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Battle scene

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I need help making a battle scene I'm doing and I want to know how it should work


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What kind of battle scene? Is it one of those battles with swords? or Guns? Is it between two armies, or a battle scne between two teams? Need a bit more detail.


The Best of the Best
A typical Pokemon Battle? I can help with that. Just still need details, such as pokemon involved, what kind of battle, and the terrain it's faught on.


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btw. dont make it a "Umbreon used Moonlight. then Darkrai used whatever. oh no,critical hit. umbreon is dead"
make it a free flowing battle where "Umbreon pounced, its sharp claws went to work on Charizard like a hot knife through butter. Feeling its pride had been hurt Charizard retaliated with a hot burst of flames from its mouth. Umbreon dodged, its agility was more than a strength based Charizard could handle and narrowly missed the eplosion of flames."
think about it do you really believe that every attack hits the opponent? surely it would be a battle of speed rather than who has the best attack. like a boxing fight- they dont just stand there beating the crap outta each otha(to a certain degree...) they dodge, wait for the opponent to slip and then pounce, lay into him get him into a corner stand on his foot so he cant get out. And THEN he beats the Sh** outta him.
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The best way to figure out how they work is to try to write one yourself, or look to see how other people do it. Clearly, if it's a story you don't want it to look like
Charmander used Scratch on Rattata! Super effective! Rattata used Tail Whip! Charmander's defence went down! Charmander used Ember! Rattata fainted! Charmander gained 75 epx points! Charmander evolved into Charmeleon!

As mentioned, it is extremely dull and you might as well play the game instead of reading the story in such a case. Read books, see how other similar scenes are done and think it over. It's really not compliacted.

For a battle scene, you just need to know what Pokémon are fighting, their attitudes/personalities (which will effect the way they fight), what attacks they know/like to use, their Trainers (if they have one) and the location. Then just start writing out what would happen.

Really, there's nothing more to be said. You were much too vague in making this thread so there's no way to really help you. It's a pretty useless topic, so I'm just going to close it. Simply look around and think about what a Pokémon battle would look like and you'll eventually figure something out.

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