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battle with the uber legendaries: your proud moments

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by sizida, May 25, 2010.

  1. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    hey, I've been battling tons of these lately and i ever wonder, how do you defeat them and when is your joyous moment from defeating them? i can win mewtwo most of the time but not kyogre. he/she is a pain as he/she uses water sprout and faster speed than my party=wipe out. darkai can be easy to defeat as long you don't fall asleep.

    my tactic to defeat dialga is ditto. tried it once and i wipe out the entire opponent team with it + using negative effects and reflect from my party.

    actually i am much more happy when i just wipe out kyogre with electivire's thunder punch, then the rest of the legendaries will be a piece of cake.
  2. Hato

    Hato Candy?!

    Opponent sent out Darkrai.
    I sent out Espeon.

    Darkrai used Dark Void.
    Espeon fell asleep.
    Espeon woke up with a Lum Berry.
    Espeon used Signal Beam.
    Darkrai fainted!

    And then the trainer just disconnected from me. I'm guessing it was on purpose since that was his only legendary.
  3. SilverLanayru

    SilverLanayru It's a mystery.

    Hmmm... I've been encountering a lot of these on random wi-fi myself. o:

    The least to say, so long as I have my Leftovers-holding paraflinchers and have Stealth Rock set up, my opponents with the usage of ubers (no matter what typing) will likely be pwned or forced to ragequit. That's pretty much my strategy.

    For example, there was this trainer I battled one time and this was the outcome.
    I send out Jirachi.
    Opponent sends out Ho-oh.
    Jirachi uses Stealth Rock.
    Ho-oh uses Fire Blast, but misses.
    Jirachi uses Zen Headbutt, taking out a little over 50% of Ho-oh's HP.
    Ho-oh flinched.
    Jirachi uses Zen Headbutt again.
    Ho-oh fainted!
    Opponent sends out Mewtwo.
    Mewtwo receives 1/8th damage from Stealth Rock.
    Mewtwo uses Psycho Cut, and it hits, taking out less than 10% of Jirachi's HP.
    Jirachi uses Thunder Wave.
    Mewtwo becomes paralyzed.
    I switched Jirachi with Masquerain.
    Masquerain uses Bug Buzz.
    Mewtwo fainted!
    Opponent sends out Lugia.
    Lugia receives 1/4th damage from Stealth Rock.
    I switched Masquerain with Togekiss.
    Lugia uses Aeroblast, and it hits, taking out about 20-25% of Togekiss's HP.
    Lugia uses Hydro Pump, but misses.
    Togekiss uses Thunder Wave.
    Lugia became paralyzed.
    Togekiss uses Air Slash, and it hits.
    Lugia remains paralyzed.
    Togekiss uses Air Slash, and it hits again, with Lugia's HP now on yellow.
    Lugia flinched.
    Opponent ragequits forfeits.

    And just on a side-note, despite being a legendary, Jirachi is considered OU.
  4. Closest things to legendary in this battle were my opponents Garchomp and Tyranitar...But this is still pretty epic...

    My team...(lead) Rapidash, Hitmonlee, and Persian...

    His team...(lead) Tyranitar, Garchomp, and Gengar...

    We battled twice...

    First battle...

    Rapidash used Hypnosis, and sleeps T-tar, then proceeds to 2HKO with Mega Horn...

    Opponent brings out Garchomp. Rapidash uses Hypnosis, and misses...Garchomp OHKO's with Earthquake...

    I bring out Persian...Persian uses Icy Wind...OHKO's Garchomp (SpecsTechPersian = WIN!!! ^_^)...

    Oponent brings out Gengar...Persian uses Icy Wind...Gengar uses Sludge Bomb...Persian gets KO'd.

    I bring out Hitmonlee (it's Scarfed, but this doesn't matter untill the second battle)...Hitmonlee uses Sucker Punch...Gengar is KOd.

    Battle #2...

    Rapidash uses Hypnosis...Misses...T-tar uses Stone Edge...Rapidash gets OHKO'd...

    I bring out Hitmonlee...Hitmonlee uses Hi Jump Kick...Opponent switches to Gengar...Hitmonlee takes recoil from Hi Jump Kick...

    I switch to Persian...Gengar uses Shadow Ball...It does nothing...(I don't know why he did it either)...

    Opponent switches to T-tar...Persian uses Icy Wind...

    I switch back to Hitmonlee...Opponent uses Stone Edge...It misses...

    Opponent switch to Garchomp...Hitmonlee uses Blaze Kick...

    Garchomp uses Earthquake...Hitmonlee is KO'd...

