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Battle of Yuletide 2012- The Frost Heart Cult RPG Thread

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by DVB, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    The Story...

    Christmas, Navidad, Yuletide, Saturnalia, Hogmanay… these are the festivals of the winter solstice. However, what do they mean…

    It is a time of great magic. A time of gift-giving, celebration, feasting and the participating of miracles. Let’s go back to how it began…

    Occasionally known as Yuletide, this was one of the eight grand holidays of the old gods. This holiday was the celebration of the Winter Solstice. This festival has been associated with the Wild Hunt as well as festivities of eating and drinking. The Midwinter feast was considered the final party before going back to sleep for the deep winter and keeping the harvest to last through the dark frosty hibernation. To not feed the cattle, they were killed and thus fresh meat was available during this time. Also, the beer and wine was fermented enough to be drank and enjoyed. It was also considered to be the rebirth of the sun.

    During this festival in the frost, when there is no warmth from the outside, the wood is burned at the hearth and the warmth within the hearts of humanity was shared. A party before going to sleep and a celebration of death and rebirth as the year near its end and a new one beginning soon. A mysterious elderly hunter would ride and leave gifts of food, drink and toys for those who had done good in the world. A man who was religious and gave gifts, St. Nicolas. The man who would become Santa Claus.

    However... something horrible had happened one day...

    An evil cult had gathered dark power from a strange stone that appeared from the sky. The cult has been broken by life and turned to a god of evil. They made theirs hearts of ice and they loathed the hearth and warmth of the holidays. So they planned to plant the venom of bitter ice in everyone so all the world would be frozen in hatred forever. An eternal icy prison.

    However, the Saint was brave and powerful and called upon seven legendary heroes to assist in his battle. The war was fierce but in the end, the seven heroes poured their hearts into a fiery power and banished the cult away before sealing the evil into a large ornate music box. The songs of their memories would play and guard the deity. The cost was great, the heroes died and the magic had to lay dormant.

    Yuletide faded and gained rebirth through what is known as Christmas...

    This Winter Solstice however... the ancient seal has decayed... The frigid spirit of hatred lived on and even today, there are several people who detest the warmth and in vengeance and envy, drawn to the remains of the temple ruins. Their hearts became frozen and their soul’s corrupted. Now serving as the new cult, they plan to break the music box and once more end the world in 2012. However…

    You are a high schooler. From 14-18, you are participating in your school's 100th birthday through a large Christmas party held in the Hallow Forest in the town of Mystic Valley. Having arrived, you spot a young couple with white hair with a table with seven trinkets. You and your comrades will be drawn to these trinkets and as the clock counts down to midnight...

    The 12 Day Trial is about to begin…

    A special hour where the fright fight begins... It will be one long night... friendships being tested, relationships build or broken and bonds of camaderie being forged...

    Good luck, heroes.

    Okay everyone! Sorry for the delay, but let's do this!


    Diego Vendrix
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    Diego was looking around at the party. He came here with his friend Leo, but he seem to have misplaced him. Ah well. Currently, the party was in full swing. Diego wasn't doing much besides enjoying the buffet. He felt pleasantly stuffed with the cookies, candy, cakes and other snacks offered here along with the booze-free eggnog and the apple cider.

    He then saw a small and peliculiar table belonging to a young couple with white hair.

    Something in the back of his head told him to go, so he followed.

    "Happy Holidays!" Diego told the couple before examining the table. There were seven trinkets on there, each with a holiday symbol on it in a simple fashion.

    Diego looked at the one of a jolly smiling man with an apron and a cookie sheer.

    "Ah, the Baker. Representing the hearty and good nature," the young man said as Diego examined the trinket.
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Sugarplum Fairy
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    "There you are Diego, I was looking for you!" Leo said as he emerged from a crowd of people. They had come together for the Annual Christmas party, but they seemed to have gotten separated in the crowd. Leo was dressed for the winter, wearing a sweater, a jacket, a scarf, a pair of mittens, his warmest pair of jeans, his usual pair of goggles on his head, and a pair of boots. Coming from a Tropical city where it didn't snow, Leo wasn't really used to this type of weather. The cold was the only thing he didn't like about this time of year, and he sometimes wished Christmas was in the Summer. Otherwise he loved the Holidays, and all the merriment and good cheer that came with it. "Well, this is some party huh? You should come out and dance with the rest of us. Come on it's fun! No one cares if you make a fool of yourself, it's The Holidays. Loosen up a bit!"

