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Battle Tournament Face-Off Version 2

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Jonessodaco.Chris, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    Battle Tournament Face-Off Version 2

    Category 4: Best Face-Off Remake

    WINNER: Battle Tournament Face-Off Version2 by Jonessodaco.Chris!
    Credit - ~.:Northern Lights:.~

    Owner: Jonessodaco.Chris
    Co-Owner: YellowHat
    Talliest: Neos345, fosterfossil, legendofFire

    Well here is a Remake of The Battle Tournament Face-Off… It takes after YellowHats awesome idea of sweetness lol
    Here at the Battle Tournament Face-Off Version 2, users will post a team of 6 pokemon, and we will face-off each one. The Winning Member and Their Team will move on to the next round of the tournament.

    General Rules:
    -Follow the SPPF Face-Off forum rules in general
    -Follow whatever Rules Style I happen to be using for the current round
    -ALWAYS no Double Posting (I can’t stress this enough) NO DOUBLE POSTING lol

    Nomination Rules:
    1) Postings is ONCE you can only nominate yourself so we need 20 posts before the battles can begin
    2) Just Post that you want to be a Nomination and i will add you to the list... and in the post tell me the 6 pokemon you wanna use
    3) We will have 20 nominations and its first come first serve so better post fast and get your friends here if you want to be a nomination

    Once I have all 20 Nominations and their Pokemon I will tell you the rules of the Battle Methods and their Rounds

    Nominations - Red Means Eliminated
    1) Jonessodaco.Chris Charizard ;006; Flygon ;330; Salamence ;373; Shiny Pidgeot [​IMG] Scizor ;212; Dragonite ;149; (win 6, lost 1)
    2) YellowHat - Skuntank, Lickilicky, Flygon, Tyranitar, Arcanine, Electabuzz (win 0, lost 2)
    3) WaterDragon trainer - Empoleon, Bronzong, Staraptor, Gallade, Bastiodon, Garchomp (win 5, lost 3)
    4) Neos345 – Pelipper, Dialga, Alakazam, Lucario, Weavile, Torterra (win 2, lost 3)
    5) Dramatic Melody – Swampert, Jumpluff, Typhlosion, Glaceon, Mismagius, Starmie (win 4, lost 2)
    6) pikasaur - Marowak, Venusaur, Skarmory, Ninetales, Chinchou, Hitmonlee (win 4, lost 2)
    7) fosterfossil - Aggron ;306; Froslass ;478; Aerodactyl ;142; Dragonite ;149; Hippowdon ;450; Snorlax ;143; (win 6, lost 1)
    8) legendofFire - Lucario, Gallade, Darkrai, Giratina, Mime Jr., Electivire (win 0, lost 2)
    9) Ludi-Kero! - Ludicolo, Heracross, Magnezone, Breloom, Porygon2, Gliscor (win 4, lost 3)
    10) blackrose - Salamence, Metagross, Blissey, Cresselia, Breloom, Weezing (win 3, lost 3)
    11) FrozenShadow – Scyther, Cloyster, Blaziken, Absol, Ampharos, Machoke (win 0, lost 2)
    12) Weakling – Infernape, Lucario, Gallade, Toxicroak, Poliwrath, Heracross (win 2, lost 3)
    13) Pokemanyak – Raichu, Arcanine, Heracross, Empoleon, Absol, Dragonite (win 4, lost 1)
    14) Crobat Curse – Manectric, Sandslash, Floatzel, Swellow, Tauros, Lanturn (win 1, lost 3)
    15) Ryan's Team - Lucario, Eevee, Garchomp, Chikorita, Espeon, Aipom (win 0, lost 2)
    16) futuramagirl - Chimchar, Doduo, Pachirisu, Gyarados, Bronzong, Lucario (win 0, lost 2)
    17) ironknight42 - Ludicolo, Floatzel, Dusknoir, Alakazam, Electivire, Skarmory (win 3, lost 3)
    18) 221111 – Typhlosion, Snorlax, Glalie, Breloom, Magnezone, Dusknoir (win 2, lost 3)
    19) spongeaud - Charizard, Pikachu, Pidgeot, Lapras, Grovyle, Lucario (win 1, lost 3)
    20) MaplePhanpy - Donphan, Breloom, Froslass, Ampharos, Altaria, Skunktank (win 2, lost 3)

    ***Last 2 Nomination Gets ripped off with Smilies cause I’m only aloud 111 in my post***
    ***Once you've been Eliminated your Smilies disappear like you disappear from the competition***

    Nominations Closed


    Round Rules:

    Round 1: Battle Tournament

    1) Each time you post (ONCE EVERY HALF AN HOUR) you must do the following:

