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battle animation

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Typhlosion_Trainer, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Typhlosion_Trainer

    Typhlosion_Trainer Active Member

    Are the pokemon animated at the begining of battles like Emerald?
  2. Manly Blissey

    Manly Blissey Well-Known Member

    I heard something about that the sprites would be animated. I'm not sure, though.
  3. Penguin

    Penguin The Chappy Bunny

    From the looks of the videos we have gotten, yes. They are animated.
  4. Lucario Master

    Lucario Master Lucario Worshipper

    Yes. In the japanese commercial video, you can see Beuzeru (sp?) wagging it's tail after it's release.
  5. Silverevilchao

    Silverevilchao Scythe-Wielding Chao

    They are, as evidenced by the Japanese Poke'mon Diamond and Pearl commercials.
  6. Pkm Trainer_Dewgong

    Pkm Trainer_Dewgong Sillent Watcher

    It's confirmed. Buizeru's tail spins in the trailer.
  7. Zoramon089

    Zoramon089 Rising Trainer

    Last edited: Aug 13, 2006
  8. AceRay87

    AceRay87 Well-Known Member

    Ok wow I havn't seen that bottom picture yet!
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2006
  9. Zoramon089

    Zoramon089 Rising Trainer

    There I editted it. A simple miscopy
  10. AceRay87

    AceRay87 Well-Known Member

    Ok just thought I'd point that out as I got very confused XD
  11. Typhlosion_Trainer

    Typhlosion_Trainer Active Member

    They should make animations of the pokemon fainting.
  12. Shiny Heracross

    Shiny Heracross Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's a minor reason I like Colo and XD.
  13. duelistXmist

    duelistXmist Johto Champion

    No probally in the third installment.
  14. Typhlosion_Trainer

    Typhlosion_Trainer Active Member

    It really wouldn't be that hard to make fainting animations right? Maybe they just don't have enough mem space...
  15. Samayowa

    Samayowa you amaze me.

    Yeah, they're back again.
    And Typhlosion Trainer- I do believe they have somewhat a fainting animation. Atleast it looks like it in the screenshot on Serebii.
  16. duelistXmist

    duelistXmist Johto Champion

    They're not back it just minor animation not everytime they come out of there pokeballs.
  17. Kinslayer

    Kinslayer Nevermore...

    Okay, how about this. Let's not post unless we know what we are talking about. How's that sound? :)

    They DO indeed have slight animations EVERY TIME they are released from Pokeballs.
  18. PokéJungle

    PokéJungle Webmaster | Writer

    I hope they do get some animations. That'd be nice.
  19. Typhlosion_Trainer

    Typhlosion_Trainer Active Member

    If only your own pokemon could have animations other than moving up and down...
  20. Cruxis

    Cruxis Banned

    It looks likes it. But I hope they are cool like in Crystal and not lame like in Emerald's. In Emerald, some Pokemon had the strangest, and dumbest animations.

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