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Battle Tree: General Discussion and Record Table

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Yknot, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Yknot

    Yknot Дми́трий Дми́триевич

    This thread serves as a platform for discourse surrounding the Battle Tree in Pokemon Sun & Moon. It also features a record table of top 100 players with the highest record streaks in their respective category.

    While the width of possible debates is not limited as long as it is on the topic of the Battle Tree, it is encouraged to talk about the tactics, formats and other aspects of the battling process and preparations themselves. This includes sharing of the battle teams and various sets as well as their evaluation.

    Note that all specific Serebii forum rules apply.

    Regarding the record table; I will update under 100 wins only after your streak has ended. please upload your losing battle for proof and share what your team is. If you forgot to save your video share some kind of picture proving your streak. For previous posts I will just be adding those to the tables for now anyway to get people onto the hall of fame table.

    Reminder. When you are submitting your final record of your streak with the video code please type out the pokemon species name of your team. It is also highly encouraged to discuss your strategy so others can learn from you. The more detail the better! Thanks and good luck in the Battle Tree!

    Super Singles Record Table:
    1. 150+ Yknot Salamence Aegislash Chansey latest video here
    2. 55 Sceptile Leaf Blade Metagross Hydreigon Rotom W

    3. 50 Mikazuki Marazhu
    3. 50 Aeteus Kartana Alakazam Nidoking
    3. 50 Mapachatumbili Kangaskahn Greninja Conkeldur
    6. 39 Unova Yorker Lopunny Cloyster Sylveon
    7. 35 Ophie team ??
    8. 33 Nyter Mymiku Greninja Charizard
    9. 30 White Thumbs Crabominable Milotic Azelf/Suicune
    9. 30 Autobot N Kartana Greninja Tapulele
    9. 30 White Thumbs Crabominable Milotic Azelf/Suicune
    12. 29 Xenomata Lucario Kartana Greninja
    13. 20 Ryman Marowak Slobrow Aegislash

    Super Doubles Record Table:
    1. 138 Septile Leaf Blade Team Video
    2. 105 Oarfish Dragonite Kangaskahn Golisopod Mimyku
    3. 82+ Frozocrone Porygon2/Hariyama/Incineroar/Araquanid
    4. 60 Lord Solrac
    5. 52 Requiem Aeternem Clefable, Sableye, Mega Mawile and Kommo-o
    6. 50 Mikazuki Marazhu
    6. 50 Aeteus Mimyku Crabominable Drampa Vikavolt
    6. 50 Mapachatumbili Tapufini Metagross Kartana Alakazam
    6. 50 Ryman Charizard Virizion Slowbro Aegislash
    10. 46 Unova Yorker Swampert Gyarados Lanturn Serperior

    Super Multi Record Table:
    1. 80 Frozocrone Team video
    2. 50 Golden Latias team
    3. 50 Mapachatumbili Salamence Colress
    4. 41 Requiem Aeternem Decidueye Clefable and Cynthia
    5. 36 Lord Solrac
    6. 20 Ryman Charizard Aegislash

    Good luck and have fun battling!
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
  2. Requiem Aeternam

    Requiem Aeternam Dance like an eggplant!

    Been waiting for one of these threads. I spend a lot of time in the Tree using different Pokemon but I can never seem to win Multi. Either I'm really unlucky or Cynthia's AI is really stupid. Hoping to get a decentish streak once I get an Audinite, whenever they decide to release that.

    Anyone got tips for clearing regular Multi battles? I've lost to Red and Blue twice now and it really puts me off Multi which sucks because I like a lot of the trainers I can pair up with.
  3. Subpyro

    Subpyro Choice Scarfed

    I can see how Multi would be a drag; I am currently preparing a few sets for Singles myself, so would be unable to help in that regard as of right now.

    The goal I'm trying to achieve right now is creating a team that ultimately forces a 1v1 in Singles.