    I bring out Persian...Opponent switchs to T-tar...Persian uses Icy Wind...

    Persian uses Icy Wind again...T-tar gets KO'd...

    Opponent brings out Garchomp...Persian uses Icy Wind...Garchomp gets KO'd...

    Opponent D/C's...

    Moral to this mini-war story...;053; forces people to Rage Quit!!!
  5. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    wow, what a strong moves your pokemon have guys! i am impressed! but for me i only base on diamond move tutors, egg moves and tms. i don't have platinum so that could be a little disadvantage.
    yesterday i battled tons of kyogres. as i said before people love it for its water sprout. hey hey i managed to wipe out 1 in 10 kyogres. bleh.

    oh yes, i battled four legendaries yesterday. i only can remember how i battled mewtwo and palkia as i battled too many haha!

    my pokemon are zapdos and garchomp. none fainted for me, but hurt from mewtwo's shadow ball. i fainted two of the opponent's pokemon and after mewtwo used shadow ball on garchomp...

    garchomp in yellow! the opponent send palkia

    zapdos used discharge, mewtwo and palkia got hit! mewtwo was paralyzed!

    garchomp used earthquake! palkia got hit till yellow (close to red), mewtwo fainted!

    palkia is last one standing. palkia used water pulse and missed!

    zapdos again used discharge. palkia fainted.

    i guess you know why palkia missed because garchomp was holding bright powder.

    you know what? the most annoying is that smeargle has dark void and protect + kyogre. irritating combination. anyone experienced this?

    i remember someone made mew transformed into darkai. two darkais put my poke to sleep double nightmares, double health drained. it sucks and i would lose eventually so i gave up. i don't have negative effects curer in my team. haven't train 1 yet.
    Last edited: May 30, 2010
  6. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    well, my fave win against ubers was with my UU/NU team. my opponent had all ubers. he has two mewtwos and uses them. i take them down with ambipom. he takes out shaymin and i u-turn to venusaur. then, he disconnects. i was sad.
  7. thetifftiff

    thetifftiff Well-Known Member

    I don't come across them much when I play but I think the most memorable one I've fought was some kid's Dialga.

    Everything on his team was electric or steel so I decided to lead with quagsire and it ended up being a great choice. He sent out empoleon which was an easy two hit ko made even easier by the fact he used hydro pump... twice. Now I don't know if he wasn't looking the first time and thought it just missed or what but my quagsire has water absorb so it's really not something you should be attacking with water.

    Next turn he sends out dialga and one hit kos poor Upah with roar of time but she did her job so it was on to breloom. Two sky upercuts and dialga was down without making a move. Not only was Breloom faster, he was fighting unopposed since Dialga had to recharge.

    I really don't remember the rest of the battle because I was too busy lol'ing at my first run in with someone who clearly thought that just throwing a legendary pokemon, likely freshly caught, into a fight means you're going to win.
  8. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    ok, i just thought of this. which one will you attack first if the opponent sent a uber legi and a normal poke? usually i aim for legi, but that can be a mistake as the normal pokemon has tricks up to his sleeves. alot of users like to choose smeargle as he can learn any moves, so it is always dark void. bleh, such tasteless beings. and + protect will be hard for me to attack unless i have feint, so i rather aim for the legi first. ANYWAY, i have trained a healer pokemon, they better say their prayers in this! i make sure that i attack first.

    i am finding a way to counter explosive pokemon by sending a damp ability psyduck. hehehe.

    SHINY CATCHER Epic Snake is Epic!

    • Double battle.
    • Opponent has 2 Darkrai's as leads.
    • Both his Darkrai's use Dark Void.
    • My Porygon2 uses Magic Coat.
    • Both his Darkrai's fall asleep.
    • He disconnects.
  10. Instinct

    Instinct New Member

    Sweeping an Arceus, Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia with my Adamant Lickylicky with swagger.
  11. Antar

    Antar Researcher

    Doesn't Espy's Synchronize put Darkrai to sleep, too? Guy was a moron for using DV.

    I was in a Double Battle recently where DV put one of my leads to sleep, and when I switched it out to my Heal Bell guy, HE was put to sleep, too! I was almost about to ragequit, but I decided to stick with it, and actually ended up BEATING the ******* (he had an Arceus, too), 4-3. The TRULY awesome part about it was that I recorded the whole thing (it's actually my most watched Youtube video--people seem to like watching matches with Ubers).

    Two days later, my UU Doubles team swept a VGC team, 4-1. At this point, I almost relish a good Uber-using opponent--it means they're probably not going for some lame-sauce gimmick strategy.
  12. Simse

    Simse Daft Punk.

