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Battle Rhythm

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Um is the PO channel for Battle Rhythm unregistered because I couldn't find it in any registered channel list?


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But PO CAN animate. Go on battle options and disenable 'old school window' Then you get animations!

The animations are pretty bad though.

I use po because the ladder is better, the channels are very nice, both the clan channels and the tournament channel and I prefer the po tiers.

Ninja Dewott

Ice Cold Fire
Since I'm a Ninja, I know exactly what these are going to be, but I won't spoil the surprise for you, so I've intentionally made some mistakes. OR HAVE I?

Chespin: Grass/Fighting
Fennekin: Fire/Dark
Froakie: Water/Psychic
Y legend Dark/Flying
X Legend Physic/Grass

Monster Guy

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But PO CAN animate. Go on battle options and disenable 'old school window' Then you get animations!

Hm, never seen that before. I'll have to redownoad PO one of these days, and take a look...

Still, I'll probably use PS for most of my simulator needs. I like having battles from the comfort of my own bed. xD


Heads or Tails?
Here's my shot in the dark!

Chespin: Grass/Ground
Fennekin: Fire/Fighting (yes I went there)
Froakie: Water/Psychc
Y legend Psychic/Flying
X Legend Psychic/Steel


Not exactly Orthodox
Since I'm a Ninja, I know exactly what these are going to be, but I won't spoil the surprise for you, so I've intentionally made some mistakes. OR HAVE I?

Chespin: Grass/Ground
Fennekin: Fire/Psychic
Froakie: Water/Fighting
Y legend Dark/Flying
X Legend Physic/Grass
I'm ninja as well. I know theese things


John Doe
My guesses:

Chespin: Grass
Fennekin: Fire
Froakie: Water (Yes, I know I made them all plain. I heard that GF was gonna do this.)
X Legend: Psychic/Ground (There's already a Grass/Psychic legendary, I don't think they'll do it again, so I replaced Grass with Ground, since a deer is a land animal.)
Y Legend: Dark/Flying (Just makes sense.)


Seasoned Trainer gets 40 Bp for his test.

I think since the Tutoring got a little messed up, and since we have a lot of new members that I'm sure would appreciate some tutoring. We are going to reset it. (Don't worry Lit, we will continue working) More on this later along with other stuff.


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Well, since it's open now... XD

Username: Rockman.exe
Tier: OU
Area of Need: Teambuilding primarily, but I'm sure that a comprehensive overview would be helpful, too.
Preferred tutor (If any): I'm not picky

Also, i'd be willing to be a tutor as well, after completing the program
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^ come to think of it, I wonder how ShuckleArmy is doing with his OU teams.....
Sorry for not being on, computer broke :/

But its fixed nao :D


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Welcome back TOast!

You guys are dead, Love killed you all XD

Sparks get to the CCAT post please.


Hey guys! The Meta Corner page is up! Go check it out and start contributing RIGHT NOW! Anyways...

Look guys, you know I'm not one to be much of a bossy Brenda. But myself and the other leaders put a lot of working into doing different events and things to make the clan fun and not just another battling clan. So in thanks. Having some cool and stimulating discussion on the thread and more battles would be great. I don't see any problem with me starting sometimes but I'm not always there and I don't want anyone to feel like they are bored of the clan.

-Here is to making this clan more prosperous and juicy! Thanks Guys!


Oh oh oh! And for all the people wondering why our buttons got taken down, Shadow removed them because she didnt like them and wanted them more perfect, I hve knew better ones on the way!


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Metagame corner post said:
Reuniclus@Life Orb
252 Spa 252 Hp 4 Def

-Trick Room
-Focus Blast
-Shadow Ball
I disagree with Regenerator on this set, as it does take recoil damage now, and it has to switch to get rid of it. Magic Guard is IMO the better option, because it also don't take damage from Toxic, Burn, Leech Seed etc. Also it doesn't take SandStorm damage, meaning it can survive TTar's attack and KO it, without fainting due to residual damage at the end of the turn.
On another note, I think Psychic is he better Psy move here, since Only Chansey and Blissey are hit harder by it, and the former will still be a pain to kill. Psychic may notlet you beat Blissey, but it hits everything else harder, like Defensive Gliscor. SBall would be too weak to kill it, FBlast don't do ****, but a STAB Psychic, on its weaker special defence can 2HKO it.

What is the misc. section for?
And EDIT: Serebii seriously has censored sh*t!?
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Monster Guy

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Does it really matter? At the end of the day, you're still walled by something. You just choose whether you want to beat Gliscor or Blissey.

Also, Magic Guard negates the LO recoil, always go with it.
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