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Battle strategy and moveset help RMT

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by .Red., Jan 18, 2013.

  1. .Red.

    .Red. New Member

    Hello my fellow trainers, I am having a mixed tier battle with a friend soon and I was wanting some professional help with how I should go about taking his team down. So first I'll give you his team so you'll have an idea of what im taking on.

    (Opponents team)-

    Item's are unknown and same goes for movesets. Mostly all of then are docile or bashful so he wont have them at full power. Now that you know that, here is my team.

    Lucario@Life Orb
    -Close combat
    -Ice punch
    -extreme speed

    Now this is my starter because knowing his team and knowing him he will start out with crobat. And I do know that it doesn't have an item and uses acrobatics. So it wont be a threat to my Lucario at all. And with this move set I can either take him out if he stays in or do some serious damage to whatever he switches into.

    Luxray@Choice band
    -Wild Charge
    -Ice Fang

    And this beast is gonna cause some serious damage! Nothing in his team will OHKO this thing so I'll be able to hit and do some wrecking to one or more of his Pokes. And I wasn't sure on going with either Iron Tail or Superpower but I went with Superpower but let me know what you think.

    -Aerial ace
    -Quick Attack
    -Swords Dance

    Yes yes I know, why the fudge is it quirky? Well thats because I had a hard enough time getting this one and im cool with it. Now you're probably wondering why I have quick attack. Well my idea is that he wont suspect it. And if I get a Swords dance off it will do some good damage and be a good revenge killer by surprise (if of course they're already week) and like I said, surprise! The rest is prettt obvious but I need some serious help with the item. I have no idea what to use.

    Infernape@Expert belt
    -Close combat
    -mach punch
    -flare blitz

    Another physical attacker? Well get used to it because this whole team basically is. Thats something im going to just work with. Wity this beast I think makes my chances vary high in winning than they already are(confidence, not cocky). I like this set alot cause of coverage and power.

    Staraptor@Choice scarf
    -Brave bird
    -close combat

    This will surprise him alot. If anything he'll suspect it to be banded or life orbed. Nope, goin for the speed. He already has the power and now he'll outspeed everything on his team. I thought about final gambit instead of return but I dont know now. Let me know what tou think.

    -stealth rock
    -wood hammer

    I honestly love this set because its weird. Two setup moves? Yup. Curse wont happen unless I predict a switch and my idea is to not even bring him oit until his magmortar and crobat are dealt with. That way I have some later bulk and hopefully its not too late so I can setup rocks. We'll see I guess.

    So thats my team. Have at me, I wont be changing any members so dont ask. And if this team goes well Im thinking of building a competitive team and take on some real trainers. So thanks for reading and for the help! It'll be much appreciated.
  2. jimboslice856

    jimboslice856 Fire Trainer

    i like drain punch instead of close combat on your lucario cuz dp doesnt lower ur def n spdef n it helps u regain ur health if low u can get it from the move tutor in hilmulau city
  3. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Lucario will have a hard time against a 110 base power Acrobatics. Sure, its neutral damage. But remember Lucario only has 70 base HP and 70 base Defense.
    Not to mention the Acrobatics has STAB. And Crobat's base Attack is 90.
    Honestly, I wouldn't call that as "won't be a threat at all".
    Still, if it somehow survive, its LO-boosted Ice Punch may be able to OHKO the Crobat....before its own LO's recoil take it down as well.

    Superpower on Luxray is much better than Iron Tail.

    As for Staraptor, keep Return.
  4. .Red.

    .Red. New Member

    Thats a good idea but I like the power in close combat better. And getting hp back isn't really a Lucario thing. I want him for power and that means hitting hard every time. Thanks though

    Thats exactly the type of comment im looking for. So now im thinking...Lucario is not best for the role od taking on his Crobat. So in your opinion what in my team do you think could pull that role off?
  5. azeem40

    azeem40 Pokemon is fun!

    Torterra can survive a LO boosted Brave Bird from Crobat and set up SR. Since he doesn't have a Rapid Spinner, you can just sack it and use Brave Bird from Staraptor for the OHKO.
  6. .Red.

    .Red. New Member

    Yeah he wont have brave bird but I see what you mean and I like that! And I agree that Staraptor can take it on. Thanks!!
  7. .Red.

    .Red. New Member

    So the battle went well. I won by a land slide, so thanks everyone for helpin me out!

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