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Battle Me Thread! - Underused (UU) Battles


New Member
looking for battle pm me.

White version FC = 2108 1842 0300


New Member
im down to battle whenever im online, just pm me.
fc is 0175 5099 2032


Dragon & Steel-type!
I'm looking for UU battles. PM/VM me


Lavender Town Reaper
pm me for fight you call which types flat rules no legends,too uberish

Osha Say What?

Well-Known Member
Looking for battles. My fc for is in the signature. PM me if you want a battle, starting tommorow.

Wrong thread. This is what I get when I post when I'm half asleep.
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Looking for a UU Battle!! PM Me! I'm bored...

FC: White: 4813 6250 7250, NAME: Gabby


New Member
Any challenger welcome:D

Friend code and name in signature, Message me!