    It was then that Leo took notice of a small table with a young looking pair sitting at it. They seemed to young to have the white hair they had... Must've been a genetic thing, or dyed, or something. On the table, there were six charms, each had a Holiday theme. The one that caught Leo's attention was a young woman dressed like a Candy Cane colored ballerina and red and green butterfly wings. "Hm, what's this?"

    "Ah, The Sugarplum Fairy. An interesting choice young man. She represents enthusiasm and optimism." The female of the pair said as Leo studied the trinket.

    "Thanks, Fairies are awesome!" Leo answered. "And I've got plenty of both those things." He added with a grin. "It's perfect!"
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2012
  3. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Benedict Shanker
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    Benedict scanned the crowd, his ginger hair standing out from the rest of the crowd. He had come here alone, invited by his “special friend” who couldn’t be here due to work. He sighed, maybe he would at least bump into someone he knew here, hopefully someone who was actually friendly to him rather than the class bully who always shoved him into lockers. He shuddered at the thought. He rubbed his eyes, he could really go for a drag, even if it was just a couple quick puffs from a cigarette.

    He slowly skirted around some of the dancing students, trying to find an exit to get him outside. However, fate stepped in, causing him to bump into a a man and a woman, both having the strangest shape of white hair. They had a few ‘trinkets’ as most people would call them, they each had some kind of well known holiday symbol. Benedict smiled and scanned the trinkets, his eyes slowly skirting over two other boys there. He glanced at one of ‘Rudolf’, a reindeer with a big red nose and a sash of bells that his father had told him about.

    “Ah, The Reindeer. A shy creature. Excellent choice.” Said the male of the duo. Benedict blushed shyly, nodding slightly. Murmuring a high pitched ’thank you’ in his very English accent.
  4. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Jessica "Jessie" Kaye
    Holiday Angel
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    Jessica was wandering through the crowd of the party, talking on her cell. Much to her disgust, the slosh of the snow kept penetrating her boots. "Ew, my boots," she lifted her foot and pat the snow off. "Baby, where are you? I'm all alone," she suddenly raised her voice, "I said where are you, I'm all alone. What? You couldn't make it? Why! Oh, you're putting the guys over me? You know what? We're done. Goodbye."

    Infuriated, she hung up her cell and threw it in the nearest trash. Going out for booze rather than hang with me. What a jerk! She continued walking on when she realized what she had done. She ran back to the trash, almost slipping, and reclaimed it. She grabbed it tightly and clutched it against her chest. Oh no, never again! The previous throw caused the phone to turn off and she had to power it on. A plethora of text messages started to appear.

    Bby, im soory.

    Baby plz.

    Come 0n. U kno iluv u.

    She rolled her eyes and moved on. Finally out of the crowd, she noticed a table with an odd crowd of boys around it. Her curiosity took the best of her and she went over to find out what was going on.

    "Hey fellas, what are you all crowded here for?" She examined a table of seven trinkets, and one caught her eye. It was an angel, plain white robe, no face, and halo hanging out of it's head. It was like some peculiar force had drawn her to it. There was a couple who both had white hair sitting in front of the table. The woman spoke up and said, "Ah, I see you've taken a shine to the Holiday Angel. Such a beautiful piece of work, isn't it? It represents a pure heart and soul." Jessica was still staring at the trinket, a little mesmerized.

    "Does it? It sure is beautiful."
  5. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix
    The Baker
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    Diego simply smiled and high-fived his best friend. He was always happy to see his friend Leo. "The Sugarplum Fairy huh..." Diego said as he noted the trinket that Leo chose. Nothing against it, he was just interested in the figure. He then saw some more people from class coming over.

    One was Benedict. Diego smiled and greeted at him before glancing at his trinket. It was Rudolph the Reindeer. "Nice choice," Diego said to him with a smile. He wondered how everyone else was doing before seeing Jessica come over.

    Diego though of her as a nice girl. He smiled and waved at her as she chose the Holiday Angel. Diego noticed that despite them coming over, no one really seem to be coming. He looked at the clock. He saw it was almost midnight...

