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Battle Island Finale - The Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Skeith, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    Battle Island Finale - Discussion
    Approved by Shadowfaith - Thank you ^_^​

    Okay, seeing as the Sign Up Thread has gotten cluttered with questions I've gone ahead and made this so as to provide some order. Should any of the rules change I shall alter this accordingly and will attempt to edit this frequently. Please bare in mind that while I'm moderating this thread Jay Star is still the GM and his say is final.

    First I'm going to post some rules that were present in the last PBI as seen here.

    General Rules

    - Follow all serebii rules.
    - No bunnying.
    - No god modding.
    - When you want to catch a pokemon pm me the post of you catching the pokemon before posting it in the rpg.
    - Please wait for at least 2 people to post in between your last post and your current post.
    - If the 2 player’s involved in a pvp battle inside the rpg, pm a Lieutenant and they will decide what character will win through some role play battling.
    - If you have to use another character in your post ALWAYS make sure you have permission from the player of that character.
    - Do not double post unless for some reason you cannot edit your first post.
    - Respect each other in and out of the RPG.
    - Lieutenants have the final word on if you catch a certain pokemon or not.
    - If you want your character to discover something important to the story again I (Jay Star) am the only one who can give you that permission.
    - Lieutenants can also approve/reject sign ups.

    Current Lieutenants
    Double oh Platypus

    Pokemon Rules
    - You must wait one real life day and have posted yourself at least once between each of your capture's
    - Your pokemon must have been actively doing something for enough post's before you can evolve it, Pm me before you evolve your pokemon.
    - In your sign up your pokemon was given 2 special move's, this is the same for pokemon you catch on the island.
    - Your pokemon can learn a total of 3 more egg, tm or move tutor move's during the rpg but you must train your pokemon to learn the move, this will take at least 4 post's.
    - Catching pokemon, you cannot catch a final evolution pokemon, you must at the least catch the previous stage.
    - If you want a pokemon like Lapras which doesnt evolve but is pretty strong you must have a good in quality and quantity catching post and everyone will still assume it is only as strong as the other member's of your team.
    - Only ONE of each species Pokemon can be caught. In a nutshell if some has captured a Pokemon that Pokemon is off limits. Different levels of evolutionary families are allowed e.g. If someone has a Snorlax you are still able to catch Munchlax. The only exceptions to this rule are Pokemon with split evolutions e.g. Eevee, Tyrouge, Kirlia.
    - You may reserve ONE Pokemon that you intend to catch and that must be your next capture. Reservations will last for 3 days unless a reason is given for why an extension is needed. If you wish to reserve a Pokemon please inform me (Skeith) so that I may edit this post accordingly.
    - Should two people desire the same Pokemon and cannot come an arrangement then the two shall write a sample of how they capture the Pokemon and what it'll be like and send it to a Lieutenant and they'll decide who gets the Pokemon.
    - Any Pokemon released or returned home over the course of the RPG automatically becomes fair game.
    - Fifth Gen Pokemon are not allowed until their movesets are revealed.

    For those of you wondering what the general layout of the island is like here is a diagram that Jay Star made previously.

    And of course over here we have the Sign Up Thread.

    Currently participating are...

    I also have compiled a list of Pokemon that have currently been taken and who by so as to avoid confusion.

