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Battle Frontier Team for Emerald

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by CrystalGuard2, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. CrystalGuard2

    CrystalGuard2 World Wanderer

    This is my team that I plan to challenge the Battle Frontier with. I'm not doing IV training or breeding to get the perfect nature an stats, but will do EV training. Please rate.

    Latios EVs

    Psychic SpAttack: 255
    DragonClaw HP:200
    Fly Speed:55

    Seviper EVs

    PoisonTail Attack:255
    FuryCutter Speed:255

    Regice EVs

    Blizzard HP:200
    Ancientpower Defense:155
    Superpower SpDefense:155

    Also, I'm hoping to get a shiny Seviper (yeah, I know it's nearly impossible, it'll be my first shiny (excluding the red Gyarados in G/S/C).
  2. There is no such thing as IV training.

    In the future, could you please separate the EV spreads from the pokemon's moves? It looks very confusing as it is.

    If you plan on using Seviper in the Battle Frontier, giving it a lot of speed will probably be useless. It's a very slow pokemon to begin with, so it can't expect to outrun anything important. May as well give it HP or possibly split it into the defensive stats. And you may as well use Sludge Bomb in place of Poison Tail. The "high critical hit ratio" is nowhere near as good as it sounds. Also put Crunch in place of Fury Cutter.

    Regice is better at using special attacks, for instance:
    -Ice Beam
    -Seismic Toss/Superpower
    The first two moves are good enough to hit most pokemon for decent damage, Toxic can be used on tougher enemies, Seismic Toss can be used against pokemon that do resist both moves, and Superpower is for hitting Chansey/Blissey (who will come up from time to time to drive you insane). Blizzard and Zap Cannon have crap accuracy so it's not worth using them.
  3. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh zzzz


    Latios @ Lum Berry
    - Ice Beam
    - Thunderbolt
    - Calm Mind
    - Recover

    - Sludge Bomb
    - Earthquake
    - Flamethrower
    - Giga Drain

    Kinda bad Pokemon. Item and EV spread can be whatever you want them to be. I'm no Seviper exper so probably the moveset too, ha.

    Regice @ Leftovers
    - Ice Beam
    - Thunderbolt
    - Rest
    - Toxic/Sleep Talk

    I don't see why you're bothering with EV training if you're not going to bother with breeding, but whatver.
  4. CrystalGuard2

    CrystalGuard2 World Wanderer

    Okay. I just made a new team. Just so you guys know, breeding to perfection is JUST. PLAIN. STUPID. and I don't care for the IVs.


    Dragon Claw
    Ice Beam




    Ice Beam

    Finally, Latios is going to be a special sweeper (sp.attack, hp, speed), Regice a tank (defense, sp.defense, hp), and Seviper is going to be an "offense tank" (attack, sp.attack, hp). Hope it's better!
  5. Well we can't expect you to breed if you're using legendaries, now can we? Or a shiny pokemon?

    Your team does look a lot better now though.
  6. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh zzzz

    No it's not.

    Can't even get past Steel types.

    Superpower is a physical move, and Regice's attack sucks. Not a good combination.

    Regice doesn't need sdef EVs. Put some into satk instead.
  7. CrystalGuard2

    CrystalGuard2 World Wanderer

    Gilgamesh, I want Regice to be a TANK!! One that takes a lot of hits! Attack and Sp.Attack will not be increased in EV training. I also like Superpower! I know Latios will be unable to get past Steel types, but in my last try at the BF (I have a bad habit of restarting!), I didn't see many Steel types.

    Breeding to perfection is stupid, and I DON'T DO IT!!! They're your team mates, friends. Not your tools of war!
  8. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh zzzz

    A tank is supposed to be able to take hits and dish out damage. Regice's sdef is godly, therefore it is a complete waste to put any EVs at all into it.

    Then you probably didn't get very far. Steel types are not uncommon. Metagross will kill your team without even trying.
  9. CrystalGuard2

    CrystalGuard2 World Wanderer

    Running into Metagross at the BF is a 1 out of 376 chance. Not very likely. Besides, battles aren't judged by type advantages! Also, you are right. I could only get near the Battle Pike's Leader. The best I did was to get knocked out by either her Milotic (dumb serpent) or her Shuckle (dang worm in a rock). And beat the Pyramid once. I once thought that the Frontier Brains gave their Pokemon steroids!!! (yeah, pretty stupid)
    Regice's Sp.Defense may be godly, but still, I won't give EV points to Attack, or Sp.Attack. I'll just put more to Defense. Happy?
  10. crazymoose

    crazymoose Tailow!

    what held items do they have? does regice have like a chesto berry or something? and i would also recommend taking superpower off, it won't do much damage and it'll lower your abilities. i may recommend regirock for this spot instead, seeing as you already have your special attacker and mixed attacker. and just FYI, if you can get a swagger from lucy's seviper and then snap out of the confusion (with a persim berry) seviper can sweep her whole silver team with eq. one hit for her seviper, one for milotic and 2 or thre (i forgot) for shuckle
  11. CrystalGuard2

    CrystalGuard2 World Wanderer

    Whoa. You think that if I get a swagger from lucy's seviper and heal it with a persim berry, that I can wipeout lucy's whole silver team? Wow. I don't want Regirock or Registeel, beause they look rather odd. I might replace Regice with the Skarmory I've been training, a Ninjask, or try a Shedinja (weak battler, but plenty of physical moves).
    I'm still not sure about items, as they might be changed depending on the area.
  12. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh zzzz

    Nope. As you win battles, you will notice that the Pokemon you face become stronger and stronger. Metagross, being a strong Pokemon, appears very frequently. If you haven't seen many of them yet, you will later on.