    He felt a shiver go through him, as if something magical was about to happen...
  6. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Benedict Shanker
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    Benedict blushed hearing the other boy speak to him, curse his shyness. He wished he could just spark up a conversation with an interesting person rather than being extremely shy and not being able to speak to anyone. His phone vibrated, ah good a text from… well his special someone.

    ‘Happy holidays babe, see you later’

    He blushed, typing out a quick reply and shoving his phone back into his pocket. It was just about midnight; he should probably start heading home, but he felt something calling him. As if he should stay where he was, it was an almost magical feeling. It compelled him to chat with someone for once, however shy he may be.

    “Hey Leo, hey Diego. Uh, how are you guys?” He piped up in his remarkably British accent.
  7. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Sugarplum Fairy
    Christmas Party: Hallow Forest

    Leo nodded. "Yep, the Fairy. Yeah it's a little girly, but what's wrong with that? There's nothing wrong with guys liking fairies you know." He had already dealt with enough problems from bullies because of things like that in his childhood, and he really didn't want to deal with them again. Especially not so close to Christmas.

    He noticed that a group of kids was gathering around the table. He turned around to see the shy British kid Benedict had spoken to him. "Aw, hey Benny! How have you been?" He looked at the clock, and saw that it was almost midnight. "Dang, where has the time gone? It feels like I just got here. Now it's already midnight. Where has the time gone?" He said with a laugh. "Heh, time really does fly when your having fun!"
  8. Black War Dragon

    Black War Dragon Dark Knight

    Menorah Keeper
    Christmas Party || Hallow Forest

    Hunter wasn't sure why he was here. This kind of celebration wasn't his thing. Any other time of the year, Hunter would be drag racing on his motorcycle. Still, oddly enough he was here tonight. While he didn't have many friends he knew a few people from school. He noticed a group of his aqcuaintances gather around an odd couple who took seat on a table. Spread across the table where 'trinkets' which was odd but even stranger was the hair colour on these people. Their hair ws white yet they didn't look a day over 50.

    Hunter inexplicably made his way through the crowd. He was drawn to a particular piece. He picked it up and examined the thing.

    "The Menorah, huh? Wise choice, it represents a burning courage," said the woman.

    "Hu hu ..." Responded Hunter, quickly burying the odd ornament deep within his pockets.

    He then looked at those nearby and simply said, "What?"

    It was his way of saying 'hello'.
  9. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Jessica "Jessie" Kaye
    Holiday Angel
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    Jessica finally took her eyes off of the trinket she held and looked around to see who exactly was at the table. She spotted Diego and noticed that he gave her a smile and a wave. "Heh, hey Diego," she said as she waved and returned a smile.

    Looking at the rest of the guys, she realized that it was Leo and Benedict. She has seen all of them around, but never really spent time with any of them. They were just classmates, and nothing more. She did have an odd feeling being at the table. A young couple with white hair, peculiar trinkets, and a mix of different personalities put her off edge. She checked her cellphone for the time, it was near midnight. The strange feeling she had grew stronger.

    Someone else came to the table. This one she didn't know. He chose the Menorah from the trinkets table and stashed it in his pockets. He looked around at everyone else and said, "What?" Jessica jerked back when he said it, a little intimidated. She then felt a sense of anger, but let it pass. Jeez, what's up with him?

    There were now two trinkets left on the table. A Nutcracker and an Ent. She looked back at her Angel and was curious of what trinkets the others picked.

    New guy got the Menorah, Diego got some sort of baker guy, Leo a fairy... and Benedict a reindeer. Interesting.
  10. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix
    The Baker
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    Diego smiled at her smile. He thought of ehr as nice and pretty. He then saw Hunter come up. He saw the guy a few times. Heck, Diego even invited him to a burger and shake last week. He chose the Menorah. Diego looked down at the lonely looking Ent and Nutcracker figures.

    "Perhaps their owners will show up later..." the young woman said to her husband. Then the clocks chimed for the midnight. The couple looked apprehensive as they held their cloaks together.

    "The Witching Hour be upon us..." they say.

    Diego feels another shiver go up as the trinkets began glowing. He counted the chimes...