    Shuppet (lv 1) @ Focus Sash
    Ability: Frisk
    Nature: Any
    EVs: Any / none
    - Destiny Bond
    - Protect
    - (Disable)
    - (Confuse Ray)

    Mimikyu (lv 1) @ Lum Berry
    Ability: Disguise
    Nature: Any
    EVs: Any / none
    - Destiny Bond
    - Protect
    - (Curse)
    - (Wood Hammer)

    Dragonite (lv 50) @ Dragonium Z
    Ability: Multiscale
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Att / 6 Def
    - Outrage
    - Fire Punch
    - Earthquake
    - Extreme Speed

    So yeah, the entire idea is to Destiny Bond the opponent to trade 2 for 2 and then face the final Pokemon with a Dragonite. This idea is theoretically possible in the 7th gen due to there being Mimikyu - they have the ability Disguise and can learn Destiny Bond. As we are limited to one of specific item per team in these type of post-game facilities, using two Focus Sashes is not an option. There also isn't any Pokemon who can learn Destiny Bond that has Sturdy as an ability. But with this new combo, we can test stuff out.

    I chose Shuppet for the first Pokemon simply because of my curiosity to know the opponent's item, but any Destiny Bond Pokemon goes, really. It also more or less doesn't matter if you lead with Mimikyu or not, but I chose not to simply because the Disguise is not busted from entry hazards such as spikes, though that doesn't really matter much. Both of these are good to know Protect alongside Destiny Bond, while other moves are more or less unnecessary. As Mimikyu has a free item slot due to Disguise, I decided to put Lum Berry up to avoid any possible passive paralysis or generally any status problem. Too bad this can't be covered on Shuppet as well. As for the last Pokemon, I chose a Dragonite with Dragonium Z because, why not. I was debating between it and Mega Kangaskhan, but in the end chose Dragonite due to the damage output.

    This strategy has a lot of holes and the biggest question is, how does the AI act when it is under the effect of a Destiny Bond and the opponent is a lvl 1 Pokemon (with 1 HP left)? Generally, when fighting with lvl 50 Pokemon, the AI will randomly either finish you off or stall until you are out of Destiny Bonds. But it is also known that the AI will pretty much always directly attack your Pokemon if it is lvl 1, not going for any status moves or alike. If this trap turns out to be successful, then the only issue we face is the status hax. For example, being hit by a Thunderbolt and getting the para hax. The moment that happens, a Dragonite will most likely have to take on 2 Pokemon instead of 1. But even if it works or not, for me, it's testing out the new theories that I come up with that's the fun aspect of it all :)

    Regarding the Dragonite. I chose him over any Mega just because I find a Z move in combination with Multiscale really nice. 190 base physical STAB damage from an Attack invested Dragonite that also has an Attack benefiting nature is no joke. About its EVs, I went with HP invest because Speed invest is really situational. You can face any Pokemon, and whether you invest in Speed or not, some will outspeed you while some won't. I'd rather tank a hit with HP invest and Mutliscale combo, with Devastating Drake plus Outrage / Extreme Speed being the ending scene in most situations.

    But yeah, thankfully Destiny Bond has an accuracy of 0, meaning that BrightPowder won't be too much of a threat; still, status hax is big enough of an issue already. And all of that only if this lvl 1 Destiny Bond trap actually works.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
  4. Ophie

    Ophie Salingerian Phony

    The Battle Tree is great for trying out QR teams. I was doing it a bunch the other night, but then I ultimately lost to an Araquanid whose Double Teams allowed for a runaway victory. I started over from scratch, only to encounter a Sableye as the first Pokémon on the first battle whose Confuse Rays kept causing my rented Pokémon to hurt themselves, and the few times they attack, Bright Powder caused them to miss.

    All in all, it doesn't matter how good a team you make is. The Battle Tree will eventually find a way to shut you down.
  5. Subpyro

    Subpyro Choice Scarfed

    This gen might appear so indeed (so far), as Prankster doesn't really work on Dark types anymore.

