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Battle me.



Any pokes allowed.

No voice chat, because I'm playing music, you wouldn't hear me.

1976 6849 4152


I'll only battle you if you don't use any legendaries and/or hacked pokes.

FC: 0516 3747 2038

super groudon

Master Of Shadows
so lugia wanna battle?
but with only one legend?

Dark Tornadicus

< Rub mah Belly!!!
hey, Im on for about an hour now, half hour of class, then hour and a half of wifi. someone pm me to battle/trade


Mysterious Spriter
I'll battle you but you can only use 1 legendary.


Well-Known Member
hmmm ill battlem, u can use a whole team of ubers but i wont use a whole team of ubers


Well-Known Member
anyone want to battle me?


Mysterious Spriter
I'll battle you Jay.

1v1, No Ubers, Level 100.
Use my Diamond FC.


Well-Known Member
ill battle Xblaze first whats ur fc Xblaze?