    Currently Taken

    007 Squirtle - Caught By Ven Ephah (Stabberz)
    019 Rattata - Caught By Sophi Tesaya (AlterdegoX)
    025 Pikachu - Caught By Alice Jerkens (Double-oh-Platypus)
    033 Nidorino - Caught By Shagg Skelton (Skeith)
    041 Zubat - Caught By Revi Kiyoni (Hyuu)
    058 Growlithe Caught By Kim Staar (Skillfulness)
    061 Poliwhirl - Caught By Syren Kuwaga (Holy Lucario)
    066 Machop - Caught By Revi Kiyoni (Hyuu)
    072 Tentacool - Caught By Jack Mariner (Razor Shiftry)
    077 Ponyta - Caught By RJ Summers (ShadowFaith)
    084 Doduo - Caught By Sophi Tesaya (AlterdegoX)
    091 Cloyster - Caught By Kyle Alan Turner (Blivsey)
    093 Haunter - Caught By RJ Summers (ShadowFaith)
    105 Marowak - Caught By RJ Summers (ShadowFaith)
    114 Tangela - Caught By Azusa Yamagishi (TheSequelReturns)
    116 Horsea - Caught By RJ Summers (ShadowFaith)
    123 Scyther - Caught By kim Staar (Skillfulness)
    143 Snorlax - Caught By Kyle Alan Turner (Blivsey)
    156 Quilava - Caught By Kyle Alan Turner (Blivsey)
    170 Chinchou - Caught By Revi Kiyoni (Hyuu)
    180 Flaffy - Caught By Syren Kuwaga (Holy Lucario)
    204 Pineco - - Caught By Stella Ekland (Treespyro)
    224 Houndour - Caught By Jack Mariner (Razor Shiftry)
    215 Sneasel - Caught By Jamie Tanaka (Jay Star)
    249 Tyranitar - Caught By Ven Ephah (Stabberz)
    253 Grovyle - Caught By Raymond Caine (Lufiji)
    275 Shiftry - Caught By Jack Mariner (Razor Shiftry)
    277 Swellow - Caught By Kyle Alan Turner (Blivsey)
    278 Wingull - Caught By Alexander Sparks (Silver Seoul)
    281 Kirlia - Caught By Sophi Tesaya (AlterdegoX)
    285 Shroomish - Caught By Jamie Tanaka (Jay Star)
    300 Skitty - Caught By Stella Ekland (Treespyro)
    304 Aron - Caught By Alexander Sparks (Silver Seoul)
    309 Electrike - Caught By Alexander Sparks (Silver Seoul)
    312 Minun - Caught By Kim Staar (Skillfulness)
    315 Roselia - Caught By Stella Ekland (Treespyro)
    324 Torkoal- Caught By Jamie Tanaka (Jay Star)
    329 Vibrava - Caught by Ven Ephah (Stabberz)
    349 Feebas - Caught By Raymond Caine (Lufiji)
    352 Kecleon - Caught By Shagg Skelton (Skeith)
    355 Duskull - Caught By Azusa Yamagishi (TheSequelReturns)
    396 Starly - Caught By Stella Ekland (Treespyro)
    422 Shellos (Blue) - Caught By Azusa Yamagishi (TheSequelReturns)
    427 Buneary - Caught By Azusa Yamagishi (TheSequelReturns)
    439 Mime Jr. - Caught By Syren Kuwaga (Holy Lucario)
    441 Chatot - Caught By Shagg Skelton (Skeith)
    449 Hippopotas - Caught By Jamie Tanaka (Jay Star)
    453 Croagunk - Caught By Jack Mariner (Razor Shiftry)
    458 Mantyke - Caught By Sophi Tesaya (AlterdegoX)

    Reserves These are Pokemon that will be caught in the rpgers next catching post. They are also open to discussion should someone else want the same pokemon.

    133 Eevee - Sought By Stella Ekland (Treespyro)
    302 Sableye - Sought By Revi Kiyoni (Hyuu)
    327 Spinda - Caught By Sophi Tesaya (AlterdegoX)
    333 Swablu - Sought By Alice Jenkins (Double-oh-Platypus)

    With that I shall now post the current topics to keep the RPG going.

    • When do you think we should start the RPG?

      Tournament Specific
    • Do you think the second round of the tournemant should be 2 on 2 battles?
    • Do you think that it should be 2 trainers working as a team?
    • Do you think it should be player v player?

    And thats it. Have fun guys.

    Skeith Out =D
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2010
  2. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Nice going, Skeith. We needed this. And, to answer all of your questions in turn:

    • I gave my opinion on this: Sure on reservations, but only one at a time. That seems fair.
    • NPCs should be discouraged from following the "no duplicates" rule, but it shouldn't be necessary. Of course, outside of Simon's Grumpig the obligatory Nurse Blissey, I could easily replace any of my NPC Pokémon with another species, so it doesn't really matter to me.
    • If two people want the same Pokémon, they should be expected to be able to come to an agreement on their own, either through PM or in the thread. If that fails, I propose that within the RP, they play out finding the Pokémon at the same time, then play out an ambiguous capture and a battle over who gets rights to have him/her on their team (Anybody remember when Ash's Totodile got captured? Kinda like that.).

    On another note, I just want to clarify: have the characters had any contact with the "shadows" since we repelled the Zapdos form, or are we only familiar with if from the one encounter? Also, how much time has passed since the start of the tournament? It took about three days in the RP to reach Zapdos, and that only included part of the first round if I recall correctly...

    I love bringing up questions, so here's one for the battle systed: If a Pokémon has two abilities, how do we decide which one to use? Is it allowed to use just one per battle, or are we allowed to switch between abilities freely as long as both aren't active at once? Or do we have a different policy entirely?

