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Battle Mistakes

Lightning Dragon

Before, I never knew that Bug was super effective against Dragon.

Not much for me its quite rare for me to use moves that have no affect on a certain type


Metallic Wonder
"I knew I should have healed that round...."


Praise the Sun!
Ohhh I've had a few of these.

Simple mistakes are the worst; e.g.; momentarily forgetting a Toxicroak's x4 weakness to Psychic Style or a Charizard's x4 to Rock.

I call them 'derp moments'. ¬_¬


#1 emboar fan
I used toxic on a poison heal breloom. *facepalm*

Sunset Star

The DS Gamer
In Platinum, I was fighting Aron's Drapion, and I sent out my Espeon called Stevey. I chose some Psychic-type move, forgetting that Drapion was part Dark-type. Stevey the Espeon proceeded to be OHKO'd, and then I wondered why I didn't get him to use Hyper Beam instead.​


Star Trainer
this just happen to me like right now. i was facing elite four in white. with the fighting type dude and my kyurem vs metagross. i used strenghth on it. idk why. *facepalm*

Jonah the Slaking

Couch-bound Warrior
I don't have these two often but one of my recent ones is this.

I was battling in Ubers, and I had a Latios vs. a Darkrai. It was at +2 Special Attack, and Sleep Clause was on with my Groudon asleep. Expecting Dark Void...I used Magic Coat.

Guess who got OHKO'd in the same turn.


Just a Person
When I played Pearl I used to think Milotic was ice type, so when i challenged Cynthia i used my Infernape against it
And when i first started playing Pokemon i used to think water was weak to ice


Blue Goo.
This was just today, I went for HP [ice] on Vileplume using my Choice Specs Zebstrika, it was both of our last Pokemon. I didnt know it was FRICKIN HP [GRASS]!! Well, at least you know who lost today :S

The Outcast

It's not uncommon for me to accidently hit my stat boosting move twice.

If It succeeds (I live), then thats a bonus.

If it fails, well then I'm usually a goner.


Girl with the 3DS
While playing Pokemon Black and White I kept mixing up Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour. I still do and facepalm everytime.