    He then looked up and saw the full moon was... blue? A literal blue moon! He saw people began fleeing. Something was chasing them. He looked to see... snowmen?

    He saw a chunk of ice come down... in the shape of a jagged cracked heart. He looked at that and felt a vile and cold force eminating from it. From the looks of the others, so did they.

    The heart sank into the snow and the nearby snowmen. The snow swirled from them as the heart of ice sank in. A large and beastly snow monster with ice claws and fangs came at them.

    Diego looked afraid, but the trinket... it provided comfort. It... told him to fight. Diego saw from the bonfire and picked up a big stick and used as a torch. He then grabbed a mug of hot chocolate and threw it at the being.

  11. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    (OOC: I wanna turn into a Fairy already! xD

    I suggest that whoever takes the Nutcracker, they be female. After all, we have a male Sugarplum Fairy. xD And the innuendo that would result from a "female nutcracker" would be hilarious. xD

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Sugarplum Fairy
    Christmas Party; Hallow Forest

    Leo saw another guy come up to the table, and took a menorah figurine. He knew his name from hearing people in the hallways talk about him, but the two never had really spoken. Most of the things the kids in hallways said weren't particularly nice, but Leo knew better than to judge people based on gossip.

    The Nutcracker, and Christmas Tree figures were the only ones alone on the table. Leo frowned, and felt a little bad for the poor figures. Poor them, no one liked being lonely. Maybe someone would come for them soon.

    Suddenly, Leo felt an intense cold, despite all the layers of winter apparel he was wearing. He wrapped his arms around himself, and shivered. "Brrr!" Leo didn't know where that came from... Wha...? He looked around to see where this cold came from. He only saw a Blue Moon, but there was a group snowmen? Well, that was interesting, but nothing to be afraid of. Then, a Cracked, jagged heart came down, and blended in with the Snowmen. Leo knew upon seeing it, that this was not good news, and likely the source of this cold. The Snowmen then turned into one gigantic Ice Monster. It was... weird, yet at the same time, exciting somehow...

    He saw Diego grab a flaming stick, and throw a cup of hot chocolate at the abominable snowman, but that seemed to piss the monster off. Leo was about to jump in and help, but something happened. He couldn't really explain what it was, but something in his head told him to stay out of this for the time being. He really wanted to do something to help against this thing, but it wasn't the right time to interfere yet. It was weird, but he went with it... For now. The others seemed to handle things just fine. As soon as they needed it, he'd jump in to help in a heartbeat.

    Even more strange, was his new Trinket was now glowing. Leo gasped. His eyes lit up, and an enthusiastic grin appeared on his face when he saw it. He had seen enough cartoons to know what was coming next. I think a magical girl style transformation is about to start!
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2012
  12. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Benedict Shanker
    The Reindeer
    Christmas Party; Hallow Forest

    Benedict grinned, about to say something, only to have a small squeaking noise come out of his mouth upon trying to talk. He blushed and hid his face, god he hated being in crowds, he literally just couldn’t speak to more than one person at a time. He looked at the couple again, seeing them both grin. They said something along the lines of ‘witching hour’.

    “Witching Hour?” Echoed Benedict in his british accent. He suddenly felt a shock run through his body as the trinkets began to glow, a haunting chime echoing in the background. He felt an intense cold run through his system, he folded into himself slightly, trying to get some of the warmth back into his body.

    Benedict jolted upright, hearing a shriek from some of the other guests. He looked and saw.. snowmen. Oh bloody hell. Living snowmen! He watched as a crystal blue heart merged itself with the snowmen, changing.. becoming one. He backed away a little, knocking over a table in the process. Benedict was terrified, he couldn’t even scream because of the fear that masked him.

    He watched Diego run to the creature, a torch in hand, flinging a cup of hot chocolate at the monster.


    Well now it looked pretty bloody angry.

    Benedict heard something, well not an actual something, more like a voice in his head. It willed him to steel himself and fight. Benedict swallowed with a loud gulp, picking up a chair and running towards the creature at breakneck speed. Whatever power had willed him to do this was bloody stupid!
  13. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Jessica "Jessie" Kaye
    Holiday Angel
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    The clock struck twelve and began to chime. Jessie started to get a sick feeling in her stomach, like something was going to happen. She looked at the couple and noticed how nervous and suspicious they were behaving.

