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Battle tower team

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by Beastiken9, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Beastiken9

    Beastiken9 Under construction

    252hp 252sp def
    stealth rock
    my lead, setting up stealth rocks and a sandsorm. It can still do nice chunks of damage to the opposing lead. It is designed to be pretty hard to take down, with rest and good attack power.

    Cacturne@bright powder
    252hp 252atk
    needle arm
    leech seed
    cacturne adds to the entry hazards with spikes. It is going to be pretty hard to hit with sand veil/brightpowder. With leech seed and decent attacks, it can stall out a lot of things. Needle arm for stab+flinch, payback for stab.

    252hp 252def
    lava plume
    After settimg a couple amnesias and recovering all my health back, magcargo will be an unbreakable shell. You get it? Heeheehee.... Anyways magcargo can wall anything once he sets up his amnesias.

    Sorry if the descriptions are bad, I just woke up and my first try was ERASE :mad: anyway, I need help with magcargo's item as well as cacturne's moveset.
  2. Purple_Tangrowth

    Purple_Tangrowth A DRUM, A DRUM!...

    A Sandstorm team will not work that well at the battle frontier...
    It will result in too many weaknesses.
    If you run into a starmie, it will be able to easily outspeed everyone on your team sweeping with ice beam and surf.

    Stealth rock is really crappy ingame so you don't need that.

    Macargo is ok but it is not bulky enough for what you are trying to make it do. Easily 1HKO'd by my example starmie. Even if it lowers the HP, you will not be able to get rid of it. recover will not work, amnesia will do nothing and yawn will also be crappy.

    I'm sorry that I have nothing besides this constructive critisism.
    Think of some other lead pokemon and ones that you could possibly use...
    Then I could sorta help you more!
  3. Dusknoirdude23

    Dusknoirdude23 *generic countdown*

    In my opinion, you need something faster, as it can act as a decent lead, and get some quick KOs without too much damage being given. Magcargo isn't great imo, maybe replace that for a faster alternative?
  4. Philare

    Philare New Member

    You are in serious danger of getting OHKO hacked! Even though they are supposed to have low hit rate they seem to hit a lot more then thy should. Walls are great until you run into a Sheer Cold spamming Lapras and they somehow manage to hit all three of your pokemon with it... it happened to me... i would suggest getting rid of spikes and yawn in favor of substitute

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