    Heal -
    Hurt -
    X2 Hurt -
    Protect -

    2) Protect any Pokemon (it can't be hurt by the next poster)
    ATTENTION!: When I tally, a protected pokemon will be bolded!
    ATTENTION!: You can use up your hurt votes on a protected pokemon, but it will not effect it!
    ATTENTION!: When we get down to 3 or fewer pokemon, the voting style changes to this

    Heal -
    X2 Hurt -

    3) Each Person will be using their First 3 Pokemon at the Same time so its a 3 on 3 battle (told you your order of pokemon mattered) lol
    4) Once an entire team of pokemon have hit zero the battle has ended

    Round 2: Winners and Losers
    (Elimination Round)

    1) Each time you post (ONCE EVERY HALF AN HOUR) you must do the following:

    x2 Hurt -

    *Simple right?

    2) Well Each person will battle using One Pokemon Their First Pokemon and who ever hits zero first loses

    3) To make this fair…
    -Winners of round 1 face winners of round 1
    -Losers of round 1 face losers of round 1

    4) To Advance into Round 3 you must win at least 1 of your battles, so advancers could
    -win 2 battles
    -win 1 battle lose 1 battle
    *so if you won in round 1 your team will automatically advance even if you lose this battle - lucky you :)
    *however if you lost in round 1, lets hope you don’t lose again - Oh No :(

    5) If your team loses in round 1 and in this round, you will be eliminated from the tournament

    Round 3: Battle Technique

    I Pm Everyone find out their 1 Pokemon they would like to use… Well 3 people did not respond... so i just picked Pokemon at random for them... but anyways this round is based of the Brilliant Chorus II ~ The Storyline Face-Off and credit to DM for the battle technique

    Anyways so here is the first battle

    Pokemanyak (Empoleon) - 100HP
    - Hydro Pump (PP: 5/5, Power: 8)
    - Drill Peck (PP: 15/15, Power: 5)

    Crobat Curse (Swellow) - 100HP
    - Aerial Ace (PP: 10/10, Power: 6)
    - Air Slash (PP: 8/8, Power: 7)

    1) Each time you post (ONCE EVERY HALF AN HOUR) you must do the following:

    you say for Example Swellow Aerial Aces Empoleon


    Empoleon Hydro pumps Swellow

    2) Now you may notice that their is a PP level in each attack... some attacks are more powerful however they have less PP... and once a PP runs out you may no longer use that attack anymore

    Round 4: Last Chance
    (Elimination Round)

    ALERT!!! Round 4 is a quick elimination for a couple of our competitors… basically Round 4 is all about the people who have lost more then they have won. This includes:

    - Neos345
    - Crobat Curse
    - spongeaud

    So just like this… 2 of these 3 competitors will be eliminated from the tournament, thus meaning only 1 of you will advance.

    So its basically a last chance to make it into the tournament. And because its your last chance I decided on using your Last Pokemon on your team

    - Neos345 - Torterra
    - Crobat Curse - Lanturn
    - spongeaud - Lucario

    1) Each time you post (ONCE EVERY HALF AN HOUR) you must do the following:

    x2 Hurt -

    *Simple right?

    2) Its an all out battle everyone vs everyone the first two to hit zero loses

    Round 5: Team Mates
    (Elimination Round)

    Hey Everyone were back… and GUESS WHAT were moving on with Round 5 baby! There are 13 remaining and round 5 is all about double battles. But two Pokemon at random will be picked from your teams you do not get to pick them.

    *Also if you have advanced all the way to round 5 with zero loses you automatically advance to round 6
    -In this case we only have one person that fits into that category at its Pokemanyak congratulations

    *Also Also the Winner of the Round 4: Last Chance... Must win otherwise you are eliminated

    1) Each time you post (ONCE EVERY HALF AN HOUR) you must do the following:

    Heal -
    X3 Hurt -
    Protect –

    2) Rules are simple they are the same as Round 1… with a little twist
    3) Protect any Pokemon (it can't be hurt by the next poster)
    ATTENTION!: When I tally, a protected pokemon will be bolded!
    ATTENTION!: You can use up your hurt votes on a protected pokemon, but it will not effect it!
    ATTENTION!: When we get down to 2 or fewer pokemon, the voting style changes to this

    Heal -
    X2 Hurt -

    4) Each Person will have two Pokemon picked at random from their team and start with 20HP
    5) The First Team to lose all his Pokemon loses and will be put into the loser pile
    6) Being put into the loser pile does not mean you are eliminated… but once all battles are completed the losers will battle each other in round 6 and the loser of the losers battle will be eliminated from this tournament.

