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Battle Me Thread - Overused (OU) Battles

Tactical Squirtle

Active Member
Looking for an OU XY battle. I spend so much time breeding creating teams and even more time trying to use said teams -_-. I need the practice people >.<

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Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
Anyone want to battle OU?
FC: 3652-1012-6122


Hello ! Add me if you wanna battle sometimes (VGC15 and OU 6v6 only) :) just send me a PM with your IGN ^^

FC : 0147 - 1920 - 6007 | IGN : Séb

Blue Cobra

Bug Trainer
Hello there Serebiiforums!

I'm looking for ORAS Wi-Fi Battles. 6V6 Singles are preferred :)

FC: 3454 0728 9992. Trainer name: Nikolaj


New Member
Standard OU battle normal rules.
FC: 2423-2878-5203
Would anyone like to battle me and my competitive Pokemon? OU, 6vs6, LVL100. VM or PM me to settle a time!
FC: 4656-6673-5632.


New Member
Looking for single battles, OU obviously.
Message me and we can set something up. I live on America's east coast, just in case you we need to work with time differences.


Koffing and Weezing
Finally done with classes for now (until my summer ones start at least) so whoever wants to have some OU single battles PM me! info is in my sig! :D

Roi C.

Space Monkey
Looking for OU singles, 6v6.

PM me.