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Battling Authority Once Again! (752)


The Dragon / "Dog"
Now this was an intense episode! Though once again Ash has an oportunatly to reference his past troubles with Charizard which could have potentally helpd Iris and of course that's never brought up. Having said that it will be interesting to see if Alders Bouffolant has the sap sipper ability next week that will be a nice slap in the face for Trip. :p
Wrong episode thread, girl.


Team Awesome
Georgia + Burgundy = comedy gold. Man, they had the best lines in this episode. :D I especially liked the part where Burgundy actually rooted for Cilan for a second, then angrily demanded that he not lose. LOL I usually don't rate gym battles or league battles among top favorite episodes, but these two ladies made this episode fun to watch. I also like the matchup of one undisclipined pokemon (Dragonite) against one who used to be (Mamoswine).



Lover of underrated characters
This was a great episode. It was disappointing that Daen lost to Iris but it was great that Trip got revenge on Cilan.


I really enjoyed the character interactions between some of the characters in this episode. I liked seeing Burgundy and Georgia sulking and shading each other; they were so bitter and pressed and yet I loved it. I also liked seeing Cynthia - for want of a better word - "tame" Dragonite who seemed really fired up and eager to battle. Iris and Dawn's match was great. I loved that both used their biggest Pokemon to battle, even if Dragonite still had an attitude problem. I also liked that Dawn was such a good sport about losing too. Watching Cilan's Crustle lose to Trip's Serperior was the icing on the cake for me.


Just a member
Georgia and Burgundy's interaction was nice in this episode, they were really funny. xD

I liked the scene when Burgundy rooted for Cilan and told him not to lose the battle, it seemed like she finally has some respect for him. Trip was a jerk as always, I didn't like how he glared at the Sinnoh champion Cynthia.

Iris and Dawn's battle was disappointing, It's stupid how Iris's Dragonite overpowered Dawn's Mamoswine. Dragonite didn't even obey her and took down Mamoswine on his own. Seriously, Dragonite was OP in this episode.
Okay, that was one amazing looking Dragon Rush.

Good to know. :)

Mrs. Oreo

Wow I liked how Cynthia was able to pet Dragonite despite how vicious he seemed. Seeing Iris defeat Dawn was exciting cuz it showed how type effectiveness isn't always crucial. Too bad Trip beat Cilan. ^^;


I felt that the bickering between Langley and Cabernet was entertaining, and Shirona approaching Kairyu while he sulked made me nervous at first. I didn't think Iris's win against Hikari was fair, though. Kairyu wasn't even listening well to Iris's commands, so I didn't think that Manmoo's loss was deserved.
Omg, I liked the scene when Burgundy was cheering for Cilan and told him not to lose: it seemed like she finally has some respect for him. Iris and Dawn's battle was disappointing though: it's sad how Iris's Dragonite overpowered Dawn's Mamoswine. :c


The yelling between Burgundy and Georgia ranged from being quite funny and well done, to making no sense. I'm sure this is due to the difficulty in translating some of these random bits of shouting, but they've really done a poor job of that in the last few episodes.


In hindsight, I now wonder if Iris only won against Hikari as a way of making the audience think that she'd actually go on to win the whole tournament since she was on a roll after defeating Langley.
I don't like how they're steamrolling through these battles. Sure it's obvious they're making time for the last one to be a drama-bomb, but it's too fast. I am loving Georgia and Burgundy's commentary, the best commentary since the old Indigo days of Misty and Brock. Serperior and Dragonite are seriously breaking my suspension of disbelief. That pose Dragonite stuck after beating Mamoswine was cool.