    Round 6: Popularity Contest
    (Elimination Round)

    Well we have made it half way through the contest now… and we have had 3 vs 3 battles, 1 vs 1 battles, 1 vs 1 battle with attacks, a last elimination round, double battles… so basically we have completely relied on your Pokemon.

    However this round has nothing to do with the Pokemon you have, and were talking about you Users… it’s a Popularity Contest, between the contestants who lost in Round 5. So I’m talking to you:

    MaplePhanpy, Ludi-Kero!, Weakling, WaterDragon trainer, 221111

    5 of you stand before us and only 2 will advance… You guys better start sucking up for some votes I except bribes haha

    So here are the Rules:

    1) Each time you post (ONCE EVERY HALF AN HOUR) you must do the following:

    Plus Contestant
    Minus Contestant

    *Simple right?

    2) If you reach 20 you advance, if you reach zero you are eliminated
    3) Each Person starts at 10
    4) 2 People will be eliminated this round

    Round 7: Threes a Crowd
    (Elimination Round)

    You have been put in groups of your order of sign ups. It is basically Group 1 vs Group 2 vs Group 3. You will each be using the third Pokemon you have and will be fighting like a team trying to eliminate other teams. 3 teams will battle and only 2 will advance!!!

    1) Each time you post (ONCE EVERY HALF AN HOUR) you must do the following:

    X3 Hurt
    X2 Hurt
    X1 Hurt

    2) You have been put in groups so don’t vote against your group that just means your hurting yourself and being stupid lol

    3) Each Pokemon starts at 15HP… once an entire team has all their Pokemon faint they lose
    4) If your team loses you are eliminated!!!

    Round 8: Team Spirit
    (Elimination Round)

    1) Each time you post (ONCE EVERY HALF AN HOUR) you must do the following:

    Hurt Pokemon


    Give Stat Boost

    2) Each Pokemon will start at 20Hp. Once the Pokemon faints, the trainers other Pokemon (who are on a list below the tally) will be sent out immediately after.

    3) Hurting a Pokemon will obviously lower their HP by 1. Giving a Pokemon a Stat Boost however will not do any damage to the opposing Pokemon, but when a Pokemon gains three stat boosts, its power level will go up.
    ***There is no limit to how high a power level will go
    ***Once a Pokemon gains a Power Level… it gets that much more power in Hurting Votes
    ***Stat Boost will be marked by + signs in the Tally

    For Example: Three Stat Boost votes given you now X2 Hurt… Three More Stat Boost votes and it becomes X3 Hurt

    4) The battle ends when a Trainer has lost all there Pokemon

    Round 9: Bronze Medallion

    So were down to the semi Finals! Lets take a look at who has made the cut. Jones, WaterDrag, and Fossil! This round is quite simple. Its everyone vs everyone in a double battle. The competitors have choosen there Pokemon they would like to use.

    In the Left corner we have Fosterfossil and his Aerodactyl and Snorlax… In The Right Corner we have WaterDragon trainer and his Empoleon and Garchomp… And Lastly we have Jonessodaco.Chris and his Dragonite and Charizard. Rules are Simple

    Voting style

    (X5 Hurt)
    (Voting every 30 minutes)
    (Each Pokemon will start at 50HP)
    (First Person to lose both his Pokemon on his team is the loser and gets third place in the tournament)
    (two people will advance to the finals)

    Round 10: Quest For The Best

    1) Each time you post (ONCE EVERY HALF AN HOUR) you must do the following:

    X3 Hurt Pokemon

    2) Each pokemon starts at 30Hp
    3) Once one pokemon faints the next pokemon in reserve will come out
    4) FINAL TWIST... You've been facing off each round with the same pokemon. This round. Your aloud to make a change to any of your pokemon and create a whole new team!
    5) It will be a 6 vs 6 battle... let the best man or women win!


    Round Battles:

    Round 1 Battles

    WaterDragon trainer vs. Ryan's Team - Winner WaterDragon trainer
    Weakling vs. spongeaud - Winner Weakling
    Pikasaur vs. Crobat Curse - Winner Pikasaur
    FrozenShadow vs. fosterfossil - Winner fosterfossil
    YellowHat vs. Dramatic Melody - Winner Dramatic Melody
    Neos345 vs. MaplePhanpy - Winner Neos345
    Pokemanyak vs. legendofFire - Winner Pokemanyak
    221111 vs. Ludi-Kero! - Winner 221111
    Blackrose vs. ironknight42 - Winner ironknight42
    Jonessodaco.Chris vs. Futuramagirl - Winner Jonessodaco.Chris

