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Battle of the Eevees

Which is your favorite Eeveelution?

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Scuffle of Legends
Which is your favorite Eevee evolution?
Please state why if you can.

Mine is Vaporeon. I always foind it a good looking and strong water pokemon!
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Mana Mana!
My favorite Eevee evolution when Eevee was first introduced was Vaporeon then it became to be Espeon but now that Glacia was introduced Glacia is my favorite evolution of Eevee! Mainly because I like the cold and snow and ice alot. ;471;


Platium Rank
Umbreon, here. I like Dark-types alot, and I like the way it looks when it's shining, but I like it's normal form nonetheless

Meowth! That's right!

Cat Pokemon Trainer
I like Flareon because it's so cute and fluffy! ;136;


King Stone Flash!
Glacia for it has claimed ownership of a small part of my soul.
All through the 1st through 3rd generations I found no Eevee or Eevee evolution that screamed to me “Love me Beotch, I demand it from you.” Then I saw Glacia and well it was love at first sight <3


Well-Known Member
im inlove with glacia and do u notice that glacia has hair lol looks like a little school girl


Well-Known Member
Jolteon. its design is awesome and its sooooo cute! ^_^


Well-Known Member
Leafia, It`s a Grass type evee and it looks cool.


Moon Prism Power!
Another Espeon fan!! Has a very sophisticated look to it, classy, and awesome. I've always liked it since it's been introduced. Next comes Eevee and the probably Vaporeon or Glacia.


Exams already?!
Before the third gen, I wasn't interested in any. In the FRLG era, I was obsessed with Jolteon for its coolness, during Emerald I was obssesed with Vaporeon because of it's beauty, and now that the new ones have been revealed, I became obsessed with Leafia, just because. And even though I was one of the people who said that Eevee didn't need any more evos during the pre-DP speculation era...


I voted for Leafia, BTW, since it's my current obsession. ;470;


Salingerian Phony
I like Glacia; it has bangs. Plus, as an Angelo, I dream of a white Christmas every year...though I know it's not going to snow from anything short of a nuclear winter.