarp!"
"A biilion?"
"Yes. You can sell one Magikarp for $100. Before you know it, you have more money than you know what to with. You can go on a Pokemon shopping spree!"
"A shopping spree... (has a fantasy about it)
"Normally I charge $100, but for you, I'll throw in an instruction manual, and an egg laying kit for just $300! (Says while slapping counter with fan)
"Oooh! I'll take it!"
"I can tell you are going to be rich man, a very rich man!"

That's hilarious. (I did quite a bit of paraphrasing) And later,

"Hey hombre, I want my, my money back!"

I like the scene where Meowth scratches the ball and says, "It's just gold plated!" Then James is horrified and goes, "Ahhhh!"

The scenes where they were eating were funny, especially the way Brock ate.

Of course, the trade talk, it's classic.

I'm glad that Ash realized how much he cared for Butterfree and traded back.

I liked all of the Pokemon Pyramid battling scenes.

The captain was weird, but funny.

I almost forgot about the beginning, when James was like, "Cool!" Then later, he goes, "Don't I make like the coolest girl?!" Then Jessie hits him and says, "Stop acting like an ignoramus!" Then James says in his normal voice, "Owww"

Persian premiered in this episode too.

10/10, a very funny episode
Ah, the infamous debut of the Magikarp salesman..........Good times. James is really a sucker for any money related scheme. Magikarp aren't worth a dollar, you fool. The Poké Ball was nice, though ^^. The Captain was funny, too. And, of course, Brock. Way to space out after a woman, Brock. A nice debut for trading, IMO, and Ash's compassion for Butterfree was excellent.

Overall rating:
9.0 out of 10!!!
A great filler, one of Kanto's few. A rival to a standard Hoenn filler.

SC~ out

Rex Kamex

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The Magikarp salesman gets funnier every time he comes back in an episode. I mean, James keeps running into the same guy during every episode with a carnival. There was something weird in this episode though. When Ash dropped the ball with Butterfree in it, he went after it, and his friends ran after it. And what did that trading man do? Nothing! He just stood there and watched. He could've done something.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
I'm quite surprised that 4Kids got Carlos Alazraqui to do the voice of the Magikarp salesman. For those who don't know, he's a pretty big name in the world of voice acting - he was Rocko on "Rocko's Modern Life", Mr. Weed on "Family Guy", and the Taco Bell chihuahua.

Not a bad episode, really - we're introduced to Pokémon trading, and this is about the only time we see those F-class Rocket grunts (aside from the brief appearance of a few of them in "P:TFM"). Set up the next few episodes nicely.

Only downside in my opinion: this episode featured the initial instance of James dressing in drag. I never liked that, especially later on when they ran it into the ground.
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Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Heracross said:
No, it wasn't Team Rocket's fault, they just happened to be sailing into a bad storm.

Interestingly enough, in my upcoming comic adaptation of this episode, it IS their fault...

JESSIE: We're gonna scare the living daylights out of these trainers. You snuck the explosives aboard, right?
JAMES: Yes...
MEOWTH: Then let's get bangin'! (takes out a remote control)
JAMES: No, wait! They're not up from the...
(Meowth presses the button; an explosion is heard somewhere below deck)
JAMES: ...Cargo hold yet.
JESSIE: You, sir, are an idiot.
MEOWTH: Abandon ship! Women and Pokémon first!

Consider that a preview, if you will.


no remember? They fought off the Team Rocket grunts with all those Charmanders and Pidgeottos and Squirtles and Bulbasaurs and Pikachus and etc. causing great damage to the ship


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Um... the only damage they caused would have been in the upper portion of the ship. The thing that made it sink was that huge wave crashing into it and turning it over.

By the way, does anyone else find it strange that they're all in the middle of a huge storm with enormous waves capable of overturning a luxury cruise ship, yet when everyone's out in the life boats they're just bobbing around a bit.XP


Ahhhh, I remember this episode very clearly. It was the very first episode of the Pokemon anime i ever saw. I also have the book for this episode/arc thingy.

Flaming Ash

ChaosMage said:
Good episode! They just don't make 'em like this anymore.

^extremely true. we need more eps like this in AG. what happened to the days when pokemon had great storylines like this? the answer to that is easy, GONE


Old school
Ah, the Magikarp Salesman. One of the finer products Kanto offered us. I mean it was just such a classic episode. Just imagine if Ash had stuck with Raticate. Where would he be now...? Probably the same place, but with a Raticate.

I wasn't thrilled at the re-used footage of the Pikachu from the second episode though. It's as if the ship had it's own Pikachu storage room in case of a Team Rocket attack. I'm actually surprised all the Pokémon attacks DIDN'T tear the ship completely apart. The Pidgeotto blew the roof off, the Charmander blasted a hole through the side of the ship. I hope they got compensation for that 'luxury cruise' anyway!

James: Ok Magikarp, let's escape!
*ten seconds later*
James: Wha?
Jessie: Don't tell me this fish can't swim?!
Meowth: Forget swim, it can barely splash...


Team Awesome
Wow, the introduction of the magickarp salesman, Giovanni, James's first time in drag, a Titanic parody. What's not to like about this episode? :D

Besides the cruddy fight animation, of course. :p


I really wish the Captain of the S.S Anne would be more of a reoccuring character. He's the most hilarious character in the anime.

"Whoever's not here, raise their hand." XD