    [EDIT] Reply to Stabberz' input:

    If you look at the plot description, Jay pretty much implies outright that people stay on the island even after they're beaten until the end of the tournament, so them leaving isn't an issue. You're right on them not being a focus, but they'll still definitely be present.

    Whoever has a bigger team would be a factor to consider, true... still, it should be solved diplomatically between the two parties.


    ON A FINAL NOTE: I think that I might be doing a revival of the trainer card service I had going before. If you ask really nicely, I'll make something to represent your character that looks like this (click for the full version):


    Just fill out the below fields and paste it. The rest I can get from your sign-up. Remember, if you hand me a poor-quality custom sprite or recolor to represent the trainer, I reserve the right to replace it with something else. Also, I have a life. Kinda. I might not get to your stuff for a while.

    Trainer ID No.: Self-explanitory. No more than eight digits.
    No. of Stars: 1-5 stars on the cards, below the names.
    Bar Color: See that bar on the right? Choose a reasonable color for it.
    Trainer Avatar: The sprite you want used to represent your character. Designate an official one from the games or post a link to something custom.
    Background: The background you want behind your avatar in the picture (i.e. the green-and-brown behind Kyle). Designate an in-game one and/or link me.
    Other: Make a note here if you want me to use specific poses/sprites from a certain game, etc. I also need you to make a note here for genders of technically genderless Pokémon if it applies (just whether they have masculine or feminine behavior; it's an aesthetic change).
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2010
  3. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Even though I'm not officially accepted yet, I'll offer my two cents.
    I agree with Blivsey on this matter. Yes people should be able to reserve, but only one at a time.
    Yes, simply because the majority of NPC's will end up being trainers who are beaten and then leave, they don't play to major a part in the plot and won't be a focus.

    Maybe based on who has the most Pokémon at the time? Or if one person getting the Pokémon makes their team to powerful, or something. I'm not sure.
  4. Double-oh-Platypus

    Double-oh-Platypus Well-Known Member

    Yes! Discussion thread! Thanks Skeith :)

    Should we allow Pokemon to be reserved? If so how many?

    If I recall correctly, last time around we were allowed to make one reserve but most people ended up posting their final team and we all seemed to steer clear of it anyway, with negotiations of course. But as stated by those before me, I think that one reserve at a time per person is just fine.

    Should NPC's be exempt from the no duplicates rule?

    I think they should be, mainly because it seems highly unlikely that of all the people that are on the island, no one else is going to have a fire-type like yours, due to the lack of Pokemon in that category. I think it's nice to see variety from actual players in the RP, but the NPC's should be allowed to have whichever Pokemon they want. It could eventually lead up to some interesting rivalry options.

    What do you think would be a fair way to decide who gets the Pokemon if two people want the same one?

    Last time I remember I was going to round of Alice's team with a Vespiquen but Angelic Hymn also wanted it. We compromised a bit because I let her have the Vespiquen and went for a Munchlax instead. Perhaps suggesting Pokemon for each other could help change the other's mind. For example, if two people want a Duskull, other ghostly suggestions could be thrown out. Maybe one of them would settle on Gastly and case closed. Other than that, I have no idea because I will compromise with anyone who wishes to capture my coveted Pokes.
  5. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    Should we allow Pokemon to be reserved? If so how many?
    I think that only the next pokemon should be reserved personally as I like the mystery of what the next pokemon each character will capture.

    Should NPC's be exempt from the no duplicates rule?
    This is a good point, not really thought about it much before, I think since the NPC's only have minor parts at most they should be exempt from the rule of duplicate pokemon.

    What do you think would be a fair way to decide who gets the Pokemon if two people want the same one?
    The rules for this should be that the 2 players will decide between the two of them and if any troubles arrive, both players should do a sign up for that pokemon and an rpg sample of how they capture the pokemon and send it to myself, Double-oh-Platypuss or one of my other 2 Liutenants who I am waiting to get confirmation from ^^ (these being Skeith, of course lol and Skillfulness)

    Thanks Skeith for making the Discussion thread, I was thinking it may be time for one ^^ Could you add to the Rules that Myself and one of the Liutenants are able to make final judgments about sign ups as well as advising people about the pokemon they wants. (as in letting people know they cant like Start the RPG with like a Tyranitar, Dragonite and Garchomp and immediately catch Salamence and Fygon and Aerodactyl and stuff like that...)
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2010
  6. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    No Problem, I'm trying to update the first post as we speak however the forums keep crashing whenever I try atm so I'm going to try again later on however in the meantime seeing as people can't use ubers right off the bat what level can they start at (e.g. Dratini or Dragonair). Also how long till they can reach their final stage?
  7. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    Thats cool, why not come online Skeith and we can talk about the rpg, I know I wouldnt mind a few bits of tips with working on my sign up, Im a little rusty I think with character sign ups. Either that or alot of people who have signed up are just better than me lol *sad times for Jay*
  8. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Jay, I have a few questions that got buried in my massive post up there. Reposting:

