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Battle Me Thread! - Overused (OU) Battles

Discussion in 'Older Gen Battles' started by Ragnarok, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Ristor

    Ristor Member

    PM me if you want to battle the No. 7513 ranked international ranked pokemon doubles trainer.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2013
  2. synojack

    synojack New Member

    looking for battle, ou any format, pm if interested
  3. The Master Chief

    The Master Chief A.K.A Tythaeus

    Looking for an OU match.
    -All Lv 100s
    -No launcher
    -FC: 3912-6257-6550
    -Pm if interested
  4. CharlieTheHitchhiker

    CharlieTheHitchhiker 42 Worshipper

    Looking for an OU battle. Just PM me or reply.

    176539072572 is my friend code
  5. Starpower

    Starpower Rookie Trainer

    Down for an OU battle. My Friend Code is 3440 4319 9392
  6. Cynthia0723

    Cynthia0723 New Member

    Anyone wanna battle me?
    4514 0805 3135 TERRA
  7. Cynthia0723

    Cynthia0723 New Member

    Ou battle?
  8. GhostMater

    GhostMater The Master of Ghosts

    Anyone fancy a battle? Ou or mixed is fine. My friend code is 4170 2153 6958
  9. pokezecrom222

    pokezecrom222 New Member

    anyone wana battle i can do nu ru and ou my fc is 3053 5484 0786 pmme if intderested
  10. iAsteriskz

    iAsteriskz New Member

    Roger. 4342 2791 2719
  11. iAsteriskz

    iAsteriskz New Member

    Roger 4342 2791 2719
  12. theclapp

    theclapp New Member

    Looking for a standard OU match with no launchers. FC 3440 1171 6447
  13. patthecat11756

    patthecat11756 Active Member

    Anybody up for an OU battle? Just PM me.
  14. Chowder96

    Chowder96 New Member

    OU battle? FC: 1206 7582 7027
  15. patthecat11756

    patthecat11756 Active Member

    OU battle anybody? PM me and let's get this going!
  16. swirlytoed

    swirlytoed New Member

    OU battle PM. FC is 4599 8458 9452
  17. mae1997

    mae1997 Member

    PM me if you want to have an OU with me :) Fc: 1120 8093 0239
  18. galluccinator

    galluccinator New Member

    PM me once added, and I'll add you!
    Name: Gallucci FC: 5416-0825-2646

    (So far only have an OU team)
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2013
  19. h4z3y

    h4z3y New Member

    OU Battle, PM me and I'll add you.

    FC - 0133 3076 8502
  20. The boy of X

    The boy of X Banned

    Looking for a BW2 OU battle

    - weatherless battle
    - No lancher
    - Single battle
    - All LV.100
    - PM If you want to battle.

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