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Battle Me Thread - Overused (OU) Battles


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FC:1993 8350 6869
2v2 multi battles if your interested hit me up! like to get a few going today :O:) thanx
Pretty much always down to battle, shoot me a PM. I play Smogon rules generally.


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Send me a friend request, I'm itching to get some good 6 on 6 singles going. FC is 3411-1615-5187. Note, I'm in Japan so I have a bit of a time difference from any players in the west.
I'm looking for a battle with standard rules. PM me I guess.


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Janis, (FC in sig), singles or doubles


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FC :4081 6709 4077
For every kind of battle , double, single or triple, in ou.


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IGN: Jared
FC: 3007-9205-1376

Looking for single battles. If you add me, contact me with your info.


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Fer FC:2793-1434-8933 up to anything, i am up to any challenge, hit me up, i will add you

"It is my destiny"
Looking for single battle, normal rules, OU. PM your friend code and we'll get to it :) will be ariund for a while. FC in signature.


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trying to arrange a multibattle, PM me and we'll try to find 4 people