    "The Witching Hour be upon us..." they say.

    "W-witching Hour? What do you mean by that?" With the mix of nausea and fear she became hostile. "Can you please tell me, now, what you mean by that."

    She received no response, it was interrupted by the screaming and fleeing of the party goers. She looked around nervously, shifting her head in all sorts of directions to find out what was going on.

    There was a blue moon and evil snowmen.

    She felt a cold force shock her body, causing her to shiver violently for a split second. She was going to panic, but something caught her eye. In her hand was the Angel trinket. It was glowing dimly and rapidly. It then began to glow brighter and longer. She felt as if it spoke to her, like it was sending her a message.

    Don't be afraid.

    Feeling comforted by the warm glow, she decided she would do something about these nasty snowmen, but what. She saw a clump of ice fall from the sky. It was in the shape of a heart and it sunk into the snow. The surrounding snow started to swirl as if the heart gave it life. Out of the snow a beast formed. It had ice claws and fangs and didn't look friendly. Jessie felt a second shcok of cold hit her, this time more violent.

    She was afraid again, What am I supposed to do to that?!

    Immediately, Diego took action. He grabbed a torch and some hot chocolate and flung it at the foe. She looked at the others, Leo just stood in place, but was observing closely. Benedict... was gone. He was already charging at the monster with a chair in hand.

    W-wow... These guys... What can I do? She looked around, there must be a weapon of some sort lying around. Soon enough, something caught her attention.

    It was rope tied around a tree. It looked as if it was used as a restraint for a dog. Why was a dog at the Christmas party? Who knows. All she knew was that it was conventient. She ran to it, untied it, and went for the abominable snow beast.

    "Diego... Benedict... Get him close to the fire, maybe I can lasso it's feet together and cause it to fall into the bonfire... it's worth a shot!" She was going to rely on people she barely knew to survive.
  14. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix
    The Baker
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    Diego swung the torch at the ice monster which roared in fear and anger. Meanwhile, it then felt a large chair being smashed into it, courtesy of Benedict. Then, with Jessica's plan in motion, they began leading it to the bonfire.

    However, it noticed it was being cornered and decide to get serious.

    It looked around for an unarmed person and looked at Hunter. He looked at the Memorah charm and roared in retalition before it opened its mouth and launches a large blue ball of ice energy at Hunter.

    Hunter fell back a foot before he turned to ice. Literally, the group watched with horror as he saw Hunter's flesh became ice and he fell on the ground.

    Diego looked with horror and grief before facing the monster with a furied expression. Everyone's tokens began glowing.

    "I am... The BAKER!" Diego shouts before he glowed and changed. His flesh become of cookie and his facial expressions of icing an his hair of licorice. A blast of steam burst before it formed an apron on him.

    Diego looked at himself before facing the ice monster.

    "EAT THIS!" Diego responded before forming a large ball of flaming CHristmas pudding and fired it at the monster.

  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man


    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Sugarplum Fairy
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    Things appeared to be going well. the gang had managed to corner the monster, and were on the verge of killing it, when suddenly, things got real. The creature shot a blast of ice at Hunter, and froze the boy solid. Leo's eyes widend, and he put his hand over his mouth as he gasped in shock when he saw what had happened to Hunter. He barely got to know him too... Now was definitely the time to act, he couldn't sit by and let this thing freeze more people.

    But before he had a chance to react, something else happened. His Fairy charm started to glow brighter. Leo smiled, and shut his eyes, as he felt himself being lifted a few inches off the ground, and suddenly festive music started to play in the background. He started to glow a brilliant white, and a set of candy colored orange and pink butterfly wings grew from his back. His clothes faded away, and new ones took their place. The new outfit appeared to resemble dancerwear, and was completely skintight. First the top half appeared was shoulderless, sleeveless, and backless to allow the wings to come through. It was pink with red trims, and had peppermint candies assorted on the chest area, and on his hips. Next, the bottom, which was a pair of white tights with peppermint candies held in place by pink ribbons on his ankles, and white ballet slippers on his feet. Lastly, a red and white crown made of peppermint candy, appeared on his head to complete the look. When his transformation was finished, he put his leg up, did a twirl like a ballerina, then made a V sign with his fingers, and struck a pose as imaginary candy canes and peppermint candies appeared in the background for a second. "Sugarplum Fairy!" He exclaimed with a wink, before he slowly returned to the ground. and, the music stopped. He threw his arms into the air and shouted, "That, was awesome!"

