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Battle Me Thread - Underused (UU) Battles


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Looking for an UU match after 3.3.15


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I'm looking for fun 6v6 single battles on ORAS. Just PM if you're interested, FC in sig. :)
(Don't really play with tiers so posting in multiple threads.)


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Looking to test out my new UU team. Please battle me!

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Lf a a 4x4 doubles battle. My team is a mixture of lower-tiers mons, and the 'best' out of them is a bl one
Pm me if you're interested!


Looking for an Ubers or OU battle Pm me if you are interested


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After some fairly casual battles (I'm not too hung up on clauses or following tiers too strictly as I can never remember all the little rules and I'm really just looking for some fun) to try get back into a little competitive battling.
I'm a little out of practise so don't expect any amazing battling haha. PM me to arrange some battles. :)