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Battling: The be all and end all?


Something occured to me the other day. Why are Pokemon battles soooo important. Take the Sliph.co building in the original games. Why would Giovanni stop after being beaten by your pokemon, couldn't he just tie you up and plop you on the couch even after being beaten. Thats the thing I dont really get is why you would all of a sudden bow down to someoe that beats you in a pokemon battle. The other thing i noticed when watching the anime is that people do have weapons so why not use them if you wanted to cause havoc.

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it's a sign of respect. when you win a battle, it shows you have superiority over someone else(well, you're pokemon do, anyway).
did that help?
it's a sign of respect. when you win a battle, it shows you have superiority over someone else(well, you're pokemon do, anyway).
did that help?

I highly doubt Team Rocket and other organizations would actually respect whomever defeated them...Especially since they are always irritable after being defeated. Plus they have weapons and well..they're adults. Why don't the stupid PokePolice do something about it, honestly?

Anyway, good try though.
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Pokemon battles are kind of like wars. Two armies fight against each other. When one army runs out of soldiers or is close to running out, the general can either surrender or get shot by the enemies lol.

In this case, the pokemon are the soldiers and the trainer is the general. Once the trainer runs out of pokemon, he either submits to the other trainer or fights to the death. But yeah death isn't a very appealing option lol.

Not sure if that analogy is correct...


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^Yeah...rahter than use guns (easily blocked by psychics), things are decided with pokemon. When one person has no concious pokemon, the other can pretty much do whatever they want. Even a Rattata can be quite vicious compared to human strength when you think about it - these are not normal animals.


I don't like fierce Pokemon like Charizard. Tough Lanturn is enough to stare down people. Imagine getting soaked by him and then shocked.


the classic "its a game" argument

it wouldnt be very fun if u beat giovanni and he ties u up or kills u
*mario game over music plays*


at SSBB123: LMAO at that and the Dunsparce picture.


Well...it's a Magikarp that got to lv100. That's a tough path so you know you don't want to mess with that fish.

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Like MD said, it's a sign of respect. Japan respects us despite the fact we kicked their butts and destroyed their homeland in World War II. Next to the fact it's a kid's game, and it wouldn't make young players very happy if Giovanni tied you up to a couch and took over Silph Co. officially. And besides, doesn't that respect show when you beat him the last time in his own Gym?

It's times like this that make me wish the new Pokémon villains were as awesome as Giovanni.


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I guess its an honor thing. Like the fate of a war back then could be decided by a simple duel between the generals.

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Logic + Pokemon = ???

*rainbow* The More You Know!

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With Giovanni, he wont be able to attack you, person on person, because his Pokemon would be knocked out and your pokemon can pretty much hurt him.

Pokemon battles are important because without them, Pokemon wouldnt really be Pokemon.
Once being defeated evil henchman just can't help but let slip vital information, and adults get scared of a kids squirtle.
It really doesn't make sense. Like when they see you walking by just grab you instead of challenging you to a pokemon batle.
What's really dumb is that if you lose you end up back in a pokemon center, they don't kidnap or kill you.