    For some reason, Leo noticed a lot of people in the room were looking at him, and they had a confused look on their face. "What? You've never seen a male fairy before?" He asked jokingly as he flitted to a reflective puddle of ice to see his appearance. "Hm... Not bad. I actually look pretty hot in this." He mused as he admired his reflection. Flexing his arms, and occasionally shaking his hips a bit. "I can get used to this."

    Then, he looked up to see that Diego had transformed too. Into... a Gingerbread Man. Leo couldn't help but giggle. He flew up to him, "Aw, you look delicious bro!" He teased just as the Gingerbread Man fired... pudding... at the Ice monster. Leo had forgotten about that thing up untill now. "Oh, right that," he sighed. Somehow, as if by instinct, he had produced a long, pointy, Candy Cane in his hand. It looked more like a sword than a sweet treat. Leo gasped when it appeared, not having a clue how exactly he did that, but he figured he'd ask that question later. There was something else that needed to be taken care of first. He concentrated, and flapped his wings as fast as he could, causing him to go higher up into the air. When he was a good distance up, he stopped, and pointed the pointed end of his Candy Cane sword foward, in the ice creatures direction. He gulped "Well, Here goes..." then, he dived down, and charged towards the monster. "En garde!"

    For those that want to see what Fairy Leo looks like.


    Sexy isn't it? xD
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2013
  16. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    ((OOC: Aw yes, adorable reindeer coming through.))

    Benedict Shanker
    The Reindeer
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest.

    Benedict attacked the creature, surprised at his own sudden movements, his sudden braveness that masked the usually fear on his face. He thought that things were going rather smoothly, until that is, he watched Hunter, another classmate of his. Turn to an ice cube, his whole body; very similar to Han Solo in Star Wars.

    His eyes widened in fear.

    “Bloody hell...” He muttered, looking over at Hunter and to his three other companions, the shock on his face mirrored in theirs.

    Suddenly, something that could only be described as magical began to happen. Benedict’s charm began glowing brighter in his pocket, he could feel the strong aura of power radiating from the charm. He pulled it out and looked at it, but before he could even mutter a curse, or a proclaiment of confusion; he began to glow white. His features began to change, he felt his hands and feet become covered by a sort of... glossy and smooth covering, very similar to hooves. He suddenly felt a sort of searing pain rise from his scalp, where two... antlers? Two bloody antlers sprouted from the top of his head. His skin became masked in a ginger coloured fur, it was curly a similar to his regular hair (Although he maintained the curly ginger hair in a thicker bundle on the top of his head. His clothes remained intact, however a belt of bells came from his shoulder to his hip and around his body. His ears became long, somewhat droopy and fluffy, very similar to deer ears, and his nose became a deep rosey red.

    He realized that he had become... a reindeer. He spun around, surely enough, a small tail poked out through the back of his trousers. He sighed and blushed, his freckles had became white, freckle-like blotches on his fur.

    A strange power willed him to fight, He got down on all fours, assuming it would probably be slightly easier to fight this way. He reared up his front legs, tilted his head down, and charged, horns first, at the snow giant.
  17. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Jessica "Jessie" Kaye
    Holiday Angel
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    It was working. Jessica's plan was actually working. She felt a strong sense of pride as she and her new team mates were getting the beast to back up into a corner. If she could just get it with the rope it could all be over. The snow beast had other plans. Unfortunately, it did not want to be defeated. In an act of rage it aimed a huge ball of ice energy at Hunter and got him. The impact froze him. He was a goner now.

    "N-no ... is he dead ... now?" Jessica was in disbelief. She felt like giving up at that moment. She had to drop onto the ground from not being able to handle what she just witnessed. There's no way they can stop it if it has that much power.

    Or so she thought.

    She looked over to Diego, teary eyed, and saw that he was in just as much shock as she was. She then looked back at Leo, who had the same reaction. She saw that his token was glowing and looked at hers.

