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Battling the Bully! (726)


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This was a good episode. I just hope that kids know that IRL the bully isn't gonna turn around and start feeding your pet food. I liked it because my real name was in this episode.


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Enjoyed the dub version. I liked Seismitoad's dub voice. Glenn keeps his original name, I thought his voice was fine. Sean's name was changed from Thane, he's voiced by the same person who voices Yuma from Yugioh Zexal, knew he sounded familiar to me, also voiced Volkner. Mick I don't understand why he got a name change...he's original name was "Nick", why change one letter, "Nick" sounds like a find name anyways, I can understand some name changes but this one seems odd to me, as for his dub voice, sounded fine to me.


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An average episode. Major thumbs up for Ash finally capturing the Pokemon that's been stalking him for over 60 episodes, now there's only Jigglypuff...

I don't understand what you guys are talking about with Ash acting mature for once in BW. I think it's obvious even in his childish moments.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
The bully reminded me of a kid i was at school with.

I'm glad he learned not to be such a *** in the end, and it was nice to see Ash finally catch his stalker that was long overdue.

Ninja Bulbasaur

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I felt that Ash showed more maturity in this episode then anywhere else from what I can see. I really liked how Krokorok was like after he lost his sunglasses though (ZOMG). Pikachu and Ash were really good at reached Mick about the world of Pokemon battles and such. I'm kinda hoping we get to see this thing again sometime.


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Yup. And no one ever cared that a random krokorok wearing sunglasses was running free in a subway station...Ohhh pokemon qwaa ;195;


Team Awesome
Pretty standard episode, but I'm glad Ash caught the sunglasses-wearing krokorok. It's been a great addition to his team. :D I've liked all of Ash's Unova pokemon so far to varying degrees except for sewaddle since it evolved.



Yeah I thought the episode was good simply because Ash captured Krokorok. But I thought the plot could have been better. Dealing with a bully for the 500th time? Oh well, I just hope that kids know that IRL the bully isn't gonna turn around and start feeding your pet food.


Lover of underrated characters
I was glad to see Krokorok get caught. I loved the scenes that showed Krokorok following the group.


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This episode was a really cute one. I'm sure any kid who watches the show dreams of having Ash's Pikachu just drop from the sky to be friends with him and then getting a chance to battle him. I'm glad this kid wasn't spoiled in trying to keep Pikachu despite Pikachu belonging to Ash, although the kid in the Bout with sprout episode did eventually realize that it still pissed me off.

The battle with Krokrok was very well done in this episode. I'm glad they waited for Ash to catch it because quite honestly it's at this point when Ash will start to need this powerhouse on his team.
Pardon me for being slow on the uptake, but I guess at some point a while ago Pikachu had to have forgotten Volt Tackle for Electro Ball.


I was happy to see the sunglasses Krokorok again and even more pleased when Ash caught him which should've happened ages ago. 7/10

Mrs. Oreo

Nick finding Pikachu was interesting, especially since he thought it was a new species ha ha. I was surprised that the other kids owned strong pokemon like Seismitoad and Scolipede. At least Ash caught Krokorok. :]


So this was where Satoshi successfully captured the Sunglasses Waruvile, which had been following him for a while. Why it took this long for this to happen, I have no idea. It was kind of Satoshi to lend his Pikachu to Nick, and even more interesting that the Waruvile was now willing to help Pikachu.
Eh, I rather enjoyed this episode even if the kid was annoying. It was nice to see Ash finally catch the stalker Krokorok whose gag of showing up randomly to fight Pikachu had grown stale by now.


Iris giving battle tips was a bit much, how about instead having her talk about how she couldn't wait to get her first Pokemon and how she played with them to learn about them? It's Cilan's role to be talking about type match-ups, that's about all there is to his practical Connoisseurship, yet Iris takes that role as well. So an episode finally managing to make Ash look intelligent by surrounding him with kids, still manages to put him in his place by making Iris over-accomplished.


I really don't like Krokorok's dub voice, it just lacks the range needed to make emotions other than being 'that Pokemon with sunglasses' - which was fairly annoying when you had to try and have the slightly disappointed Krokorok while still saying its name exactly the same.


In hindsight, Waruvile's change in attitude in this episode made Satoshi's capture of it much more tolerable than if Waruvile had remained as a malignant character. I've never completely understood why Waruvile was obsessed with Pikachu, however.