    But in the previous generation, there were some ways to pretty much ensure a victory with some processes. An example that I first got to really like was this over here. This specific example takes a few more turns than some others, but it is an example of a so-far bulletproof theory that works in practical battles.
  6. Requiem Aeternam

    Requiem Aeternam Dance like an eggplant!

    This causes me some problems too. My 2 main Taunters are Prankster Pokemon and a lot of the NPC Taunters are Dark types which leaves me in a bit of a mess as I can't do anything to stop them now. Given that I like to play Stall and most of my Pokemon mainly have status moves and are slow, I'll end up getting Taunted a lot unlike in Gen6. My stall team is really taking a hit with the T-Wave nerf, no Audinite and now the Dark type's immunity to Prankster which sucks as I've put so much work into it.

    At least that stupid Roserade from the Battle Maison is no longer around to make my life a misery, so that's a bonus.

    That's an impressive streak. My longest was 117 in Triples in OR which doesn't sound like much but it was for me. I'm the unluckiest person on the planet when it comes to these Battle Facilities. Hope I can get at least 50 with my stall team this generation as I could never get past 30 in AS.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2017
  7. Subpyro

    Subpyro Choice Scarfed

    Yeah, I can relate to this. It's really annoying that Prankster and Thunderwave got nerfed, plus Destiny Bond... so it is a bit harder to make some cheese strategies, but hopefully not entirely; we will probably come up with something.

    Just want to clear something up, if it might perhaps lead to a misunderstanding, the person that has uploaded that video linked in my previous post wasn't me, I merely found it and liked the strategy, heh.
  8. Ophie

    Ophie Salingerian Phony

    My best so far is 35 in Singles. Something will eventually come up to counter what I have. The worst of it is that you don't know what your opponent will have, so if you have a Pokémon down, it's really frustrating to see the AI's final Pokémon be something your remaining Pokémon can't counter but the KOed one easily could've defeated it.

    I've read stories of people hacking Wondertombs and the AI actually generating Pokémon with Fire Fang, which, due to a glitch, bypasses Wonder Guard (not that you could tell with Shedinja). In other words, the team-countering AI is so sophisticated that it can find these glitches and use them against you.

    Does anybody know if the battle facilities will continue to counter your Pokémon if you bring the same ones in again? After that 35 streak, I could never reach that again with the three Pokémon I trained for the Battle Tree (Garchomp, Tapu Lele, and Kartana), ending in the mid-20's or the teens every subsequent time. The trio was made to have as few holes as possible. I don't know how people can have such long streaks when I find myself up against a brick wall because they knock one or two of my Pokémon out and their last Pokémon are hard counters to my remaining ones (or I can only take them on at full health).
  9. Lawrenxe

    Lawrenxe New Member

    How about single battles? I just finished the game and i'm on my way to battle tree.. any suggestions? I managed to capture all the tapu's, ub's and the last legendary pokemon.

  10. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    It's been a while since I've done the Battle Tree, since I can just let Pokebank give me all the BP I want.

    I remember that I would use a team of Tapu Lele, Mega Metagross, Tapu Bulu, and Kartana and simply spam the hell out of Psychic and Zen Headbutt on Lele's Strange Field. That fails, spam Leaf Blade and Wood Hammer on Grassy Terrain. But then I just kinda stopped the Battle Tree to focus on breeding, and now I have all these pokes and I'm not using them...

    In singles I'd just got hyper-offensive, using Swords Dance Megacario, Kartana, and Ash-Greninja. Never got me farther than 29 though...
  11. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    Yeah, I need help with Multi Battles, too. I've never been able to get farther than like 31 or so because I always get screwed over by hax or something, and it just feels impossible to do with an AI partner because you never know what they're going to do.

    Right now, I'm just trying standard Doubles Tapu Koko (but with a Modest nature instead of Timid, because that's all I got, and I figured if I could do Singles with a Tapu Lele that doesn't have an ideal nature, I could do it with a Tapu Koko that doesn't have an ideal nature) and Mega Mence, Hasty Nature, with Return, EQ, Dragon Claw, and Fire Blast. I'm partnering up with Cynthia with the Scarf Chomp and Expert Belt Togekiss.