    Also, in reply to the new topic... I wouldn't be at all against having a Pokéathlon or Contest mixed into the tournament proceedings. Might I suggest a variation of some Pokémon-catching contest (with your entry being a potential team member) or a Pokémon sumo tournament (no attacks, just brute strength and ring-outs)? Who says it all has to be battles, after all? Though that reminds me of an idea I have for the playoff rounds: how about the stadium has different arenas constructed based on types? Examples would be:

    • Air/Flying - One or several platforms suspended in the air. Pokémon have to jump to and from each one, and falling to ground level means elimination. For added fun, no flying/levitating Pokémon might be a rule here.
    • Water/Ice - Play around with the standard "pool" idea. Make ice platforms/icebergs, make it a wave pool, generate a current under the water... An ice rink with icy rocks here and there is another good fallback.
    • Fire/Rock - Rocks over a magma pool, of course. How about some geysers or fire jets from the ground? Toxic Spikes or Stealth Rock could be in play, as well.
    • Dark - This one's a bit odd - a normal battlefield, but underground and closed-off so that the arena is pitch-black. Infrared cameras will relay a live broadcast of the battle to the audience, but the trainers and Pokémon involved will be in the dark (in both ways).

    My other idea was a round wherein the Pokémon have to fight without trainer direction and either fight on instinct or strategize on their own. Trainers are only allowed to watch and recall Pokémon, with a recall counting as elimination. Thoughts on either proposition?
  9. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    Well its going to have been about 4 days since we last saw the shadow and we havent seen it since, and the first round of the tournament ended 3 days after we saw the shadow and we all are the trainers that went through to round two.

    As for contests and the like, well do you think that I the coordinator lover hasnt thought of this already lol

    I was going to bring it up once the rpg had started lol but might as well bring it up now, I was thinking that round 2 of the tournament starts with everyone having to come up with a 2 pokemon appeal, this appeal doesnt have much to do with the pokemon tournament just to decide who goes up against who for the second round of the PBI tournament is 2 on 2 battles.

    And I am toying with another idea I just came up with which I will mention later...


    New topics...

    Do you think the second round of the tournemant should be 2 on 2 battles?
    I have always imagines round 2 being 2 on 2 anyway lol

    Do you think that it should be 2 trainers working as a team?
    I was thinking this and I really like the idea of it but what do you all think?

    Do you think it should be play v player?
    I think it would be best for the sake of being able to reach the end of the rpg this time (hopefully) but it also means half the players in the rp will be out of the tournament near the beginning but the tournament is mainly a sub story, if you are out of the tournament doesnt stop you competeing in the other events or shopping or fighting the monster or catching new pokemon ^^
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2010
  10. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

    Do you think the second round of the tournemant should be 2 on 2 battles?
    Yeah it should.

    Do you think that it should be 2 trainers working as a team?

    Yeah it would be pretty good and would be a good way for people's characters to interact...How would the team's be chosen though?

    Do you think it should be play v player?

    I'm not sure round two should be player v player...maybe round three or something.
  11. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    The teams would be chosen by myself based on your appeals :p lol dno how I will make the judgment though lol

    Or perhaps I will pick the names out of the hat :D anyone have a hat?
  12. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Need more people in here. It's mainly been back-and-forth between 3-4 people in this thread...

    I like the "appeal" idea. It's a good way to pick lottery for the matches' setup, if nothing else. Still personally gunning for any and all non-traditional ideas for the rounds, by the way.

    Do you think the second round of the tournament should be 2 on 2 battles?
    I don't see why not. Should be fun.

    Do you think that it should be 2 trainers working as a team?
    In my opinion, that's the best way to do two-on-two battles, especially in writing. Adds another nice level of strategy and forced teamwork/coordination. I approve.

