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Battle-Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! (711)


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Plus a Volt Switch strategy would be too similar to Lenora's battle style.


HELLOOOOO peoples... i'm new here and all.. long time reader first time poster.... ok so where do u guys watch ur pokemon... like i know that there is the tv and all, but wat about the computer?


Well people whined that the Volt Switch might turn the figth annoying, plus like Zard said Iris already has done that, it would be nice to see Satoshi deal with it.

I still like it this way though, they are actually surprising us instead of doing something we already know would happen, since we played the game.

At the end of the day, I don't really care for that anyway, aslong as the battles are nice.

Banana Knight Arthur

Plus a Volt Switch strategy would be too similar to Lenora's battle style.

I was quite surprised, and please, she changed her strategy alot from her in game tactics, sure she kept Nitro charge spamming, but the absence of volt switch and inclusion of her "Electric Queen" was great.

I hope they switch things up for gym#5 Yakon-san.


R.I.P Dax
Black and White's battles are very underwhelming. This was my favorite gym battle in Unova but there was no... excitement, no thrill. Everything was so basic.

I liked the exploration of Ash's character, maybe they were reminding us the obvious, with him being more of an improviser, but I thought the way it was shown, through Pikachu, was a great piece of writing. That's the only positive I can give the episode. If the battles had as much effort as the exploration of Ash's character, this would have been a fantastic episode.


Oh, u mad bro?
Not much the battle could have done. In fact, I think it's one of the few battles played realistically. Literally none of Elesa Pokemon's Electric attacks would have any sort of real damage against Ash, and had Ash not made the mistake of using Snivy against a Flying type, she might have been clean sweeped.

Like Wake, (oddly enough they are both the 4th badge) Ash walks all over the battle from the beginning and a few minor mistakes kept him from walking away 3 - 0. He chose specific counters that worked really well and made her strongest Pokemon, the one he had a planned his entire strategy around a non-issue.

It was a classic case of knocking out the threat early and the others are basically push overs. Ash felt that Zebrastrika would have posed a huge problem if he let it run wild on him like Bel allowed to happen. Instead, he devised a strategy to take it out early and deal with the rest. The rest just seemed to underwhelmed him is all.

Her attacks were ineffective and she was forced to rely on moves that would actually deal some sort of damage. Ash just made her one-dimensional is all.


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i actually liked this episode, i liked how the writers kind of took the p*** out of the fandom, almost, by showcasing ash is better thinking on his feet than planning ahead, kinda shuts some of the whiners up tbh.

i enjoyed the look on zebstrikas face when he was stuck in the wall, mud on his face and knocked out, it was hilarious

Is leaving mid way through a gym battle even aloud?? i mean i was like :eek: but poor snivy, she must hate all emolga now :')

and pikachu, go u u tell ash what to do
we all know ur the mastermind behind all his 'success' really
tynamo had an odd cuteness about it, but elesa train u sexy woman :p


Meh ಠ_ಠ
One thing I can say about this episode....all of Elesa's pokemon are weak when used against Wall(the very mysterious pokemon...hehe) But on a serious note...I'd have though this episode would have been a little better had Pikachu not won both of his battles with a single hit...It's kinda sad when Quick Attack one shots you


When Wings Fly High
Man its been a long time since I've seen episode pictures so maybe that could be a reason, but this episode felt great. Actually more hilarious than great, but that is a good thing. I never thought Ash to run off in between a gym match, but I guess you can't predict them all. Pikachu zapping off Ash also felt good. Overall this got me excited for the Champion battle that is coming up.


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This episode was somewhat of a disapointment. I was expecting something more exciting and thrilling, but then it turned out to be pretty medicore. It seemed that Elesa was just another trainer, and not a Gym Leader. Wish we could see her strategy being utilized, but Ash shut her down completely. None of the Gym Battles in B/W has been great nor bad, but they are all too medicore.

Overall, this episode gets a 6.5/10 from me. Just too medicore from me, and you would think an episode with Elesa would boost this episode up, too bad it only helped this score to 6.5, which sucks.
Don't expect cute gymleaders to always bring badass battles.


This wasn't a badass battle by any means.

But this was a very well written gym battle which I enjoyed.

- Pikachu was interesting for a change and quite funny.
- The faces they all made were hilarious.
- Ash was hilarious and interesting. Seeing Ash realize that strategy isn't really his style of battling and then turning back into his old reckless self was quite awesome indeed. I also lol'd when he left in the middle of the gym just to get Snivy only to realize Elesa's Emolga was female too.
- I loved seeing Palpitoad get a win.
- Elesa was amusing. ^^
- Ash knowing that Tynamo would use the little smoke passage and using the opportunity to Iron Tail it's *** off.

As much as I dislike Snivy not getting a win, I loved this gym battle. It wasn't badass, it wasn't tense but it was interesting, comical, deep and something we should see more often.

EDIT: I also don't think Pikachu was being a drama queen.

I think Pikachu knew from the very start that Ash planning things ahead wasn't going to end well. After all, they've been companions for so many years so seeing Ash suddenly act differently must have bothered him. But after a quick Thunderbolt, Pikachu made Ash realize what it really comes down to in battles - not the strategy, but trainer and Pokémon being perfectly synchronized and battling together.
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Hey just saw the subbed version Satoshi actually aknowladges he has been overusing Pikachu, Oshawott and Tepig.

He tells Pikachu he has been using them and has to give the other pokemons a chance.

The referee says only the challenger can change pokemon.

Poor Palpitoad. Kamitsure says it isn't the most beatiful choice but its a well though choice or something like that lol.

Then as I though, Palpitoad was really tired he should have retired him, Iris and Dent allude to that.

OMG lol, Satoshi is dumb, is whole strategy was to use Palpitoad not be hit with Electrict attacks and win the figth hahaha, yeah really out of character guys... its just him being dumb like the average Shonen hero.

He goes to get Snivy and she asks if he had other Palpitoads prepared haha.

He actually forgot that female on female attract doesn't work so I guess he knew Palpitoad was male.

Hum I don't have any pokemon that are both strong against electric an flying types, yeah you do Oo(dumb moment again lol).

He realizes that overthinking is not how he usually does stuff and it was making him lose the battle(after Pikachu shocks him).

Kamitsure praises him at then end and tells, that she forgot various things, like battling is not only about beauty but also about the bound between trainer and Pokemon hearts.

Dent also tells him that he used his taste to win the fight at the end.

Kamitsure asks him what city he is going next, he says he doesn't know yet, she points him to Hodome City but then reminds him he bridge is still being repaired and tells them to pass some time in Raimon till its finished being repaired.
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@Flapjackmaka- Since when is Roggenrola strong against electric attacks?

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
watching it subbed does make more sense.

It appears to me that Elesa might be abit overeliant on her Zebrastrika, as the way Iris and Cilan made it sound when Ash took it down they mentioned when she beat Bel she won mostly due to using Wild Charge.

I also gotta admit, Elesa seems abit too confident for her own good with this whole "shining" thing she keeps saying, even if some people regard Pikachu's wins as cheap she had it coming for her arrogence which definitely topped Ash's by a mile.

Also was it just me or was she attempting to flirt with him before calling out Tynamo, certainly looked that way.