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Battle Me Thread! - Overused (OU) Battles


Pokemon Master
Looking for a standard OU battle 6on6. VM/PM me


Wanting to do a battle, OU but I'll be using a mixed team up to OU.

FC in sig, PM me if you're interested ^_^


looking for single battle please fc in my sissgy


U3 And Pokemon fan
OU 6 on 6 single battle. no wonder launcher. PM/VM me if intrested. :) :):):):):)
anyone up for a battle, PM me just started EV training my team so need to try it out, singles, doubles whatever you want thoguh need to keep them level 50 cause most of my pokes aren't lv 100 yet :)


Pokemon Master
Looking for a standard OU battle 6on6. VM/PM me


Haxorus Lover
Looking for a 6 6 single OU battle wonder launcher off,i use mix tier(no ubers),PM or VM


anyone want to battle? OU 6 v 6 no wonder launcher


New Member
6on 6 double battle

if you want a six on six double battle no wonder launcher please let me know FC112056892108

Standard OU Battle
Black FC: 0862 6709 7164
Black Trainer Name: James


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
Anyone up for an OU match?
FC: 3396 7448 0711

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Treasure Hunter
Looking for a OU battle of course, lower tiers are allowed 6v6 level 100
Soledad is the name and FC is in my sig just look below


Active Member
Looking for a 6 on 6 OU match, with a couple of UU/RU pokes. PM me if you are interested. No Ubers allowed.
SHINY is my name, and my fc is 2666-5743-0003.
(I will be using a gen 4 ou team in 5th gen, by the way)
6v6 OU match you my use mixed tier and no ubers