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Battle Me Thread - Overused (OU) Battles

Discussion in '7th Gen Battles' started by Ragnarok, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. CrownHiro

    CrownHiro New Member

    hi bro add me 5429 8372 6237
  2. CrownHiro

    CrownHiro New Member

    hey bro add me 5429 8372 6237
  3. CrownHiro

    CrownHiro New Member

    hi bro add me 5429 8372 6237
  4. CrownHiro

    CrownHiro New Member

    hi bro add me 5429 8372 6237
  5. Ryuken

    Ryuken Steel User

    FC: 3196-4539-1508
    Looking for standard 6v6 Gen7 OU battles.
    Pm for details or anything else.
  6. Granis

    Granis New Member

    I'm looking for Gen 7 Wi-Fi battles, feel free to PM me! Happy to meet and battle anyone to test my team(s) and all!
  7. Everstoned

    Everstoned Koffing and Weezing

    Finally finished building my first team of the 7th generation! PM me if you would like to battle, I'm always up for a challenge.
  8. mrlinh15

    mrlinh15 New Member

    I always want a challenge, go to challenge me
  9. aerial_ace

    aerial_ace Well-Known Member

    Looking for 7 gen battles. Been breeding and catching like crazy over the last few weeks so want to test my mons out. Pm me if interested
  10. AnimePsyclone

    AnimePsyclone Mew... Mew... Mew...

    I’m not into competitive battling, but maybe in ORAS I can do a 1V1 with my Serperior and one of Your pokemon. It’s not competitively built, but I will make a team maybe.
  11. Spock

    Spock Live Long & Prosper

    Looking for an SM battle, 1977-0303-4337 (please PM)
  12. Kimi13

    Kimi13 Member

    Looking also for a SM battle i'll pm you!
  13. Everstoned

    Everstoned Koffing and Weezing

    Itching for an OU battle before pokebank is released and the metagame shifts. PM me!
  14. caesarviet

    caesarviet New Member

    wow beautyfull
  15. Spock

    Spock Live Long & Prosper

    looking for an SM OU match, please pm me
  16. sagaciousslowpoke

    sagaciousslowpoke New Member

    Someone up for a battle?
  17. Xeno the Doomguy

    Xeno the Doomguy I have a switch and getting back into Pokemon!

    Anyone on 6v6 OU wifi battle me just send pm.
  18. Pochito

    Pochito New Member

    anyone up for a ou battle
    Fc: 3497-1563-5671
  19. Spock

    Spock Live Long & Prosper

    Do people still use this? I'm looking for a match in the next short while. Message and we can set something up
  20. truevillany

    truevillany Well-Known Member

    Smogon 7th gen OU battle

    please pm me for challenges

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