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Battle Aboard The St. Anne (015)


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I like this episode because of the battle and the sinking ship. This is one of the best story-arcs in this season of the anime.


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Aww, I felt so sad for Ash when he was missing Butterfree. I'm glad he got it back ^_^

I loved how everyone joined together to beat up Team Rocket. Pikachu Group Thundershock was hardcore ;D


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People still say hardcore? It wasn't "hardcore" at all.

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Good episode, love the two after this more thought.
I always wondered were those Charmanders and Pidgeottos and Geodudes really other Pokemon trainers? If so how did that many catch a Pikachu? And there must alot of Charmander fans who got it as a starter.

I am glad Ash traded his Pokemon back, I would never able to trade Pokemon if they were in real life, there's just no way.

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I can't believe he traded Butterfree, i think that other trainer put way too much pressure on him.

I'm glad he changed his mind though, even if it was only with him a short time after that.

I miss Butterfree :(


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Man, it was one of the best episodes of whole series!!
Hm, it was really interesting seeing trade between Ash and that man...


I love the St. Anne Ship! But it's not why I liked it. This episode was very painful to watch because the St. Anne sunk with Ash, Misty, Brock, and Team Rocket trapped inside. While TR grunts took over the ship, this caused much trouble. If it didn't happen, they would be safe, but no, it was Giovanni's idea.


Lol....Magikarp Salesman = Classic. That guy practically made the show, right there. But I did like the fact that Ash learned his lesson about trading Pokemon to complete strangers. & TR got their butts beat, as always. I also thought it was cool how a bunch of the same Pokemon were being sent out to battle the Rockets :) As for the ship sinking, when I was little, I really thought that Ash & co were gunna die :p

I give this episode a:


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Good episode. The Magikarp salesman is so funny, I like how Jesse and Meowth growl at James as he's cheated. :D
I feel sad when Ash is missing his Butterfree too.

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Even though the first few episodes are aired 9 years ago or so, I only watched this episode the first time on May 2006, when Pokemon was aired on Cartoon Network.
This episode, together with "Bye bye Butterfree", is the best.

Too bad we can't see any action like this anymore, because the modern Pokemon episodes are very very repetitive, not to mention being worse than the first season.


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This was a great episode. The battle against Team Rocket was good, having the Pokemon battle in the form of a pyramid. And the Magikarp salesman was funny. At the end, it was too bad that Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, and James never escaped the S.S. Anne.


Great episode, i loved it.
the TR people were weak, all the pokemon beat them easily..
And i loved to see many Pikachu...


Another great Kanto episode because a lot of the in-game music was kept intact in the 4kids dub. This one also had battles, Team Rocket being funny, and sinking ships. Though I thought the whole ship sinking because of the storm part was too rushed and it didn't make too much sense since ships are built to withstand waves. They could've made it more suspenseful had they given the sinking ship scene, a whole episode. Kind of like a Pokemon version of Titanic haha. Anyway, this gets 9/10.
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Another early episode rewatched recently, and the first one I've randomly decided to comment on for no real reason.
While I agree with most of what was said, I feel the urge to point at the Captain's line and laugh. Comedy gold.
"Anyone who didn't leave the ship safely, please say 'aye'. ... good. Everyone's safe, then!"
"... and besides, the ship is unsinkable!" (This sort of line always makes me giggle slightly)
"There's no need to panic, I just thought I'd test out one of the lifeboats."


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I loved seeing all the trainers on the ship battling and whatnot, and I also liked the guy with the Raticate for some odd reason. But I never liked that Ash traded his Butterfree for it, yeah it was strong, but Butterfree was the first pokemon he ever caught, I thought he would have a little more compassion for it. If he traded Pidgeotto or one of his other pokemon for it (except for Pika), then I wouldn't have been so upset, but it was the fact that he traded away his first catch and wanted it back that made me angry, he was lucky because he really shouldn't have gotten it back. But TR getting tricked by that salesman to buy that Magikarp was hilarious, and to have him return years later to trick them again in DP makes it all the more funnier. This was definitely a classic episode, loved it.


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I watched this episode again, and seeing how James believes to the Magicarp man again mades me laugh.

Well, it was only the first time, so it's was fine. As for the S.t anne- what a crazy ship!