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Battle Tower Team

shiny bagon

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So I always enjoyed the Battle Tower but I never put true thought into it, I would always just put three sweepers together so I realized that three sweppers wouldn't cut it. After looking at some Battle Tower Team building guides I noticed that the Lead is extremly important for your sweepers to set up effectivly, and that synergy like any competitive teamis a must. So after knowing this I made this team, so tell me what you think about it.


Paranormal (Mismagius)@Choice Scarf
Nature: Bold
Ev's: 252Hp/252Def/4SpD

So after reading about leads I noticed how effective a Trick lead can be. It can easily help your sweeper setup as long as the sweeper takes the hit. Its pretty simple to use this lead, first you trick the choice scarf,then you T-Wave them, then Memento and switch to a sweeper. Ev's are for max bulk because Mismagius doesnt have good Def. I gave it a Bold nature and maxed out Hp and Def. Another thing I like about Mismagius in particular is it has Levitate and is a Ghost type, which means Sheer Cold is the only OHKO move that can hit it.


Terorcross (Heracross)@Wide Lens
Nature: Jolly
Ev's: 252Atk/252Spe/4Def
Swords Dance
Close Combat

Heracross is a great sweeper to have because he takes the SE hits on Mismagius and can setup on the opponent with ease. I am having trouble on which item to have for him and whether I should use Substitute or not, I may just try them out to see which works best. After a Swords Dance Heracross just becomes a true terror for the AI and can sweep very well with his acceptable speed and defenses. He also has great synergy with Mismagius and as you'll soon see my final member, Houndoom.


Cadejo (Houndoom)@Leftovers
Nature: Timid
Ev's: 252SpA/252Spe/4SpD
Nasty Plot
Dark Pulse

My final member on the team is Houndoom. He can take hits that would be SE on Mismagius and Heracross, and especially Fire type moves that are targeted towards Heracross. If he switches in when the opponent is stuck on a not very effective move I set up a sub. and then Nasty Plot then proceed to sweep the enemy team. Ev's are pretty simple.

Well thats my Battle Tower team I can't wait to try it out. Please give me some comments on the team and help me out with the items and moves also please dont tell me to change a member of the team, instead tell me how to make it better, thanks.​
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If you're intent on using these three Pokemon, first of all, focus on what they have. Mismagius has one of the best moves for any lead: Memento. Use it over Torment (since Torment probably won't have much use for you anyway). The emphasis on bulk is good, but you may want to try running some speed so that you can outspeed certain threats after the Trick and hit them with Memento, Thunder Wave, or Flash.

On Houndoom, you want Flamethrower. Period. You don't want your moves to miss; if you face a Brightpowder Pokemon and try to hit it with Fire Blast, you only have a 76.5% chance of hitting. That's horrendously bad. Heat Wave has a 81% chance, which is still bad.

Unfortunately, Heracross's Megahorn has the same problem, and stay away from Stone Edge at all costs. Obviously, you want to keep Close Combat, and Substitute is always an important move in the Tower. Unfortunately, Heracross doesn't have much to back up Close Combat in terms of type coverage; your best options are probably Rock Slide or Night Slash. Rock Slide gets the super-effective hit on Flying-types, but 90% accuracy isn't too great, particularly since you'll be using it so much with all the Flying-types out there, giving you a lot of opportunities to lose through a Rock Slide miss. Night Slash and Close Combat get neutral coverage on everything except for Toxicroak and other Heracross, but Night Slash only has 70 BP, which is really weak. You could try Return, but then you're completely powerless against Ghost-types. Unfortunately, I'd probably have to go with Rock Slide, just because of the sheer number of Flying-types out there; you could try Wide Lens as the item to give it 99% accuracy. If you don't want to use Wide Lens, I'd use Leftovers; you'll burn health setting up, so it's nice to get it back on the turns you're KOing things. You really don't want to burn more HP with Life Orb, and the boost from Muscle Band isn't all that significant.

I hope it works out well for you.

shiny bagon

<- OH **** YEA!!!!!
Thanks a lot I will put Flamethrower on houndoom and Heracross is gonna be a substitute Swords dance but im gonna use CC and Megahorn. Thanks for the post.


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VaporeonIce is one of those people that are excellent from the start, but just
one note on your Heracross: Brick Break is also viable. Without a move to boost
your speed, lowered defenses are a hindrance in the tower, and at +6 it can score
1HKO's as well. Rock Slide is more useful than Megahorn as VI mentioned, as it
has decent coverage with your fighting STAB and it is not weak at +6.

Thanks for leaving stuff for other ppl to say /sarcasm