    Round 2 Battles

    Winners Face-off
    Pikasaur (win 1, lost 0) vs ironknight42 (win 1, lost 0) - Winner Pikasaur
    WaterDragon trainer (win 1, lost 0) vs Weakling (win 1, lost 0) - Winner Weakling
    Neos345 (win 1, lost 0) vs Jonessodaco.Chris (win 1, lost 0) - Winner Jonessodaco.Chris
    Dramatic Melody (win 1, lost 0) vs Pokemanyak (win 1, lost 0) - Winner Pokemanyak
    Fosterfossil (win 1, lost 0) vs 221111 (win 1, lost 0) - Winner Fosterfossil

    Losers Face-off
    Spongeaud (win 0, lost 1) vs YellowHat (win 0, lost 1) - Winner Spongeaud
    Futuramagirl (win 0, lost 1) vs Ludi-Kero! (win 0, lost 1) - Winner Ludi-Kero!
    Ryan's Team (win 0, lost 1) vs Crobat Curse (win 0, lost 1) - Winner Crobat Curse
    FrozenShadow (win 0, lost 1) vs MaplePhanpy (win 0, lost 1) - Winner MaplePhanpy
    LegendofFire (win 0, lost 1) vs Blackrose (win 0, lost 1) - Winner Blackrose

    Eliminated - YellowHat, Futuramagirl, Ryan's Team, FrozenShadow, LegendofFire

    Round 3 Battles

    Pokemanyak vs Crobat Curse - Winner Pokemanyak
    Neos345 vs Ludi-Kero! - Winner Ludi-Kero!
    Jonessodaco.Chris vs 221111 - Winner 221111
    Pikasaur vs Blackrose - Winner Blackrose
    ironknight42 vs Weakling - Winner ironknight42
    Dramatic Melody vs Spongeaud - Winner Dramatic Melody
    Fosterfossil vs MaplePhanpy - Winner MaplePhanpy

    WaterDragon trainer - Winner

    *Now your probably wondering what WaterDragon trainer is doing by himselft... well Round 3... their is a luck factor to this and one lucky person gets a bi... and this time WaterDragon trainer gets a Bi and advances into Round 4*
    -Lucky Him lol

    Pokemon Choices
    Pikasaur - Venusaur
    ironknight42 - Alakazam
    WaterDragon trainer - Garchomp
    Weakling - Poliwrath
    Neos345 - Lucario
    Jonessodaco.Chris – Shiny Pidgeot
    Dramatic Melody - Glaceon
    Pokemanyak - Empoleon
    Fosterfossil - Aerodactyl
    221111 - Breloom
    Spongeaud - Lapras
    Ludi-Kero! - Porygon2
    Crobat Curse - Swellow
    MaplePhanpy - Altaria
    Blackrose – Salamence

    Round 4 Battles

    Neos345 - Torterra vs. Crobat Curse - Lanturn vs. spongeaud - Lucario = Winner Neos345

    Eliminated - Crobat Curse, spongeaud

    Round 5 Battles

    Pokemanyak – Auto Advance
    MaplePhanpy vs. Dramatic Melody – Winner Dramatic Melody
    Jonessodaco.Chris vs. Neos345 – Winner Jonessodaco.Chris
    Pikasaur vs. Ludi-Kero! – Winner Pikasaur
    Weakling vs. ironknight42 – Winner ironknight42
    fosterfossil vs. WaterDragon trainer – Winner fosterfossil
    221111 vs. Blackrose – Winner Blackrose

    Eliminated - Neos345

    Round 6 Battles

    MaplePhanpy vs. Ludi-Kero! vs. Weakling vs. WaterDragon trainer vs. 221111
    1) WaterDragon trainer
    2) Ludi-Kero!

    Eliminated - MaplePhanpy, Weakling, 221111

    Round 7 Battles

    Winner - Group 1
    Jonessodaco.Chris - Salamence – 15HP
    WaterDragon trainer - Staraptor – 15HP
    Dramatic Melody - Typhlosion – 15HP

    Winner - Group 2
    Pikasaur – Skarmory – 15HP
    Fosterfossil - Aerodactyl – 15HP
    Ludi-Kero! - Magnezone – 15HP

    Group 3
    Blackrose - Blissey – 15HP
    Pokemanyak - Heracross – 15HP
    ironknight42 - Dusknoir – 15HP

    Eliminated - Blackrose, Pokemanyak, ironknight42

    Round 8 Battles

    Fosterfossil vs. Pikasaur – Winner Fosterfossil
    Jonessodaco.Chris vs. Dramatic Melody – Winner Jonessodaco.Chris
    WaterDragon trainer vs. Ludi-Kero! – Winner WaterDragon trainer

    Eliminated - Pikasaur, Dramatic Melody, Ludi-Kero!

