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Battle-Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! (711)


c l a r i t y
I already watched this in Japanese, once it comes out in English I might watch it again.

Snivy losing was such a blow, poor girl.

But this Gym Battle does prove that not all Tynamo are weak.


90% Kissshipper
Looks like Ash going to face Elisa in the Gym Battle. But he needs to be careful if he wants to win.


Hopeful for Gen 8
Pikachu needs prozac! so mad in this episode

This ep reminded me of the old school days


Your Big Buff Bro
This was a very fun battle. Ash VS Elesa was a long waited one for me. The girls cheering for Elesa in the crowd were like the audience cheering for Tucker from the Battle frontier.

Ash really threw me off when he admited Palpitoad was his only strategy for the battle. WHAT ASH?? What are you thinking? lol And forgetting Snivy was a girl, when she and Elesa's Emolga use Attract together. Plus, omitting Pikachu out of the battle was a terrible idea; considering in the end he used Pikachu to take out Emolga and Tynamo.

Elesa's dazzling comments were also a new thing that hit me. The whole idea of it never crossed my mind, nor did I ever picture it while challenging her int he game. But it was a fitting touch; since she's a fashion figure.

Great episode, great battle and another Badge under Ash's belt!


Island Challenger
Ash was acting very unlike himself, and so was Pikachu...


I think it's time Ash checked in between everyone of of his Pokemon's legs and take note of who's male and who's female, ESPECIALLY since in this saga, there is so much emphasis on Attract!
This was a cool episode:

Facing a gym that has same type as his main pokemon and using a pokemon that is immune to that type, and having that type advange being metioned.

Normaly when it comes to a battle between an electric type vs. a ground type he's the one with the electric type. That's what makes him using a ground type at an electric gym intresting.


*swoons for Noland*
Ugh...this episode was even worse in English than Japanese. Ash should have seriously been DQ'ed for leaving the battle. Utterly ridiculous!


90% Kissshipper
I'm glad that Ash got a gym badge from Elisa but today's episode that boy disappointed me by making dumb choices. He should have know better not to rely on one pokemon during the battle including the Gym Battles. But I'm glad that Pikachu got Ash back to his senses.


The Dragon / "Dog"
No idea how the language barrier affects the performance of the episode.

But anyway, I liked the episode, but not Ash. If Ash uses a notebook and his brain, it's clear it's going to a be a recipe for disaster.

In fact, this episode highlighted his weakest character traits: thinking, opposite gender issues, and probably the ignorance of winning a battle with just one type advantage AGAINST his already suicidal handicapped fights against type disadvantages. What a shock.
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Hopeful for Gen 8
Pikachu was like a different persona today


Island Challenger
Pikachu was like a different persona today
The only other time I saw this Pikachu was 2 episodes ago in "Battle for the Underground". Pikachu is developing short temperament.

As for Ash, The moment I saw Ash holding a book I was like "Now what is this lil prepubescent kid TRYING to think up?" Cause that was his first mistake.

Usually Ash wings it. Then to bring ONE Pokemon only was dumb stupid!
I really don't know which Ash comes to which episode. The kid has a personality disorder for sure, and Pikachu is not far behind!

Like I said, Ash needs to spread his Pokemon's legs like wide open and check in between to list what sex each of his Pokemon is. I REMEMBERED Snivy was a girl!

Marbi Z

I've seen Ash make some pretty dumb calls throughout the anime but this one takes the cake! Who the heck brings just 1 Pokemon to a 3 on 3 gym battle!? How can you be so stupid!?


You thought Ash was getting smarter; it's surprising how one battle can flush all that down the toilet.....

Was it just me, or did Pikachu get a different voice? He sounded different to me