    Do you think it should be player vs. player?
    Hmm... PvP should be fine, but if you try to get more than two people involved in a battle at once, they start to either step on each others' toes or move far too slow. I would limit it to two people if I was going to make them co-op or PvP battles.
  13. Double-oh-Platypus

    Double-oh-Platypus Well-Known Member

    Alice had a Hippopotas last time! :)

    I'd pick the Shroomish or the Turtwig. They'd look good in there.
  14. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    Tired editing the post and it deleted it .... Greatness lol So with Hippopotas and Torkoal you think Shroomish or Turtwig would go well? I was thinking one of them too :D especially for typing because a water type would destroy those 2 lol

    I might just catch shroomish a few posts into the rpg and start with this other one...
  15. Double-oh-Platypus

    Double-oh-Platypus Well-Known Member


    And the server isn't letting me edit things, so if that doesn't get fixed soon, I'm just going to re-post an updated version of Alice because really, she was getting blown out of the water by all the other super amazing sign-ups.
  16. Teebird

    Teebird Well-Known Member

    What do you think would be a fair way to decide who gets the Pokemon if two people want the same one?
    I have to go with Jay and Double-Oh on this, as those seem the most fair. Plus, if you suggest a Pokemon for someone, or they suggest one for you and you end up using it, you could really like it and be glad you went with it, which you might not have if it wasn't suggested. Make Sense? It did in my head, but I'm not sure if it seems complicated now, xD.

    Do you think the second round of the tournament should be 2 on 2 battles?
    Sounds interesting, why not?

    Do you think that it should be 2 trainers working as a team?
    I think it would probably run smoother this way, so I'll say yes. :)

    Do you think it should be player vs. player?
    Perhaps later on, but as Blivsey said, more than two people and it just get's chaotic.

    I'm also for the idea of Contests, it would add more variety. :)

    Also, since I dropped out early last time, I'm not entirely sure what the Shadow creature exactly is and whatnot, so would someone mind explaining a bit? Hehe, sorry.

    I've also edited my Monferno and it is now a Poliwhirl, so if that's alright, I'd like to switch my reserve of Poliwag to a Yanma?
  17. Double-oh-Platypus

    Double-oh-Platypus Well-Known Member

    Do you think the second round of the tournemant should be 2 on 2 battles?
    Sure, sure. I don't really care that much, so I'll take whatever.

    Do you think that it should be 2 trainers working as a team?
    Like the double battles in the game? Sure, sure, that could work. It could be a challenge, but it sounds like fun.

    Do you think it should be play v player?
    Perhaps we should get a chance to battle maybe one NPC first and say, they're one half and we're the other. If that happens then all of our characters will be the half that makes it past first round and then we slowly get knocked out. That way we could always have conversations with NPC's afterwards? :p I don't know.

    P.S. I'm liking my name on that first post there ;)
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2010
  18. Silver_Seoul

    Silver_Seoul Well-Known Member

    Do you think the second round of the tournament should be 2 on 2 battles?
    Well obviously I'm not exactly a veteran to the RP so my opinion probably wouldn't count for much, but tag battles seem like a good way to interact and strategize. So I'd be fine with it? ^^;

    Do you think that it should be 2 trainers working as a team?
    Tag battle? Yeah, as I stated, it brings about good strategy and team work, interactions of RPG'ers, etcetera.

    Do you think it should be play v player?
    Well this one really doesn't matter to me, just whatever anyone else wants.
  19. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    I actually like both these ideas. Themed stages seem like a fun idea and could match for some very interesting matches. The Battle Palace matches could also be fun but I think it'll come down too how lenient people are going to be when it comes to their Pokemon's intelligence, after all it'd be no fun if every match was the same as a normal match up as the Pokemon knew every situation and how to react to other types.

    A thought on an event I've had is capturing problem Pokemon. Say that the shadow isn't the only thing on the loose on the island say their are other powerful Pokemon like Aggron who "claims a large mountain as its sole territory. It mercilessly thrashes those that violate its space". and we as trainers have to work as a team to bring it down (and hand it over to a member of authority) or collect valuable resources from it (maybe even killing it to get them?). The result of which means we form ether closer bonds or rivalries that could spill over into the tournament. Could be fun or could be a sign that I've been playing too much Monster Hunter Tri lol.

    Oh and on the subject of NPC's I've been thinking of making a Bartender with a few old ideas. Would this be allowed or are we trying to steer clear of alcohol related venues this RPG?
  20. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    I think I will probably have to make the rpg pg 13 or something lol so the alcohol reference is fine in my eyes.

    I have been thinking about what to do for the 3rd round, the second round is a 2 on 2 battle where we each get teamed up in pairs and the nface a pair of NPCs.

    I was thinking that for round 3 having a contest round but I dont know if everyone in the rpg is up for contest battles, I was even thinking about having a pokemon appeal to decide how many points players start with at the beginning of round 3. Making round 3 a sort of pokeathlon with a pokemon contest beginning lol.

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