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Battle Aboard The St. Anne (015)

Mini Apocalypse

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I agree. The captain is soooooooo kool. I think the gentlman with the raticate was a nice person too.


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Ahh the epi where ash traded his awesome Butterfree for the Raticate.I'm glad he traded back as i cant see Raticate being useful on his team


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I loved this episode, Team Rocket attacking the ship, Ash trading away his Butterfree, etc.


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The St. Anne was probably the best long arc in the series. Every moment in this episode was priceless.

James first and funniest crossdressing, this alone would've made this episode great. But the episode had alot more to offer.

First shot of the boss of TR. Liked the plan of TR to give out free tickets to invade the ship, very clever.

The Magikarp salesman. Sure its rehashed now, but back then it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

I liked Ash's loyalty to Butterfree. Poor Ash couldn't get good judgement from Brock because he was completely dazed.

And the ship sinks leading to another fantastic episode. We will never see anything like this arc ever again, so you have to appreciate it.


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Odjetively speakin, this was a great episode. Team Rocket was funny, but still Smart at following the boss orders. The fights, the conspiracy and everything. It was filler, but an useful filler. You could feel that Ash journey was truly an adventure, and not just walking through towns like a tourist.


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I'm surprised no one has ever pointed out that this episode was the first episode even shown in the US (at least in Califorina on UPN) even before the real first episode :)

This episode is still my number one favorite, I miss the salesman :(...

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I'm surprised no one pointed this quote out:

"Don't I make the cooooooooooolest girl?"

My favorite part of this episode is when James kept going "Cooo-ooool!" in the background. I laughed so hard I cried at that part, more than once.


I loved this episode. I think that it's one the best episodes of it's day. The Captain made me LMAO. The Magikarp-guy was funny, selling James that worthless thing. James dressed like a girl freaked me out at the time (I was 5.) But no when I see this episode I laugh so hard. An over-all good episode, IMO.

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This episode was pretty good. I love how James kept saying "COOOOL" at the end of everything Jessie was saying. I do wonder why those twerps weren't able to recognize Jessie's and James's disguise. They had the same hairstyle, but different color.
I wonder if the Boss really wanted those Pokemon, they don't seem to valuable. Maybe he had a conspiracy plot against Jessie, James, and Meowth.


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This (and the island episodes following it) has to be one of my most favorite episode(s) so far!


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An excellent episode, very hilarious and heartwarming. I liked seeing Brock totally girl crazy for the first time and Ashes devotion to his Butterfree it was very nice. Ah the 1st appearance of the Magikarp salesman a character I liked how James fell for the scam that he was running. Nice seeing Giovaani and one of his plans that involve more than just 2 members of TR, and I must say that Jessie & James actually looked good as a ganguro girls I got a laugh out of it. Lastly I liked the ending nice nod to the The Poseidon Adventure.

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One of my first favorite episodes (the other one is Bye Bye Butterfree)...
It's good to see all people fighting back against all the Team Rocket hoodlums (not just the trio)...getting zapped, scorched, clobbered, whipped, stunned...
I hope there are more episodes like this, where the heroes will strike back at those Team Rocket thugs...like in the game...not only just Jessie, James, and Meowth perpetually appearing on all episodes.
I think there are few episodes with Team Rocket thugs in it, like "Rage of Innocence" and the one near it.
Any episode with the Magikarp salesman in is worth watching in my books. But seriously, I really enjoyed the St Anne arc, because it actually showed some real peril in it.
Also, good on that Raticate bloke for going back on his trade. Most other people would usually say that what's done is done.
Brock, you are a classic my friend!


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Most of this episode was great. The only part I didn't like was when Jessie and James were in their disguises when they were giving Ash and his friends the tickets. James really, really creeped me out. Then again, every time he crossdresses I get creeped out.


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I loved this ep! Great animation, great music, and the debut of Magikarp! I need say no more. *points to sig* KOIKING NO CHIKARAAAAAA!!!
...OK, Magikarp aside, I'd really like to see more of the TR grunts. Also, Jessie and James made surprisingly good girls! LOL I'd like to see someone ship Brock x James. XD


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I loved them showing how you could trade pokemon on the show, and then Ash's heartstrings pulling him into keeping his Butterfree. What is funny is that I feel the same way, I have never been able to trade Pokemon that I have built up.


tream rocket is allways the main couse for everything bad that happens and that is wat makes everything even more funny, 9/10.