    Round 9 Battles

    Jonessodaco.Chris vs. Fosterfossil vs. WaterDragon trainer

    Eliminated - WaterDragon trainer

    Round 10 Battles

    Jonessodaco.Chris vs. Fosterfossil

    Eliminated - ???


    Current Face-off

    Round 10 - Jonessodaco.Chris vs. Fosterfossil

    Well Jones decided to stay with the same team! Fossil has switched out 3 of his pokemon and created a whole new team. will it pay off? you decide

    I will X3 hurt Aerodactyl
    -Who will WIN THE FINALS!


    Charizard ;006; - 30Hp


    Aerodactyl ;142; - 27Hp

    Jonessodaco.Chris Reserved Pokemon
    Flygon ;330; - 30Hp
    Salamence ;373; - 30Hp
    Shiny Pidgeot [​IMG] - 30Hp
    Scizor ;212; - 30Hp
    Dragonite ;149; - 30Hp

    Fosterfossil Reserved Pokemon
    Frosslass ;478; - 30Hp
    Lickilicky ;463; - 30Hp
    Snorlax ;143; - 30Hp
    Primeape ;057; - 30Hp
    Torterra ;389; - 30Hp
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2009
  2. Neos345

    Neos345 Well-Known Member

    Yay first post...
    My team is the one in my sig.

    Can I be a Tallyest.
  3. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    Yah Sure you can be tallyiest... MORE NOMINATIONS!!!

    1) Jonessodaco.Chris (6 Secret Pokemon) hehehe
    2) YellowHat (6 Secret Pokemon) hehehe
    3) WaterDragon trainer (Empoleon, Bronzong, Staraptor, Gallade, Bastiodon, Garchomp)
    4) Neos345 (Pelipper, Dialga, Alakazam, Lucario, Weavile, Torterra)
  4. Ah.

    Why not.

    Dramatic Melody: Swampert, Jumpluff, Typhlosion, Glaceon, Mismagius, Starmie
  5. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    i'll take a nomination

    pikasaur: Marowak venasaur, skarmory, ninetails, chinchou, hitmonlee
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2009
  6. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    ok 6 nominations down 14 more to go...

    keep nominating tell your funs to come here
  7. fosterfossil

    fosterfossil The prey bites back!

    i will take a nomination
    and would like to be a tallier
    aggron, froslass, aerodactyl, dragonite, hippowdon, snorlax
    note they are all in my tc
  8. legendofFire

    legendofFire Banned

    I'll Nominate

    I'll get

    ;448; Lucario
    ;475; Gallade
    ;491; Darkrai
    ;487; Giratina
    ;439; Mime Jr.
    ;466; Electivire

    And id like to be a tallyist please
  9. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    Be sure not to go over the image limit on post 1. You can post the pokemon on my team if you'd like, but you don't have to. Hehe, secret.
  10. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    ok sweet... more nominations... lol we need more GET MORE PEOPLE HERE battles won't begin till nominations are over... lol tell your friends please

    and yah you could both be tallyiests
  11. Ludi-Kero!

    Ludi-Kero! Hugging 'til the end

    I'll join ^^

    My 6 pokémon:
    Ludi-Kero!: Ludicolo, Heracross, Magnezone, Breloom, Porygon2, Gliscor.
  12. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    sa-weet... 10 more to go!!! lol
  13. blackrose

    blackrose Well-Known Member

    sorry what exactly do we do? do we battle people?
  14. Frozir

    Frozir F-f-freezing... NOT

    Me join *randomly generates 6 pokemon*

    FrozenShadow: Scyther, Cloyster, Blaziken, Absol, Ampharos, Machoke
  15. Weakling

    Weakling Fragile

    i'll join
    my team is on trainer card
  16. Pokemanyak

    Pokemanyak Little VoltTackler

    I want to join

    Team: Raichu, Arcanine, Heracross, Empoleon, Absol, Dragonite
  17. Crobat_Curse

    Crobat_Curse Well-Known Member

    I'll enter ^^;;

  18. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    sweet only 6 more to go till the battles begin

    um blackrose basically use choose your favorite 6 pokemon team. Then once we have 20 people and their teams of 6 pokemon we will battle each other in different ways because each round of battleing will be different.

    so i put you in the nominations, so just post the 6 pokemon you want to be on your team
  19. Ryan's Team

    Ryan's Team go water

    Lucario,eevee,Garchomp, Chickorita,Espeon, and Aipom
    Chris, i joined, u happy?
  20. Weakling

    Weakling Fragile

    you private messaged as well?
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