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Battle Me Thread! - Underused (UU) Battles


New Member
I'll be willing to battle.
Standard UU Match.
PM if any trainers are interested:

BW FC: 0304 2325 6687
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I'm not the boss
I'm looking for Single UU battle. Pm for details.


Kyogre Worshiper
Anyone want a battle? 5th Gen, UU or NU


Name: Solomon

FC in Sig
Lookin for a battle pm me
i play any tier and if u beat me ill trade u any pokemon ya want with a beneficial nature,any moveset,any item
my fc is 4857-3212-5338 My name- Matt


New Member
Rotation and Single
(but more Rotation)


Johto Dominator
I'm looking for a simple match, and I am extremely tired of permaweather. Send a PM my way and I'll battle you.


Trite Trekker
Name's Eric, hit me up if you want a mixed battle (OU and UU). I just set up a team and want to see how it fares. I'd prefer no legendaries (Terrakion, Latios, Suicune etc.). My OU's are lesser used OU's too so it's not too high-tier. You can message me, email me, whatever. My friend code is: 1163-7592-6393


New Member
P.m me for 6v6 single battle. No wonder launcher or hacked Stat pokemon either. TIER:UU