    It was glowing as well.

    At that moment she began to undergo her transformation. She was covered and blinded by a white light as her clothes began to be replaced by a holiday sweater the size of a robe. Wings began to sprout out of her back and a halo materialized above her head. When her transformation was complete she gently floated back down. The others had undergone their own changes and were already retaliating against the beast.

    "EAT THIS!" yelled Diego as he aimed pudding at the monster. An, "En garde!" came from Leo as he charged at the monster with his candy cane sword. Benedict was a reindeer and rammed his horns into it.

    What can Jessica do?

    She started to look at herself, noticing her changes. What can I do? How can I help? I don't just want to stand here and cry. I have to do something... Her foot began to tap excessively and she began to hum. Whenever she was stuck in thought she would hum. This one wasn't like the rest. When it came out of her it was as if it was amplified.

    "Hmm, hmm, hm-hmm. Hm-hm-hm hmm." The sound waves danced around her.

    I know now... She looked straight at the monster.

    "Hey you beast, take THIS!"
  18. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix
    The Baker
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    The Snow Demon recoiled in horror and shock at the transforming heroes. It then roars and hissed in pain as the giant flaming pudding began melting it and damaging it. Diego siled before looking at himself. "Well, this is unusual..." Diego said before summoning a handful of cookies and eating them.

    "I could get used to this," Diego said before looking at the other heroes. Leo was looking... fabulous. As he showed off his new outfit, Diego facepalmed before looking at the others.

    The candy cane sword stabbed the monster and rended its arm useless before it was rammed hard by the reindeer before a sound attack from the holiday angel brought it down. It snarled at them as it tried to prepare another ice attack.

    Diego then saw his charm, now around his neck, call to him. It told him to combine their powers. "I think its time for a combined attack," Diego say before he concentrated and began glowing red and green. "THE BAKER!"

    He then released a light into the sky and waiting for the others to do the same.
  19. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone
    Sugarplum Fairy
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    The Snow Demon recoiled in horror and shock at the others transforming, and using various attacks against him. Likely because he was about to be beaten, but Leo would like to think the real reason was because he just got stabbed in the arm by a male pink Fairy with a Candy Cane sword, melted by pudding fired from a gingerbread man, rammed by Rudolph, and finished off by an Angel singing. His Ice Demon friends would never let him live that down.

    He looked at the others, and saw that they had transformed too. Benedict had become an anthropomorphic Reindeer, glowing red nose and all. While Jessie had become some type of Angel with a long sweater, and musical based powers. impressive.

    Unfortunately, the monster wasn't going to give up without a fight. He prepared to launch a glowing ball of icy energy from his hands.

    "I think its time for a combined attack," Diego said before he started to glow. That weird voice in his head from his head that told him to do the same. So, he held his Candy Cane sword up in the air, which started to glow pink and white, while shouting, "Sugarplum Fairy!" ending with a giggle.
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  20. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Jessica "Jessie" Kaye
    Holiday Angel
    Christmas Party, Hallow Forest

    The successive attacks from the group of heroes dealt massive damage the the snow beast. The pudding actually made the beast melt, much to Jessica's surprise. The stab from Leo, also known as the fabulous fairy, caused the monster's arm to be useless. The ram from the reindeer dealt great damage and Jessica's own sound attack, a blast from her voice, seemed to be the finishing blow. She thought the beast would have been done in, but it wasn't over.

    It was preparing another ice attack and it looked like it wasn't holding back. The icy energy began to form from the beast when Diego took action. His charm began to glow and Jessica looked down at hers. It was resting in her palm, faintly glowing. She felt as if it spoke to her. She had to work with the others, combine their powers, and deliver the finishing blow.

    "I think its time for a combined attack," yelled out Diego, who was glowing himself. "THE BAKER!" He released a light into the sky, illuminating the dark night.

    Leo followed and did the same, raising his candy cane sword into the air and glowing pink and white. "Sugarplum Fairy!" he shouted and ended with a giggle.

    Now it was Jessica's turn. She knew what to do. She concentrated and a calming, bright yellow light began to form around her. She stabilized the power growing inside her and sent her light upwards into the air. "Holiday Angel!" she exclaimed, with a bit of the noise causing a faint wind to blow across the field.

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