    Problem is, Cynthia is oddly aggressive and will go for the EQ even when her Garchomp is partnered with Tapu Koko, so I have to use Protect the first turn every time just in case she does go for EQ. That paired with the fact that I get screwed over by Ice teams a lot (Weavile in particular is the worst because it basically wrecks Cynthia, leaving two Pokemon that can gang up on my one).

    I don't know. Maybe I just need to use new Pokemon or go grind Doubles for better partners, because I didn't know how scouting worked for the longest time, and I just don't have much to work with. :/
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2017
  12. Xenomata

    Xenomata MS Paint Sableye

    I'd recommend trying to work around your battle partner rather than by yourself. So in the case of Cynthia's Garchomp, use a Flying, Levitate, or Air Balloon pokemon.

    Even if the AI does some dumb things, that doesn't mean it's impossible to use them to your advantage. I know that I would use Focus Sash+Shell Smash Cloyster alongside Kiawi's MegaKhan, who would always Fake Out one of the opponents and let me use Shell Smash even if the enemy were to focus down Cloyster.
  13. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    Yeah, I was thinking about sticking an Air Balloon on my Tapu Koko. I just don't like losing the power boost LO provides, but I suppose it is Modest, and I could always just stick Calm Mind on it.

    Her Togekiss I have no issue with, however, and it actually forms a pretty good pair with my Mega Mence because it's immune to EQ and has Aura Sphere for Ice types.

    I'll try that, see how it goes. :)
  14. Yaeren-Eevee

    Yaeren-Eevee Eevee <3

    I like Battle Royals a lot more than the Battle Tree....
  15. Mikazuki Marazhu

    Mikazuki Marazhu of the Furry Fandom

    I'm done with Singles, Doubles but I can't go beyond 10 in Multi-Battle.

    I have Gimsley, Cynthia, Wally, Guzma and Mallow.
  16. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    I just lost on Battle 46 Multi Battles because I ran into that one stupid hax Walrein and made the mistake of not targeting it first. I was more scared of a Thundurus. I am not making that mistake again.

    Anyway, in the battle before that one, this battle happened: M3XW-WWWW-WWW5-N5G4

    I also had one a little earlier involving Cynthia and I having to take down a Mega Latias and a Mega Gardevoir simultaneously, but I didn't save that one. Wish I had. That was a good battle, too.
  17. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    Walrein...I feel you. I missed my Guts Hariyama Close Combat on it...what do you know, it lands Fissure on Hariyama...and yeah my Tapu Bulu took it out but then the AI brings out three Fire Types.
  18. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    Yeah, I let it live too long, and it took out Cynthia's Garchomp. Had I just went for it right away, that Garchomp and its Outrage spam could have helped with the other Pokemon. I don't even know why I was scared of the Thundurus. What the hell is a Thundurus going to do to a Tapu Koko or a Garchomp anyway?

    I hate that Choice Scarf Aerodactyl that only knows Rock Slide even more, though. I've lost because that thing kept flinching me a few times.

    Nothing I can do but try again, though. 46 isn't far off from 50, I know I can get that 50 win streak.
  19. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    I'm more concerned with multi battle. I might have to blaze through my Moon copy and do a link play so it's still multi but Moon takes the place of the partner AI.
  20. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    Yeah, I'd recommend doing that if you could, it's better than missing around with the AI.

    I did it!!!! :D I got the 50 win streak on Multi Battles, and I never have to do that awful mode again. Thank God.

    It's a pretty unremarkable battle (what was Blue even trying to accomplish with that Alakazam?), but Skyla the Salamence really shines in this one. Video is ZC9W-WWWW-WWW5-NAA9.

    I also learned that Air Balloon cancels out the effects of Electric Terrain. I assume that's probably obvious to everyone, but for some reason, I just assumed Tapu Koko would continue getting the boost. So I took that off Tapu Koko in between battles and put the Life Orb and Protect back on.

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