    Metagross will not be your only problem though, your teams has a huge problem with switching into physical attackers in general. Heracross, Agrron, Aerodactyl... none of your Pokes are going to like switching into any of them.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008
  13. If you plan on using a Shedinja: I find that it is very useful in the Battle Palace, the place where you cannot command your pokemon. I don't remember how far it got me, but the idea was to rack up lots of battle points quickly. Nonetheless, it should still be pretty useful:
    Quirky/Hardy/Hasty/Docile/Naive nature
    255 att, 255 speed
    -Shadow Ball
    -Silver Wind (Breed female Ninjask/Nincada with male Butterfree that knows the move.)
    -Return/Aerial Ace/Confuse Ray
    The suggested natures make it most likely to use an attacking move on each turn. The adamant nature does not. If your opponent is something likely to know a move that will kill Shedinja, such as a Taillow, switch out to something that can handle it. If the opponent does not have anything that can hurt Shedinja, they will switch out, and then you can switch out and you can switch Shedinja back in if you need to later when they send out the original pokemon again.

    Again, as I said before, I've never actually gotten up to the boss using this pokemon (I had already beat him the first time, and I wasn't paying enough attention when I was using him to actually get much farther). But it should still be useful.
  14. Mark J

    Mark J Has thick fat.

    Modest/Timid Nature
    -Calm Mind

    Calm Mind up and sweep, very simple strategy really. Don´t use Calm Mind If you´re up against a potential 3KOer, Just begin sweeping away. Surf is for normal hits, Flamethrower is if you are afraid of running into steel types. There´s no need for Dclaw+Psychic, one STAB move is enough.

    Also, Regice with superpower isn´t the worst of ideas, It´s kind of like overheat. It´d be great for dealing with Special walls like Blissey/Chansey/Snorlax.

    As for Seviper, I don´t like him at all... you´d be much better off with a Gengar;

    Gengar@Choice Band
    Mild/Lonely Nature
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Shadow Ball
    -Filler move, anything you like.

  15. CrystalGuard2

    CrystalGuard2 World Wanderer

    Okay. I decided to include my Sceptile in the team as back-up if I want to switch. Sceptile has a Rash nature and I plan to have this moveset: Leaf Blade, Fury Cutter, Slam/Rock Tomb, Pursuit. I'm unable to do much with EVs, sadly. Latios will have: Dragon Claw, Psychic, Flaethrower, Recover. Fly will replace recover after I've completed the Battle Frontier. Seviper will remain with the same moveset of: Sludgebomb, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Crunch.
    I'm also having trouble finding a Physical Sweeper, but might go of with a Zangoose with: Slash, Fury Cutter, ShadowBall, Brick Break. Still deciding though...
  16. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Sceptile @ Leftovers
    Modest/Timid Nature
    ~Leaf Blade
    ~Leech Seed

    Adamant/Jolly Nature
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Brick Break
  17. Mark J

    Mark J Has thick fat.

    Hmm. For Sceptile, I would put Toxic over Leech Seed. Toxic just deals with them much faster, while leech seed is continuous 1/16 damage... Don´t know really :)

    If you don´t want to rebreed Sceptile, which I suggest you do, go with this set:

    Rash Nature
    EVs: 252Spd/129def/129Spa
    -Leaf Blade
    -Leech Seed

    Start with toxic, followed by Leech seed, then sub and sweep. All I can think of with rash, it´s not good >.>

    As for Latios, the set you drew up is simply terrible. Lati@s without Calm Mind is like Salamence without Earthquake (laughable).

    Timid/Calm/Modest Nature
    EVs: 252Spa/129Spd/129Spe
    -Calm Mind
    -Psychic/Dragon Claw
    -Flamethrower/Surf/Ice Beam

    Live to that set, it´s pretty much the only one that should be feared.

    As for Zangoose, I highly suggest going with an Adamant nature. There´s very few fighting types out there that outrun it. Watch for brick breakers though, there´s plenty of those about. Aerial Ace and Counter are also two possible moves for him, but don´t attempt to counter any Snorlax/Aggron, they´ll Focus Punch right through you.

    For Zangoose´s EVs:

    Jolly/Adamant Nature
    EVs: 252Atk/252Spe/6Hp

  18. PK Magic

    PK Magic Member


    Swords Dance
    Crush Claw
    Shadow Ball/Shadow Punch/Aerial Ace
    Brick Break

    Fury cutter takes too many turns to be effective, and besides its weak to start out with. If you end up having Zangoose w/ slash (going against my thoughts but oh well) you might consider giving him a Scope Lens to increase criticals
  19. Mark J

    Mark J Has thick fat.

    Return outranks both Crush Claw and Slash, If happiness is maxed out it has a base power of 100 =]

    Shadow punch is not very good, not enough DTing ghosts and Psychics out there. Go with Aerial Ace + Shadow ball, no Brick Break.


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