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Battle Me Thread! - Uber Battles


keeper of elements
I need celebi,hetran,and shaymin in my pokedex so can someone battle me with those 3 pokemon i have all other legendarys if u need a pokedex entry


Dat Dell Tower
LF BW Ubers


New Member
My Battle Stuff

My friend code is: 2881-1506-4827
The kind of battle I want: A simple no restriction single pokemon battle
Name: Do you want my game name?: Jared


The Ravager
single battle, pm if want to battle (no hacks please)
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i guess i can try an ubers fight. i mean.. i have 6 uber pokemon i could possibly use, not very much synergy though.


I'm not the boss
Hey, i need an ubers battle. pm me if u wannna go.


New Member
Im All About UBER Battles ! ! ! ! ! ! Also a good challange ! SO PM or VM me for a battle
(My FC is in the signiture)


I get off of work at 4pm EST (it's 10:01am at the time of writing this) if anyone wants to battle Uber, OU, or UU. pm/vm me

Celebi FanZ!

New Member
Looking for battle lv between lv.20 to lv.30. Please pm me offers!

SASHA the master

A living Legend !
i'm the best uber player in the world lol
if u don't believe me battle me with wifi clause (we show our Pokemon not necessary either )
here's my fc 0261-2820-0640 i'm always ready
Lookin for a battle pm me
i play any tier and if u beat me ill trade u any pokemon ya want with a beneficial nature,any moveset,any item
my fc is 4857-3212-5338 My name- Matt