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Battle Me Thread! - Overused (OU) Battles

Discussion in 'Older Gen Battles' started by Ragnarok, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Chowder96

    Chowder96 New Member

    Battle anyone? PM me if interested
    FC: 1206 7582 7027
  2. I am available. FC: 4342-0590-1080
  3. EasyGoing

    EasyGoing New Member

    LF> a battle :D PM ME~
  4. tdb2345

    tdb2345 New Member

    looking to wifi battle message me
  5. ace33

    ace33 New Member

    anyone wana battle? pm me
  6. Mindbreaker181

    Mindbreaker181 New Member

    Anyone wanna battle?
  7. swirlytoed

    swirlytoed New Member

    Anyone one up for an OU battle just pm me.
  8. galluccinator

    galluccinator New Member

    If anyone wants an OU match just message me and we can set something up!
  9. Darkrai's master

    Darkrai's master Cheez-It Hunter 0.o

    OU battle anyone? pm me
  10. x.Shiny_Dude.x

    x.Shiny_Dude.x ShinyHuntingTrainer

    Online right now! PM FC and name
  11. swirlytoed

    swirlytoed New Member

    Anyone pm me for a battle for OU battle FC is 4599 8458 9452
  12. PokéNick12

    PokéNick12 Warrior of Role Play

    Hey guys, this is my first post! Looking for a standard 6 on 6 OU battle. Not sure how this works, but PM me with your FC and I'll send you mine. Then we'll arrange a time I guess...
  13. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a standard OU battle pm/vm me , PS/PO Only.
  14. Frost Mage

    Frost Mage <3 Heavenly~

    Looking for a 3v3 OU Flat Battle, VM/PM if interested.
  15. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon A monument to all your sins

    Im looking for a 6v6 no restrictions OU battle. Friend code is in my Sig.
  16. tdb2345

    tdb2345 New Member

    6 vs 6
  17. When are you available? I'm pacific time. I'd like to battle.
  18. L. Lawliet

    L. Lawliet Black Ice Trainer

    would anyone like to battle on PS? i am tokitoki
  19. JRECz

    JRECz New Member

    Looking For Ou Battle Msg me back will be checking forum often for battle
  20. M.Oreo

    M.Oreo all hax or no hax.

    ru, uu, ou, or battle with one uber.

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