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Battle Me Thread! - Uber Battles

Lookin for a battle pm me
i play any tier and if u beat me ill trade u any pokemon ya want with a beneficial nature,any moveset,any item
my fc is 4857-3212-5338 My name- Matt


Water Expert
Looking for a 6vs6 ubers battle on Pokemon black and White :)
My FC is: 1635-7766-0148
My time zone is GTM (England)


Anyone want to play? I'm not the most knowledgeable about the Ubers tier, i just want to use some freshly trained legends :p PM if you wanna match
Standard Uber battle lv. 100. Please PM me for my FC and trainer name.


Sweeper Trainer
Just got a new team of awesome ubers, wonder if I could battle with someone
FC: 0347 7210 7081

ps: I'm entirely new to these bigger battles. Is there a lv.100 all option because not all my pokemon are lv.100
PM me if you want to battle, I may put the battle on youtube.
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Hero of Unova
I'm just finished this team. I tested, I picked te right pokemon and I'm ready for anything.
Name: Ben
Friend Code: 3268 2915 5428
Type of Battling: Single
Reply with your frind code after making request we'll battle right away.


all hax or no hax.
fight me, im bored. my fcs are in my sig. you need the one for black 1.


Im after battles in prep for the Winter Friendly 2013 - 6 on 6 rotation battles only.

PM me


New Member
Looking for people to battle cause im bored 6Vs6

Currently playing PW2

FC: 2752-9784-3649
Name: BAKA

Pm back if you are willing to battle :)


keeper of elements
iwanna battle somone for a cool battle all legendaries lvl.100 6v6 pm me for a challenge
Looking for a standard Uber battle BW2 Versions,PM For a battle.