    Epic epic, epic win.

    Also Shedinja lols at Kyorge without Ancient Power.
  13. PokeTrainerEX

    PokeTrainerEX Well-Known Member

    No, because it woke itself up right away. Synchronize only works if the attack succeeds.

    My best moment would probably be when a darkrai used dark void on my gengar but luckily it missed and I just focus blasted it to oblivion. The rest of his team was easy so you could tell that the guy was relying solely on his darkrai to sweep the match with DV\Dream Eater.
  14. MakaiOokami

    MakaiOokami Member

    My 2 most proud uber pwns were...

    1. When I was in a tournament with someone who was almost disqualified because he had the Arceus and Darkrai on his game (and used them in the tournament) even though they weren't legal since they had never been distrobuted before and there was no legal way to catch them at that moment. It was satisfying because I wasn't even using EV trained pokemon and I got to defeat Rayquaza, Groudon, and I think a Latias, despite the fact that I was using a lvl 2 Gliscor (With the elemental fangs learned via either breeding or tutoring) and non EV trained Lucario and Weavile. Gliscor never got a chance to fight. Got 30 dollars or so from selling the game I won in the tournament and got one of the tournament runners yelled at by a mom who didn't understand what a "Tournament Rule" is and complained because I was the oldest person in the tournament and she wanted her 12-13 year old kid to win.

    2. On pokemon Battle Revolution random matches I beat a team consisting of shiny/hacked Ubers including Latios and Latias with Soul Dews and wiped them out with ease. I dont' remember what the 3rd pokemon was, but nor does it matter. Winning against Uber hacked pokemon is rewarding in and of itself. No way I'm going to believe that he had a full team of 6 pokemon that were shiny by luck and chance.

    Do I have a couple Shiny Legends? Ya... I worked my *** off for them and have countless hours spent, did tons of trading, and even had friends who helped me reset for Shinies. But do I have a full team of 6 legendaries which happen to be shiny? It's so statistically unlikely that it's not even worth doing legitely cause no one would even believe that you didn't hack them. So it's not even worth considering really.
  15. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    oh, i didn't know there are alot of people comments already. that is great!

    shiny or not, hacked or not, to defeat uber legendaries is my ultimate goal. yup there are many ways to defeat. now i have a healer, first move users, speed users, defender and a devastator, i pretty sure i can wipe out darkrai and kyogre first.

    gengar with focus blast is deadly, but won't if miss. i seen alot of players taught gengar focus blast. it is powerful, but risky. most of the time the move miss, but when it hits. oh! my pokemon!

    i would love to battle you all one day lol.
  16. Cetra

    Cetra Pokémon Master

    The best legendary moment...I think it was:

    My Charizard (1/2 Ev trained, not even Special Attack especially but Attack) VS the opponent's Darkrai.

    He succeeded in using Hypnosis twice and not only for 1 round, the first sleep status was long and Charizard was damaged because of Darkrai's Nightmare Poké Power over and over again.

    But the only move his Darkrai could use to damage me was Blizzard. And that was not very effective against my Charizard. He used Double Team over and over again. Charizard awakens - and EARTHQUAKE! Darkrai looses a great amount of Hit Points. Then Charizard got hit by the second Hypnosis and some Blizzards I think. But after 2 rounds - I guess - he awoke and then he Earthquaked Darkrai until it was defeated.
  17. poke-lord

    poke-lord Well-Known Member

    I battled a hacked team online with mewtwo and arceus I pwned him easily the hacking noob
  18. sizida

    sizida CoconutIsTheAnswer

    oh come on poke-lord, you battle using uber legies? i guess you didn't see my thread right. or you didn't explain properly. either way. using ubers is no different than hacking. anyway i heard hack pokemon with unbelievable stats will be bad eggs, so what hack pokemon you are saying?

    cetra, your battle with darkrai baffled me. as darkrai has the ability to drain your health when asleep, your charizard shouldn't be alive as you said 'asleep for along time'. second hypnosis should faint charizard, unless you have two in a double battle.
  19. Omastar ftw!

    Omastar ftw! Well-Known Member

    My charizard/gallade combo:


    My foe sends out DARKRAI and Darkrai
    C and G are sent out.

    Charizard moves first (with choice scarf), and Busted by focus blast! One down!
    Then the other darkrai uses DV. Both of my pokemon fall asleep, but gallade wakes up due to its chesto berry. Then: Beaten down by close combat!

    He DC's next.
  20. Cetra

    Cetra Pokémon Master

    I already have mentioned Darkrai's Poké Power so I don't know what's strange about it.

    And I was one of both players. So I know what happened.

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